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Moving to NJ in 2020 – yay or nay

Moving to NJ in 2020 – yay or nay? Deciding to move to a new home is a big decision, there is no doubt it. Leaving your old home behind and moving to a new one, even more so if it is in another state or even overseas is a huge, life-changing move that is going to make a whole lot of difference in the short run as well as even more on the long run. In general, the United States of America has a lot to offer to any individual out there. Pretty much every type of geographical terrain you can think can be found here. From mountains and valleys to woods and plains, and rivers and deserts. If you are interested in living a calm, tranquil country life in a small town or a village, you can find that here.

On the other hand, if you crave a life of a stronger pace in a huge metropolis, there aren’t many countries that can rival the number and size of large cities in the USA. New Jersy is a great example of all this, as it has a lot to offer to anyone. One can rarely deem the decision of moving here a bad one. However, it is important to say that planning a move is not as simple as just choosing a place to move to and moving there. There is a lot that you have to think about and take care of before you can rest in your new home. From hiring a moving company to choosing a moving date, a lot of work awaits you. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s see is moving to NJ in 2020 is worth it.

Moving to New Jersey in 2020 is potentially a great idea
New Jersey has a lot to offer

The pros of moving to NJ in 2020

Since you are thinking about moving to New Jersey, let us first hear the advantages of living here.

The safety of citizens in New Jersey is on a really high level

One of the most important factors in our lives as human beings is staying safe. That is why this is one of the first things that you should look for in a potential new hometown. There are some metro areas in the northern part of the state that have high crime rates. However, New Jersey is mostly a really safe country. According to data that the FBI gathered, the number of property and violent crimes in New Jersey is quite lower than the average on the national scale. In fact, New Jersey is in the top 10 safest states in the USA. So, if you are looking for a country where you will feel safe, moving to New Jersey is a great place for you.

The climate

Another factor that will play a major role in your everyday life. When you plan your move, hiring a moving company is a great idea. One of the things that also influence your move is the weather, so as you look for some quality packing services NJ, make sure that you also check the weather forecast. For the majority of people, having all four seasons is a positive thing, so if you are one of those people, we have good news for you. If you are looking for a warm and sunny summer and a snowy Christmas, then New Jersey is a great place for you.

New Jersey is a rich cultural and educational center

New Jersey is a great state to live in if you are looking for somewhere to immerse yourself in culture. Artistic and cultural institutions are quite numerous throughout the state. It is the place where some of the greatest inventions have come to life such as the FM radio, lithium battery, electric train, and many others. In 2015, the state of New Jersey has actually spent more money per public school student than any other state save from New York, Alaska, and Connecticut. They are also leaders when it comes to the number of teachers per student.

people walking on street during daytime
New Jersey is one of the safest states in the USA

Cons of moving to NJ in 2020

Now, as is the case with practically all things in life, there is always a downside to everything. In order to help you decide whether moving to NJ in 2020 is a good idea, we have prepared a list of cons also.

Education is not on a satisfying level

New Jersey is investing a lot of money into the educational system. However, the results are not really what they should be. The students of New Jersey state have noticeably lower test scores than students from the majority of other states. Despite investing so much in school districts and having so many teachers, results are still trailing behind. However, the good news is that there are places in New Jersey that have higher averages. Furthermore, due to the level of investment in the educational system, it is just a matter of time before the rest of the state catches up. Perhaps 2020 is the year we have been waiting for.

man and woman sitting on chairs
New Jersey invests a lot into education

New Jersey is not one of the financially most lucrative states

First of all, the state of New Jersey is one of the leaders when it comes to overall tax burdens. In a negative way of course, as per the data of the Tax Foundation. The tax rates of personal income are progressive and are between 1.4% to 8.97%. The tax on sales is around 6.7%. The taxes on the property are higher than in any other state. When it comes to the actual cost of living, things are not a lot better. New Jersey has a higher cost of living compared to almost every other state. All the key categories such as goods, services, groceries, utilities, and transportation are higher on average than the rest of the country. The cost of housing is more than 50% higher than the USA average which is a really huge difference.


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