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Moving with a baby – how to do it?


Moving is a complicated process – even more so if you’re moving with a baby. Whether you plan to relocate locally or long distance, it’s advisable to be prepared in advance. Make sure you organize your trip so you, your child, and the whole family don’t stress out during the moving process. In this article, we take a look at everything that moving with a baby encompasses. Keep reading to find out how to make the process as painless as possible for you, your child, and everyone else involved.

Anything is challenging with a baby – moving especially

If you are a young parent, every day with the baby is a challenge. Especially if he’s not the only child in your family. To make sure you are prepared and stress-free during the moving process, consider hiring professionals to help you move. These companies can also offer you other services like packing, unpacking, and cleaning after the move.

a baby reading a book
Make sure you organize your trip so you, your child, and the whole family don’t stress out during the moving process.

What’s more, a professional company will help you deal with the moving stress. When you are moving with a baby, there is a lot that you will need to take care of. Not only are you working on your moving chores, but you also need to consider your baby’s needs. They will go through a lot of stress during the process – which we will talk about below. And moving means you might have your attention on other chores. With a professional company, you can focus on your baby while they tackle the transport of your items.

In order to deal with it all, however, you will want to take a look at the following tips for relocating with your baby. Hopefully, you’ll get organized better and make the moving process easier for the whole family.

Why is moving so stressful for your kids?

This is the question that we always get when working on a move. What is it that makes kids so irritated and almost impossible to deal with? Well, the answer is quite simple – and it has psychological roots. All of us are creatures of habit – and kids more so than others. We are used to our work, schedules, friends, neighbors. We all live in routines. And, no matter how boring these might seem, they are what keeps us sane. Knowing that we will be able to wake up tomorrow and have things to do is often what can keep you going.

The very same thing applies to your babies. Even though it might not seem like they are doing too much, your babies are going through their routines. They eat and sleep at the same time every day, and sticking to this is important. They will notice if something is amiss. And moving is exactly what this is – shaking up that schedule from the ground up.

prepare baby clothes for moving with a baby
Before the move, consider the clothing for the move that is most comfortable for both you and the baby.

These schedules and routines are a support system on which we rely. So, pulling it away from a person – or a baby – will cause them to respond in a way that’s most natural – with stress. It’s how our organism works in processing shocking events. And the response to stress can vary. This is why some kids throw tantrums, while others lock themselves within. With babies, it can be tougher to gauge their response, since they do not have the communication tools yet to share how they feel. Therefore, this is what you will need to do before the move, as well as during and after it.

Before the move

  • Stick to the daily routine. Your child’s sleeping and eating schedule are very important, especially when you’re moving with a baby. If you plan your baby’s daily routine, the moving process will be way easier. Consider that taking a long flight with a baby is more complicated than traveling by car.
  • Make a moving plan. This is the most important part of moving with a baby. Before the move, consider the clothing for the move that is most comfortable for both you and the baby. Ask family members if they can help and travel with you. Plan the timeline during the move and the first couple of days after you settle in.
  • Get all the help you can. The best thing that you can organize while moving with a baby is to ask a family member or friend for help. If your partner is not able to travel with you, you will need another pair of hands and baby care. If that is not an option for you, consider hiring a nanny for the moving day.
  • Check your baby’s documentation. Before you move with a baby, you should visit the pediatrician. Making sure your baby is healthy is crucial for the moving process. Also, you’ll need his paperwork prepared, especially if you hired the long distance movers from New Jersey.

During the move

  • Plan the trip for moving with a baby. If you’re nursing, make sure you take care of your meals so you have the energy during the trip. If your baby is not sleeping well, try bringing a baby wrap with you. Especially if not traveling by car. It will calm your baby and your hand will be free.
  • Bring all the necessities and pack your baby’s clothes first. You never know how many pairs of onesies you’ll need, but bring enough so you are prepared for emergencies. If you are traveling mid-season, bring many layers of clothes and a warmer blanket for your baby to sleep tight. The fact is, your baby is not going to be too happy about temperature and humidity change during the move.
a baby sleeping
For moving with a baby by car, make sure you have some relaxing music or musical toys that can occupy your little one.
  • Prepare to soothe the baby during the move. If you know a favorite blanket or a stuffed toy will work, pack it first! For moving with a baby by car, make sure you have some relaxing music or musical toys that can occupy your little one.
  • Make yourself comfortable. Afterall, if you’re comfortable, you won’t lack energy and you’ll keep your baby happy. Make sure you stay energized and bring snacks and beverages for the trip. Bring comfortable multi-layer clothing so you can get relax when your baby sleeps.

After the move

  • Set the baby’s room first. After you settle in your new home, the adaptation with the baby is just starting. If you decided to hire professional packing services in New Jersey make sure that all the boxes are unpacked. After the company helps you, you will need to clean the baby’s room first.
  • Clean thoroughly and toss all the packing materials. Even though your baby’s room is safe and ready, the dust and dirt from the move are still going to be around the house. Make sure to unpack after the move and clean thoroughly and prepare the crib and bed linen for your child. Also, make sure you ventilate and let fresh air in your new home. Also, prepare to clean floors and walls more than once. Some dust can settle on the floor and furniture weeks after you move in.
  • Give your baby time to adapt. If you happen to move long distance, your baby will feel the change of time zone. Moreover, changes in air humidity and temperature will also affect your baby’s daily routine. Plan the first few days after the move as simple as you can, and try not to get overwhelmed.
  • Organize your time with a baby for the first few weeks. After the move, there will be lots of things you’ll have to run. Make sure you have help with a baby care so you can get everything ready for your new home.

Tips and tricks for moving with a baby

The most important thing you’ll need while relocating with the baby is to hire professional moving company New Jersey to help you. Besides, there are a few more tips and tricks that can help you during the relocation process.

  • Soothing music will make wonders when it comes to your baby’s sleep. If you’re traveling by car, it’s going to make your baby calm and relaxed. On the other hand, quiet singing can help you with the soothing process if you’re on a long flight to your new home.
  • Dry clothes and baby food. You can never bring too many necessities for the trip with a baby. Baby clothes, diapers, wet wipes, and stored food are a must. You never know what can come up and prolonge your trip. In the end, take a look at other moving tips that can help you during the relocation process.

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