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Reasons to move from Newark to North Bergen

If you are living in Newark and looking for a fresh start, you should consider North Bergen. If you don’t know that much about North Bergen, our Ample Moving experts will be glad to present you with this amazing place. This NJ township is just 12 miles away from Newark and it is a perfect place for families, young professionals, and retirees. Compared to Newark which has a population of 280,139, North Bergen is home to over 60,000 residents. If you want to move from Newark to North Bergen and become a part of a smaller community, you will not make a mistake. But if you are not sure about this decision, stay with us. Today we will help you consider many reasons to leave Newark and become a North Bergen resident. With our help, you will realize if this is the right step for you.

Many opportunities after you move from Newark to North Bergen

Moving home to a larger place always brings plenty of opportunities for a quality life. But when living in a large city such as NYC, it can be hard to handle the costs of living. Luckily, both Newark and North Bergen are close to NYC while you don’t have to pay a Big Apple price. Nevertheless, when you decide to move from Newark to North Bergen, you will get a chance to choose between all kinds of great public transportation options in and around this place. One of the most common reasons why people hire movers in Newark NJ is the ideal location of North Bergen. Since it is smaller than Newark, here you can expect lower-crime rates. Most people own homes in North Bergen which makes this place ideal for families.

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Many job opportunities await you after you move from Newark to North Bergen.

Another reason to move your home to North Bergen is a lot of job opportunities. A median household income in this township of New Jersey goes around $64,000. Some of the most popular employers in this place are San Antonio Broker Services, Palisades Medical Center, and National Retail Systems. Further, North Bergen offers affordable costs of living. Whether you plan to buy or rent your new home in North Bergen, you can count on savings. This place is an urban enterprise zone with constant economic growth. This is the reason why this area becomes an attractive place for employment chances.

A lot of things to see and do within your new environment

Since your current home is close to North Bergen, take the advice from our moving companies in North Bergen NJ, and take time to visit this lovely NJ township. After you spend some time here, you will notice many parks, incredible restaurants, nightclubs, and a variety of community events, and festivals. There is something here for people of all ages.

A person planning to move from Newark to North Bergen while looking at the Newark landscape
Get ready to leave Newark.

Once you decide to spend a weekend in this place, you’ll start looking for a new apartment or house here. After you decide to move from Newark to North Bergen, remember to get as much help as you need. Your move can be completed on short notice when you enlist our efficient packing services in NJ. You and your family members can start exploring the city!



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