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Packing tips for a last-minute move

Every successful relocation requires time and careful planning. But, what happens when we get an overnight call or an e-mail saying we got the job in another place, or we have to move quickly? Surely, the chaos will ensure! But, it doesn’t have to be that way! We have given it some thought and wrote an article covering this topic! In the following text, we will introduce you more to packing tips for a last-minute move! This will help you better prepare for those short notice relocations!

Packing tips for a last-minute move – first tip, make a list

When it comes to the most important last-minute moving tips then we must say, this one takes the top place among them. Before you even begin packing, you need to take a look around your place and decide what items you are bringing with yourself on your move. And then, figure out what items you are leaving. When it comes to these items, there are several ways you can deal with them. But, first you can make a few lists according to what you are doing, for instance:

  • Moving items – these items are the ones you will relocate, and you should write it down and pack them
  • Items to sell – one of the best packing tips for a last-minute move is to try to sell items you do not want to bring with yourself. This will bring you more money you can use for some kind of services. Like getting extra moving boxes Jersey City.
  • Throw them away. The more items you have to transport, higher the moving cost! You need to have this in mind when you decide to move on short notice.
A bunch of clutter in home
One of the packing tips for a last-minute move is to declutter your home before moving

When you create such a list, you will have a better insight into the items you have at hand. And you will know what you want to do with them. This will help you a lot when you are moving to your new home!

Finding movers

The downfall of a last-minute moving is that it will be a bit hard to find movers at this point. But, do not worry! There are always some companies that will help you in your time of need. First, you need to be sure whether or not you are committing DIY relocation or hiring professional movers. Are you going to rent a truck or call professionals? Using professionals at this point is a great idea, but you will not be able to do research for many companies in your area. This can be a difficult position for you since you do not have much time to organize. Here is where you can always count on reliable NJ movers, who can give you a lot of help and advice for your last minute relocation.

A man looking for packing services on the internet as one of the packing tips for a last-minute move
Look for the reliable movers and their packing services on the internet

Gather packing materials

Although you don’t have much time, we are here to help you with this task. As one of the packing tips for a last-minute move, we need to help you find and gather all of the packing materials you will need. But first things firsts, figure out what you already have and what you can use from your household! This can help you a lot because you probably have everything you need, not including moving boxes. For instance, using old t-shirts, blankets, pillowcases, and towels is great when it comes to wrapping fragile items who can break easily during transportation. When it comes to moving boxes, you can find them almost anywhere!

Depending on what you are packing you can get different sizes from your local shoe stores, grocery store, etc. The important thing is you can go and ask them if you can get the boxes they do not use anymore. Just be careful, they are already used so they do not have the durability like new ones. In the end, you can always opt for buying new cardboard boxes from your movers.

Packed cardboard boxes
You can always buy new cardboard boxes from your movers

Now, after the relocation is done, you may wonder what to do with all those cardboard boxes! Well, you can always either throw them away or keep them for any other move. But, there are also some simple DIY ideas for reusing moving boxes! You can use them in your advantage!

Pack a first aid bag

This is the bag that will help you get through those first couples of days after the relocation is done. Here are the items you use daily and the ones you need for your job. For instance, the first  aid bag must contain:

  • Clothes you use for work and at home
  • A couple of towels
  • Medicine
  • Important documents
  • Gadgets – like your laptop

These items are the ones that will help you get through that after move period. It is important to have this in mind because it will speed up the process of both relocating and settling in. Since time is of the essence here, it doesn’t hurt to know other ways to speed up relocation!

A travel bag
In the “first aid bag” pack things that can help you get through the first couple of days

Ask your friends to help you

Now, with these types of relocation, we simply do not have enough time to finish everything. Here is where you can ask your friends if they can help you pack and move. They will probably give you a helping hand with your packing, and maybe with the relocation itself. So do not forget to treat them with something as a token of gratitude! It is important to appreciate what our friends do for us! And perhaps, they can also help you get some movers in short notice. Maybe some of them know someone, who knows someone who can get you find NJ movers. It doesn’t hurt to know the steps you need to make for finding a moving company!

These are just some of the most important packing tips for a last-minute move you will need! You will have to follow them through in order to finish up your relocation without having any issues. Especially when it comes to last-minute moves. We hope we helped you with our article, and we will be glad if you could reach out to us and leave us your feedback!


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