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Moving your parents across the country

As our parents grow older it is becoming more and more difficult to live far away from them. With old age come all sorts of medical conditions. And their needs become greater. If you moved away or considering moving away, the choice to leave parents behind is not an easy one. But moving your parents across the country is also not an easy task. It involves many difficult choices. It is a strain both on their health and on your budget. Doing it right can mean all the difference. First by talking to them about the benefits of moving closer to you. And after that making them comfortable both during transport and upon arrival.

Have a talk before moving your parents across the country

Just because you think it might benefit them doesn’t mean they agree. When deciding if moving your parents across the country is a good idea have a family talk. Sit down with your parents and explain the situation to them. Sometimes changes are not something that comes easy, especially at the older age. Therefore, do have a talk with them and explain to them the strain of being so far away from them. Also, present to them the benefits that come with them being close to you. Talk about what their life will look like in their new home. Together you can find the best solution both for them and you. Take their needs and wishes into consideration. This big change is for their own good and you should explain it in a way that they can understand that. When discussing this make sure you cover the following topics:

  • Their life in a new city
  • The benefits of relocation
  • Means of transport to the new location
  • What would they want to bring with them
Old women talking about moving your parents across country
Talk to your parents

Start preparing for the big relocation

As we mentioned, this kind of relocation is not going to be the easiest thing they have done. Getting accustomed to small changes is sometimes challenging, let alone something that great. For starters, there are many important things to know about a nationwide move. And if you want to enable an easier relocation to your parents, without stress, we suggest you give them as much time as possible to process each and every step of this project. Knowing how the whole process will go, will give them a piece of mind. Now, this is something very important!

Also, give them a word and ask them whether they have any special requirements. Perhaps they would like to bring something that’s dear to them. If you are able to fulfill that requirement, do it! They will appreciate that, for sure!

Arrange a proper transport for your parents

When moving your parents across the country you need to consider a few things. As people get older it becomes more difficult to travel long distance. They get tired more easily. They need to use the toilet more often. And they just can’t handle the stress of traveling so well. So you need to make sure that they feel comfortable during the trip. However, there are ways how to increase the quality of their transportation. Therefore, you can get them a car seat which is specially designed for the elderly. These seats have special properties which enable them more comfortable, as well as safer transportation.

If you plan to fly them to their new location make sure you book a nonstop flight. It will make the trip shorter and easier. It might cost more but it will be worth it. For more comfort, you can get them some of the special airplane seat cushions which are also easy to carry.

airplane wing
Moving your parents on a non-stop flight

If flying is not an option make sure that vehicle you use has enough space. And that it is comfortable enough for long trips. Depending on their medical condition you might need to hire specialized medical transport. They are not cheap so take that into consideration when deciding to move your parent across the country.

In case you are afraid for their health during the move you can hire a care manager. That is a person, usually a nurse, that will be there in case your parents have health issues. The care manager will know all the local resources and will make sure that your parents arrive safely.

Shipping their belongings

Before the moving day comes, talk to your parents about how much stuff they want to take with them. There are many long distance movers NJ that can ship almost anything. From furniture to medical equipment. But fitting a house full for stuff into a two bedroom apartment might not be possible. Talk to your parents and decide what is essential and what is not. After that talk your movers about shipping everything. Some items might need special care during transport, like medical equipment. Your moving company might have some good advice for you.

Making a checklist of belongings you want to pack
Make a final list of belongings your parents want to bring.

Finally at home…

Once your parents arrive, it’s time to settle in and it’s important to make them comfortable in your home. Consider that everything will be new to them. So they might not feel too comfortable at first. But as their stuff arrive their mood will start to improve.

Coordinate with your residential movers NJ on how to properly unpack their things. To make it easier for them, you could try to arrange their new room look as similar to their old one as possible. By putting the TV and couch in a similar position as in their old home you will make them feel more comfortable and relaxed. The look and smell of their things will help greatly in the adjustment to the new living situation. Actually, consult them first if this is something they would truly want. Who knows, maybe they would enjoy the change and consider it as a great fresh start.

Familiarize them with the new environment

Moving your parents across the country is not just about giving them a new home that is close to you. If they are still mobile they will need to be able to move around freely. Spend time walking with them around the neighborhood. Show them how to get to the nearest maker. Introduce them to nearby parks. And explain to them how the public transportation works in the new city in case they ever want to visit some places on their own. By getting to know their surroundings their quality of life will improve. And they will enjoy life in their new home.

park full of people
Take a walk with your parents

Another important aspect is social life. By moving your parents across the country they are cut off from all the social connections they had. While they can still talk to their friends on the phone, it’s just not the same. Try and introduce them to their neighbors. Find local clubs for the elderly and talk to them about going there. By making connections with people in their new city they will feel more comfortable.


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