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Reasons why families move to Hoboken

Raising a family is a long and exhausting (but rewarding) journey. You are never really sure how long the whole process can last – nor what can happen during it. Sometimes, things can happen out of the left field and leave you confused or panicking. However, as Ample Moving NJ can witness, nothing is impossible with some careful and meticulous planning. And if you are looking for a new town for your family, then you have come to the right place! You need to look no further than the town of Hoboken, New Jersey. There are many reasons why families move to Hoboken, and why it is perfect for your family. Find out what they are in this article.

Take the first steps towards Hoboken

So, let’s take a look at the two important steps you need to do before moving to Hoboken. First, you need to sit down with your family and have a long discussion about the move. If you live with smaller kids, then this process might be a bit harder. You will need to help them cope with the moving stress, as well as deal with all the school (and life in general) related paperwork. However, you should not forget that a family is a unit. Think about your priorities, what you expect from your move, and what you need to have in your new place. This will help you decide if Hoboken is right for you, and what house you should move into.

A list - write down reasons why families move to Hoboken.
Create a checklist of activities your family cannot live without.

The second this you should do is read up a little about the City of Hoboken. This 50,000 people settlement is a growing part of the New York metro area in New Jersey. It started as a part of the Pavonia, a colony of New Netherlands in the 17th century. Throughout its long history, the city developed further into the bustling place it is today. Nowadays, it boasts the first recorded baseball game and the Stevens Institue of Technology – one of the oldest in the country.

What are the reasons why families move to Hoboken

Now that you have brushed up on the city and your priorities, let’s discuss the actual reasons for moving to Hoboken. These can be separated into a number of general ideas:

  • The education of your children will be top-notch here.
  • Hoboken is a well-connected city.
  • Amazing parks are just one of the reasons why families move to Hoboken.
  • Hoboken Family Alliance will help you a lot throughout your stay.

Amazing schools await in Hoboken

One of the most important reasons for contacting your Hoboken movers is the school systems in the city. You will not have to worry and fret about your kids’ education – the government thinks about it as well. For the youngest ones, the state offers free pre-K programs at a number of places in Hoboken. What this means is that the education of your child in their earliest stages will be free for everyone. There is a waitlist to go through, but by preparing before moving to Hoboken, you can cut some shortcuts. For the older kids, there are three public charter schools if that’s what you prefer – and Hoboken Charter School covers K-12 grades, so you won’t need to worry about transferring them at a later date.

We already mentioned the Stevens Institue of Technology, but this is not the only institution in Hoboken that will give your kids a wish to learn. One of the landmarks of the city is the library, whose history spans since 1897. An interesting fact is that it still hasn’t changed its original building. Nowadays, they will offer your kids a number of programs and museum passes. So, plan a day to stroll down to the American Museum of Natural History, Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Museum of the City of NY and many, many more.

On the crossroads

Another one of the reasons why families move to Hoboken is just how well-connected the city is. First, it is part of the New York metro area. This means that the trains running through it will also stop on Hoboken Terminal. For those who don’t know, that is a major transportation hub for the region.

Hoboken Terminal
Hoboken Terminal is a landmark of New York metro transportation.

Once you’re on a PATH train, it will take you only 10 minutes to reach the World Trade Center (or 14 for Manhattan). You can also take the New York Waterway ferry to Pier 11/Wall Street (15 minutes for that one). If you will be commuting to the Big Apple for work, you will not be stuck in its horrible traffic this way.

Move to Hoboken for parks?

This might seem a bit random, but parks in Hoboken really are that great! First, Shipyard Park offers family fun nights – what’s more family than that? During the summer, you can enjoy music, movies, theater and similar events here.

A ferry to New York.
New York City is a short ride away.

There is also a variety of other activities all around the city, based around new families getting to know the community. Even better, a lot of them will be free of charge, so you can spend time with your kids without worrying about money. While discovering the city, you should also visit Sinatra Park during The Hoboken Baby Parade. You can even make your own float and have fun with the youngest ones!

Hoboken Family Alliance

Finally, one of the best reasons why families move to Hoboken is the Hoboken Family Alliance. Using it, you can connect to the community with ease. You can get various information about schools, events in the city, parks – or anything else you might need. This goes to show just how much Hoboken cares about families. So pick up your phone and contact us. Your new Hoboken adventure awaits!


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