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Packing guide for seniors

It’s not uncommon for the seniors to decide they want to move and get to know the new places and people. But, it’s just not the same as young people moving. It is taking more time, planning and better organization. Seniors must take more time and be aware of the limitations on the physical side. You will either need some help with packing and unpacking, or a lot of time for planning and packing. Make sure you take everything into consideration before you start so you don’t get overwhelmed in the middle and give up. Knowing your limits is as important as any other aspect of the move. So make sure to check out the packing guide for seniors.

Take all the time you need

This is a very important part of the move. The main goal is not to hurt yourself. If you do, it will take much more time to recover and then get back to moving. Everything will take much more time and will get complicated. If you planed to move in the summer, you might have to move in the winter when you hurt and it will get more complicated. So make sure you know your limitations and take the time. Packing guide for seniors is useful since it will remind you not to get too tired and to make sure you organize. Movers West New York NJ will help you to do everything faster so hire them if you decide to get help.

Packing guide for seniors- a pocket watch
Make sure you take all the time you                            need

Get the help

Every single packing guide for seniors will tell you the same thing- make sure not to get too tired. And this is true. You need to take care of your health. It’s for the best that you use a professional packing service if that is an option for you. Professional packers will pack and unpack your belongings in no time. There are a couple of pros and cons to it:

  • Your belongings are handled by the strangers, but they handle them professionally
  • You won’t get tired but you might want to handle your delicate belongings yourself
  • Every packing guide for seniors will tell you the same- if you can afford it, get the professional help and stay with them while they pack and unpack so you make sure everything is handled carefully

If you decide not to hire professional assistance, make sure you get as many friends and family as possible to help you. They can help you pack and unpack and it’s as good as professional help since they care about you and your belongings. The are some general moving tips you should look at.

Many small tasks instead of doing it all at once

Break all of the tasks into smaller ones and rest in between so you don’t get tired. Pack a room by room and pack the items from each room into one box without mixing boxes and rooms. This will help you when the time for unpacking comes. Make sure you get enough rest and stay hydrated. Also, make sure to pack the things you will need first into one box. It should contain your medicine, toilet supplies like soap, towels, bath, shampoo, toilet paper, clean set of clothes and other things you will need as soon as you get to the new place. If you own any valuable art collections, you should inform on how to pack them.

packing guide for seniors
Make a list of tasks and do one at the time

Blueprint can help you figure out if you need to downsize

Before the move, try to get the blueprint from the seller. This way you will know How much space you have per room and you know if you need to downsize. In this case, give all the stuff you don’t need and use away. Even if there is plenty of space, you should still get rid of the things you don’t use. If you need the packing guide for seniors, make sure you follow this advice. Make the lists of the things you need and don’t want to forget.

A blueprint
Take the blueprint from the seller so you        know  how much space you have in the new                                       home

Take care of your memories

Make sure you pack all the pictures, photographs and other belongings that remind you of the past. Try to think of a way to take care of the memories another way, so you can get rid of the physical item, but if that is not possible, you can simply save the item. Maybe you would like to give some of these items to the relatives or your children? Pack them carefully in the boxes with protective paper and packing peanuts and make sure you label them. If they are delicate, make sure that your movers know about it. Moving companies NJ will make sure your memories are handled with care.

A pile of photos
Make sure you take your memories with you

Make sure you know how and what to lift

A big part of packing is carrying the boxes. Make sure you lift from your knees and allow the friends and family members to lift the boxes you are not able to lift. Make sure you know your limits and don’t make yourself do anything you are not sure you can do.

Try to stay in touch

Staying in touch with relatives and friends is very important since hearing from them and seeing them occasionaly can be helpful. Make sure you contact them and give them the new address and new phone number. Contact utility services so they know you moved and then handle utilities in the new home.

Nobody says the moving is easy but you can make it a bit easier. No matter what the reason for the move is, make sure you don’t feel scared or overwhelmed by it, new experiences should not stop just because you got older. Make sure you see all the positive sides of the move. Getting your friends and family over to help you pack and move is a great opportunity to see them and talk to them. Once you are done moving, invite them over and you will see there is nothing to worry about.


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