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Packing hacks for a local move

Moving is a part of life. And if you relocate often or are packing up your bags for the first time in a long time and looking for moving companies Jersey City, it can be an annoying process that can take its toll on the best of planners too. Lucky for you, while moving isn’t necessarily easy on anyone, there are some packing hacks for a local move that reduce the amount of work, and ultimately make the process go a little bit smoother than it might otherwise. Maybe it sounds too good to be true, however, it’s not. Follow our packing hacks for a local move and discover new ways to improve your relocation process.

Best packing hacks for a local move!

Moving can be enjoyable. Opening your moving boxes is very similar to opening gifts on Christmas morning. Putting every item in its new place can be fun. For many families, once it’s completed, the house is as clean as it ever will be until they move to their next home. What’s less fun is preparing to move. Packing everything up in boxes, then waiting for movers takes a bit of time. That’s very true when you’re navigating all the time-consuming hassles that come with moving. However, don’t fear! Ample Moving professionals are here to help with moving as well as help you prepare for your local move. Keep reading for our packing hacks for a local move!

a couple using packing hacks for a local move
Gather all necessary packing supplies to prepare for your upcoming relocation.

Book early

If you’re hiring renting supplies, moving services, or hiring professionals like painters or cleaners to work on the house, we recommend booking early. If you wait on booking, it could mean paying a higher price, or maybe even not being able to get a truck or movers at all, especially during peak moving season.

Scheduling utilities for your new home

Once the booking is finalized, you should contact your utility providers to schedule service at your new house. You don’t want to arrive there, tired from the move, just to find out that the water, electricity, or heat is off. You need to schedule it in advance and keep records of your requests in your moving folder. Also, ask for service stops for your move-out date at your current home.

Pack in advance

Preferably, you will know about a move even if you aren’t sure of the final destination weeks or months in advance. Begin by packing off-season items and the items you won’t miss. If you’re moving during summer, you can pack winter coats in advance and also books and other once-in-a-while items. When it’s finally time to move, lots of items will be ready to go, giving you less stress.

man preparing package for shipment
Make sure to pack off-season items, and items you won’t miss in advance.

Multicolored packing tape

When it comes to moving boxes Jersey City, it really helps to know what is in each box and where they go when you’re about to unload them. Moving boxes start looking the same after a few hours, and nobody’s memory is operating at total capacity when the relocation is in motion. You don’t need to go for the fancy, labeled packing tape available at U-Haul and other shops. Instead, you can use a five-color system that can help you keep it all well organized. You can use permanent markers on the tape to organize by room. For instance, yellow tape for the home office can be marked with “bookcase,” “desk,” and “files.” Make sure to write the label on at least three sides so it’s visible without turning the box.

Use the right boxes

When you’re packing books and other heavy items for moving, pack them in small boxes. You can pack light items, such as linens and pillows in bigger ones. Bigger boxes packed with heavy items are a usual complaint of movers Montclair NJ. They have a better chance of breaking and they make the job harder.

Ask your mover about special crating if you’re moving expensive art

You should understand exactly how to pack artwork for moving to help keep it safe. Don’t ever wrap oil paintings in normal paper because it will stick. When it comes to packing pictures for moving, you need to make an X with masking tape across the glass to strengthen it and hold it together if it shatters. Then, you should wrap the pictures in paper or bubble wrap and put them in a frame box, with a piece of cardboard between each framed piece for protection.

mover holding a box
Make sure to pack your expensive art extra carefully.

Special care packing the kitchen

When it comes to packing the kitchen, it involves lots of different types of items. The way to pack dishes for moving is to put packing paper around each dish, then wrap bundles of five or six together using more paper. Make sure to pack dishes on their sides, not flat. Also, use lots of bunched-up paper as padding below and above. you can pack cups and bowls inside one another, with paper in between, and wrapped three or four in a bundle. Pack them all in dish-barrel boxes. When you pack glasses for moving, movers Bloomfield NJ recommend using a box with cardboard dividers to help protect the glasses and wrap them in plenty of layers of paper to protect them.

Final words

Hopefully, these packing hacks for a local move were helpful because moving can be quite stressful. It can be hard to sleep, eat well, and see to other aspects of self-care, however, it is essential. The more rested you are, the faster you will be able to finish all the tasks and chores that come with moving house. And the faster you do all that, the sooner you will be resting in your favorite chair at your new home.



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