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Pros and Cons of Moving to Lakewood

So, moving house is the next big step for you and your family? As you probably already know, hiring a good and reliable local NJ moving company will be essential here. But that isn’t the only dilemma that homeowners have. Most people struggle when deciding their destination, too. So, we wanted to help you make this choice by introducing the pros and cons of moving to Lakewood.

Of course, we hope that by the end of this article, you will be able to book the services of Ample Moving NJ for this relocation.

Before You Move to Lakewood, NJ, You Should Learn a Bit of History

If you’re looking for a paradise-like place to live, Lakewood is a perfect choice. This is a small township located in the state of New Jersey. In case you’re currently living in a city and you’re looking for a break, it’s the perfect spot. So, read the rest of the article and then get ready to book a move with your residential movers in NJ.

A daily sight after moving to Lakewood
Moving to Lakewood will bring you one step closer to the perfect balance of nature and city life.

The story of Lakewood in New Jersey began all the way back in the 18th century with a sawmill. Naturally, this sawmill became quite a popular spot for settlers. And, soon, a small town was formed. It was in the late 19th Century that Lakewood actually became named so. Until then, it was known among the locals as Bricksburg. And even to this day, the locals agree that the wonderful scenery of woods and lakes paints a clear picture of why the town is named Lakewood.

Here Are Some of the Pros of Moving to Lakewood

When relocating to Lakewood, New Jersey, you need to keep in mind that you will be relocating to a resort. Hence, it will definitely be different from, let’s say, moving to Camden. In essence, the greatest difference will be the general pros of living at a resort. So, let’s see if we can give you a few reasons why you should move to the township of Lakewood.

There Is Nothing Healthier Than Being Surrounded by Lakewood’s Nature

As we’ve previously mentioned, Lakewood is one of those paradises. There are a number of parks, lakes, and woods perfect for a spring or summer walk. And we all know that there is nothing healthier than a walk in nature. On the other hand, a gentle spring and warm summer aren’t all this township has to offer. Living in Lakewood would mean having a white Christmas on most occasions. And, the best part is, there are places for both those who love and dislike the cold. If you’re a person who can’t wait for the hills to be covered with snow, you can freely embrace the outdoors. And, in case you prefer curling up with a mug of hot cocoa and a good book, there are plenty of cozy spots for you to check out.

Pools and spas aren't the only precious things about Lakewood - prepare for the snow, as the one that can be seen in the photo
A white Christmas is another side of Lakewood you may not have known about.

The State of New Jersey Has a Lower Overall Crime Rate Than Most States

This may come as a shock to most people reading this, but it’s true. According to FBI reports, property and violent crime rates in New Jersey are much lower than the national average. The state is one of the 10 safest states in the country. It is true that New Jersey has metro areas along its northern border with other states that do suffer from high crime rates. But much of New Jersey is rural, dotted with small and mid-sized cities that are fairly safe. One of those mid-sized cities is precisely Lakewood. If you move there, you will not have to worry about something bad happening to you.

Country Clubs Are a Plus

Swimming, golf, tennis, etc. Pick your hobby, and Lakewood will offer it. One of the numerous pluses of living in a planned-out resort community is the numerous amenities.

If you’re moving with a baby to NJ, this might just be the perfect place. Aside from the tight-knit community with numerous opportunities for your child, imagine the life a teen could lead at a resort. With the prestigious schools, along with a number of sports available, it is the definition of heaven.

The Beach Is Only a Couple of Miles Away

One of the great things about living in New Jersey is that you can get to the beach from any spot in a relatively short time. When living in Lakewood, the beach is less than 10 miles away. That means that it takes you only about 15 minutes to get to heaven on Earth. And with over 85 degrees during the summer, it has more than pleasant conditions for enjoying the sun.

When Relocating to Lakewood, Decide Carefully Between Buying and Renting – It Could Be a Pro

Before you start thinking if you need a good NJ packing service or not, there is one more important dilemma. Is it a better idea to rent or to buy? We would suggest renting first. Why? Well, if you rent a home, you’re not making a long-term commitment. And you will be able to look at what kind of property you need in this type of community. On the other hand, buying a place and then renting it out can be quite lucrative in Lakewood.

A woman relaxing on a bed
While loving Lakewood as a township and your future home, keep in mind that it’s still a resort.

There Are a Few Cons to Moving to Lakewood

With every plus in a neighborhood, there needs to come a con. We strongly suggest that you base your decision on where you will be moving to only after considering all options. Lakewood, while close to a fairytale, isn’t perfect. That being said, here are a few common cons of moving to resort settlements.

