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Pros and cons of sharing a flat in Hoboken

You have finally found a perfect flat, but you simply can’t afford it. We’ve all been there. The next best thing is to find a roommate and share the expenses. But is sharing a flat in Hoboken the right thing for you? Before you hire professional movers NJ boasts of, look at these pros and cons and make a final decision.

Living and sharing a flat in Hoboken NJ

Many would agree that living in Hoboken is even better than living in Manhattan. This is an excellent place to live, and it is also more affordable than downtown NYC. However, the living cost is still higher than the national average. The average rent in Hoboken is around $ 3500 a month. Of course, the rent depends on the size and type of place; this is the average price.

Roomates sharing a flat in Hoboken and sitting around the table, each of them immersed in a different activity
Your rent is lower when you are sharing a flat in Hoboken.

The living costs in Hoboken are high thanks to its beautiful neighborhood, excellent view of Manhattan, parks, and great nightlife, and it is also a vibrant and busing place. If you are planning to move to Hoboken, make sure that you hire local Hoboken movers in advance, especially during the moving season. And if you are deciding if having a roommate is for you, see these pros and cons.

Sharing a flat – Pros

The rent price is the first and most obvious reason to get a roommate. If you want to live in Hoboken, and your salary is not fantastic, you’ll need a roommate to split the rent. When you come across a fabulous apartment, sometimes it is better to share it with someone than to lose it. If you are moving from across the country, make sure that you check the place in person, if possible. Also, carefully choose your roommate before you rush into hiring the best interstate movers NJ has. Nevertheless, here are the reasons why you should get a roommate:

  • Shared living costs, as already mentioned. Get reliable movers NJ offers and find a nice place. If you share the rent, it will be easier to start.
  • Having company – if you are just moving out from the family home, you can use the company. You will still have the independence to make your own decisions, but you will have somebody around. It can be easier to adjust.
  • Getting new friends – if you moving to Hoboken from another city, this can be a perfect opportunity to get to know some new people. Maybe you will find a new best friend or even girlfriend/ boyfriend. Or, at the very least, you will have somebody to join you for coffee or lunch occasionally.

Some of the reasons against having a roommate

Just as there are reasons why having a roommate is a good idea, there are also cons to living with someone, especially if that someone is a person that you do not know so well.

  • Messy roommate – if you are messy yourself, you might not have a problem. But, if you are organized and/or have OCD, this can be a considerable obstacle.
  • Having too many friends and visitorsHoboken, NJ is an excellent place to live when you are single. It is a lively neighborhood, and everybody goes out all the time. But if your roommate likes to invite people over, it can be overwhelming if you are a private person.
people gathered in the flat
Too many visitors can be a problem when sharing a flat with someone.

In the end, if you are willing to try sharing a flat in Hoboken, go for it. If you don’t have luck with a nice roommate, you can change them. There are no guarantees whether joint living would suit you, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a chance.


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