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Practical tips for moving in with your partner in NY

There is no better feeling than being young and in love. You feel like you are on top of the world and can do everything you want. One of the important steps in a relationship is moving in together. It’s a natural step when you want to bring your relationship to another level. However, it’s not the same as living with someone and spending time a few days a week. Daily life can be stressful and you must be prepared to make compromises. Unfortunately, some couples start arguing more after moving in together, while others get even closer. Also, problems can even start during moving preparation as you will have two relocations to prepare for. For this reason, you should seek help from moving companies Jersey City. Additionally, here are a few tips for moving in with your partner in NY. 

How to make moving in with your partner in NY a great experience? 

When you are moving in with your loved one, you have two things to prepare for: your relocation and life together. First, you need to focus on moving preparation. If you are going to move to a new city, you should move with professional movers. You need to find good and reliable movers such as NJ movers and packers who will help you with packing and transporting your items. Next, you need to find a moving date that will suit you and your partner. If you want to save some money during relocation, you should move during winter rather than summer. Aside from moving preparation, you should also plan your life together such as the following: 

  • Divide chores 
  • Find a place that will suit you both 
  • Decorate your new home together 
  • Create a home budget 
  • Set boundaries 
  • Divide closet 
young couple talking about moving in with your partner in NY
Make a plan when you are moving in with your partner in NY

How to find an apartment as a couple? 

The first in your life together with your partner is finding a place for living. In most cases, one partner just moves into the apartment where the other is already living. However, there are cases where couples need to find a brand-new home for both of them. The first step in finding your new place is to list your wants and wants of your partner. You should agree on how many rooms your new home should have, the size, location, etc. The location could be a problem when finding a new home to move into together with help from movers NJ to NYC. If you are working on different sides of a city than your partner, it won’t be easy to agree on one location that will suit you both. Usually, one of you will have to comprise.  

Chores should be equally divided 

Home chores are very boring and no one really likes to do them. But, a home must be cleaned. So, you should divide chores between you and your partner. You can divide chores by who likes to do what. For example, if you don’t mind washing dishes but hate vacuuming, your partner can do the vacuuming while your job would be to wash dishes. Also, you can switch chores each week, so it doesn’t become boring. You can practice dividing chores when cleaning your new New Jersey apartment before moving in. Younger people are now more open-minded and chores are now usually equally divided. Before, it was normal that women should do all chores related to the home. But now luckily, this is not the case anymore and both partners must do house chores based on their free time and obligations

man spraying a mirror
Clean apartment together

Make a home budget 

As you won’t be living alone anymore, you won’t have to pay for all living expenses. But to avoid creating tension every month when you need to pay bills, you should create a home budget. The home budget doesn’t have to only for paying living costs. You can set aside a certain amount of money each month for future holidays or new furniture. Now usually, both partners should give the same amount of money. But for example, if you earn much more money than your partner, it would be nice if you give a little more money than your partner. Also, you can make a decision that you pay for utility bills, while your partner pays for food. You might not be able to make your home budget right away as you don’t know how much you will spend. For this reason, you should record your expenses and earnings. 

Living together doesn’t mean sharing everything 

The main reason for moving in with your partner in NY is to be with your loved one all the time. However, you also need some time alone. You can pick one room or corner in your new home that would be just yours. Decorate this space however you liked it. For the rest of your new home, you should decorate together with your partner. You should pick some neutral colors for common areas such as the living room, kitchen, etc. Also, if you are moving to a smaller apartment, you should pick bright colors to open up the space and create an illusion of a bigger room. You should pick decorations together and decorate your new home that will be a perfect blend of both of your preferences. If you both like the same style, then your job will be much easier.  

a picture of a corner with a chair
Claim one part of your home for yourself

How to divide a closet space? 

Well, the biggest problem when moving in with your partner in NY is how to divide a closet. Usually, one partner has much more clothes than the other. If you don’t mind having less wardrobe space, then you should give extra space to your partner. However, if you both have too many clothes but not enough closet space, you should consider downsizing. You can keep clothes that are out of season in a storage unit. The better option would be to declutter clothes that you didn’t wear for quite some time. But that decision is up to you. Communication and compromise are the keys to a successful relationship and living together. 



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