When Relocating to Lakewood You Should Learn About the Restrictions

Each and every resort community has restrictions in place. These may be regarding age, for example. This means that only a certain age group can move into a specific part of the city. While on the other hand, some neighborhoods won’t allow children. This may seem like a good thing to a single person looking for a good night’s rest. However, to any family looking to move to Lakewood, it’s a con. Also, in case you decide to sell your home in a few years, restrictions can limit the number of potential buyers.

If you're moving to Lakewood with kids you're going to have to keep an eye on different restrictions.
Life in Lakewood is the perfect next step for your kids – but be sure to check the restrictions before choosing a neighborhood!

Moving to Lakewood Might Mean Letting Go of the Close-Knit Feel of a Community

So, people living at resorts praise themselves for being a tight-knit community. However, if you’ve seen any of the shows about these types of cities, you will know that it may not be true in all cases. So, take the close-knit neighborhood with a grain of salt. Keep in mind that a resort settlement is a planned-out town. There is no room for spontaneous structures or a homely feel of your birthplace. Especially in case these communities were planned as large resorts, you may not feel a cohesive sense of a neighborhood. But there are plenty of people who enjoy their privacy and peace. It all depends on what you’re looking for from living in Lakewood.

With So Many People Coming to Lakewood, It Is Becoming Overpopulated

Lakewood, New Jersey, was a small, quiet town that became a city because of people who moved from New York and other areas. To accommodate all those people, there are a lot of buildings that keep on rising. And their number is multiplying! Also, the road infrastructure needs repair. There are too many people and cars, and the roads cannot accommodate everyone. This leads to heavy traffic and frequent accidents.

Drivers Follow Their Own Rules on the Road

Or, better said, they do not follow any rules! Safety is what really worries everyone in the city. The crime rate there is pretty low, and people don’t get into trouble. What makes Lakewood bad is the drivers. Drivers don’t respect each other and don’t think before acting. Whether they’re pulling out of the driveway or just driving in the neighborhood, Lakewood drivers make driving intimidating for everyone.

Traffic jam
Traffic jams are what makes living in Lakewood not so ideal.

The pros and cons of moving to Lakewood are that you balance the opportunities to explore nature while trying to find your home. If you can handle traffic jams and sometimes unfriendly people, then you will have an amazing experience. Take time to balance the potential challenges you may face so that you have a great time exploring the different experiences this city has to offer.

Living Expenses in Lakewood

After moving to Lakewood, you will notice that the living expenses are 17% higher than the national average. Of course, everything is determined by our job, paycheck, lifestyle, and so on. But even then, knowing what to expect helps us a lot. Many of the moving services NJ providers will be more than glad to tell you more about this topic in detail. But we still think you need to know some basics.

When it comes to food, the price is just 5% more than the national average. A loaf of bread is $3,66, a gallon of milk is $2,34, a carton of eggs is $1.65… So compared to some other larger places, it is quite cheap to buy groceries here. As for healthcare, it is actually 4% less than the nation’s average!

  • Going to the doctor’s will set you back $112,84
  • A dentist visit is $96,49 on average
  • Checking your eyes at the optometrist will cost you $104,52
  • And your pet will need around $59,59 for a vet visit
A medical practicioner that decided that moving to Lakewood is the right thing
Good healthcare prices are sometimes the most important benefit a city can offer

Housing Prices

The last thing we must mention is the real estate market. As we already said, the city is gaining new residents at an astonishing speed. That in itself is also a problem in the real estate business. The city’s previously large market became quite full in a short amount of time. Resulting in high demand for properties but a low supply. As a result of that, the prices have skyrocketed as well. The median home price here is $546,595! As for renting, the average monthly rent is around $1,670. It might not be as expensive as some other cities, but for its size, it’s quite the price. Alongside the home prices come utilities like energy bills($182,56/month), phone bills($200,89/month), and so on. So make sure to calculate everything before contacting long distance moving companies NJ offers. And make sure everything fits into your budget.


Moving to Lakewood is not for everyone. But looking at it in general, it is a nice, beautiful place to live and raise a family. It does have some small cons, but its pros far outshine them. The only question is, “is it for me?” As every city has its good and bad sides, it is up to us to decide if it’s worth it. Our opinion and preferences are the deciding factors that can make or brake this move. There is no need to rush, though. Take your time, and consider everything before coming up with the answer.


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