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Pros and cons of finding movers online

It’s almost inevitable that, at some point, we are bound to move. It could be work-related, or we may just be looking for a fresh start. Whether you’re moving to New Jersey from out of state or relocating somewhere nearby, it’s a huge step. With big decisions, comes a lot of “what if?” concerns. When deciding to move your entire livelihood or your business to another location, it carries a certain risk. This is magnified significantly when we are attempting to tackle this task without professional help. Sometimes, in order to try and cut down on expenses, we end up creating more. This is why it’s always a good idea to try and look up some affordable movers NJ. So how do we go about finding a reliable partner at all? Well, the internet has proven to be a powerful and valuable tool in communication and research. Let’s dig into the matter and explore some of the biggest pros and cons of finding movers online.

Finding movers online – What do we look out for?

Before we get into the pros and cons of finding movers online, let’s take a detour. There are many movers who offer their services on and off the web. Here, we will first examine what the hallmarks of a good moving company are. If you’re going through your first major moving experience, this part is crucial.

The most important factor when looking for moving services NJ is – reliability. This is a bit of an umbrella term, so let’s try to lay it out. When talking about reliability, what we are actually saying is:

  • Punctuality
  • Cleanliness
  • Care when handling
  • Quality tools and vehicles
  • Expertise (employees with experience in the field)
  • Swiftness
  • Customer service

So how do we go about ensuring that a company has all these covered? Well, we could look at the reviews. More on this later, but to shed light on another important factor, let’s talk about price. We all want the best possible deal. It’s important to be able to precisely plan out the finances for your move. Sometimes, however, it can prove difficult to balance between finances and quality of service. Having this in mind, let’s now have a look at the list of pros of finding movers online.

A woman using a calculator
Getting a quick quote is sure to be on the “pros” side when comparing the pros and cons of finding movers online.

Pros of finding movers online

When it comes to looking for anything online, the obvious benefit is – speed. It takes a search engine under a second to present you with thousands of results for your query. This is one of the biggest pros of finding movers online. For example, by just hitting search on a topic like long-distance moving companies NJ, you’d get dozens of hits. Still, when presented with so many results, how can you be sure you’ve made the right one? Well, that brings us to the second benefit of finding movers online –  reviews.

A man researching and taking notes.
Write down your own list of pros and cons of online movers by comparing what they offer.

Reading reviews online can give you an insight. If a company is doing well, it’s usually so because they’ve had plenty of satisfied customers in the past. In order to get a clearer picture of what their experience was, simply read through their comments. Some reviews tend to be short and not very informative. Many people write detailed accounts of their move. These are a gold mine for finding out just what kind of company you’re dealing with. There are websites that deal specifically with moving company reviews.

If you’re satisfied with the reviews and feel confident with your choice, it’s time to take the next step. Again, online services are priceless for these tasks. Getting a quote used to be a long and dreary process of phoning and being on the line for a long time. Using online tools, it’s now a matter of minutes, no matter if it’s long-distance or local movers NJ you’re getting the quote from. Online quoting also reduces the chances of errors in passing on important information over the phone.

We could say that the main benefits of finding movers online are:

  • Search speed/large pool of choice
  • Access to reviews of services offered and provided
  • Quick and free quoting process

Cons of finding movers online

While trying to find movers online definitely has its benefits, it also comes with a couple of possible drawbacks. In fact, many of the benefits are also your main sources of risk. Let’s have a look at search engines and see how they can also negatively impact our decision-making process.

Well, first and foremost – the internet is a competitive arena. Content creators employed by moving companies try to push their companies to the top of the results list. This means that, if you are not thorough enough, you could jump the gun and just go with the first result offered. Sometimes this may prove to be a lucky shot, but you’re just as likely to have made a mistake. What’s more, the content of a moving company’s website and services may be advertised a lot better than they are in practice. Stay on your toes and be patient!

Blocks with letters S, E, O.
Search engine optimization methods can influence which results appear first in your search. This may influence your decision-making process.

Another double-edged sword is precisely the reviews section. Did you know businesses pay and otherwise stimulate positive reviews from customers? It’s a common practice in the online market, and could greatly skew your vision. Unfortunately, it’s easy to make the mistake of trusting a paid review, as these are tricky to spot. This is especially true if you’re a little bit old-school and aren’t very used to reading online reviews. This part also concerns communication in general. Doing things online inarguably removes the personal touch of customer service many are used to.

We can summarize a short list of cons of finding movers online as:

  • Lack of reliable search results due to search engine optimization by companies
  • Paid reviews can provide an inaccurate view and unrealistic expectations
  • Lack of personal touch


It’s difficult to argue that using the internet to research is a great privilege we enjoy today. Still, it’s important to be careful and not be too naive. Hopefully, with this article, you’ve gained a clearer insight into the pros and cons of finding movers online. Good luck in your search!



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