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Moving to Newark – Yes or No?


Thinking about moving to Newark but you still aren’t sure? Moving is always a big decision to take and it’s never easy to choose the best city in New Jersey for a family relocation. You need to think it through and consider all the possible options. It is well known that relocation is one of the biggest stressors in life. That is why you need to be sure if moving to this NJ city is really the best option for you and your family. Did you get all the information about Newark? Do you know which part of the town is the best and is there a good school for your child? Is it close to your work? You need to ask yourself all these questions and research the town before you make a final decision. Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of living in Newark.

Newark is the city in the U.S. state of New Jersey and it is one of the most populous cities in this state. People know it as a “The Brick City” and “The Gateway City”. The city was settled in 1666 by Robert Treat from Connecticut Puritans. Newark represents the largest city in New Jersey’s Gateway Region and a second-most racially diverse city. It is divided into five political wards, which are relatively distinct. Every day more than 100.000 people commute to Newark, as it represents the state’s largest employment center. It is offering many white-collar jobs in insurance, import-export, finance, government, and healthcare. Relocating to Newark could be just the right thing for you!

Moving to Newark
Moving to Newark could be the perfect solution for you. Ample Moving is here to conduct your move efficiently and smoothly

Consider all your options when moving to Newark

If you decide to move to Newark, you will need to find a good moving company New Jersey. You have to consider all your options and be sure if living in Newark is the thing you want. If you have been thinking about moving, but still aren’t sure where you want to move, you should definitely consider Newark. Maybe you aren’t well informed about this city in New Jersey.

Maybe you are considering some other cities as well. That is why you need to gather all the facts you can for each one of them. It is very important to give yourself some time during this investigation period, which you absolutely need. You can’t just move not having any knowledge of the city you are moving to. That would be a complete disaster. So, don’t waste your time and start planning and exploring. Take advantage of our advice and act smart.

Is Newark the place to be?

Newark has improved a lot in the last few years. Some people say it may even be the new Brooklyn. The city of Newark, which has long struggled with a violent reputation and a declining economy, is in the spotlight and the center of attention. It owns a burgeoning art scene, it is surrounded by some excellent universities and it has iconic architecture.

Newark airport
It even has its own airport – Newark Liberty International Airport.

This place is slowly attracting its new residents, but quite firmly. Newark has room to grow and it’s not jam-packed like some other New York City neighborhoods. There are many office buildings and towers, which demonstrates that this is a city of business. If you are moving your business to Newark, you will probably be settled in some nice office tower.

Are the apartments in Newark affordable?

Apartments in Newark are relatively affordable for renters and buyers. Although rental prices have risen 17 percent over the past 10 years, they’re still up to 40 percent cheaper than in New Jersey. Available rentals at higher-end Newark properties, it found, range from $1,593 for a studio up to $2,553 for a two-bedroom. As the prices of real estate in New York City are escalating, people have started to think more about better alternatives for settling down. Newark has some great buildings that people haven’t noticed until recently. After moving to Newark, you can find very affordable housing. The costs of living in Newark are 10% lower than the average in New Jersey, and 15% higher than the national average. However, the cost of housing in Newark is 23% higher than the national average, but its state income tax is 37% lower than the national average.

Transportation in Newark

Newark represents a very important gateway to the New York metropolitan area and the Mid-Atlantic United States. As we have already mentioned, it has its own airport that is the second busiest in the New York region. It was the first commercial airport in the area of New York City, opened in 1928. More than 30 airlines operate out of Newark Liberty International Airport. Alongside the airport, Newark has many highways and roads. Some important road in Newark are named after the towns to which they lead, like:

  • Broadway (former Belleville Avenue)
  • South Orange Avenue
  • Springfield Avenue
  • Bloomfield Avenue
Train station
Newark has a developed railway network

The City of Newark has easy access to several ways of transportation to travel within and outside the city. Newark Penn Station at Market Street and Raymond Boulevard offers access to three New Jersey Transit commuter lines. Also, it offers access to Amtrak service, the Newark Light Rail, and the PATH train. The two train stations are linked by the Newark Light Rail system. This rail also provides services from Newark Penn Station to Newark’s northern communities and into the closeby towns – Belleville and Bloomfield. The bus service in Newark is provided by New Jersey Transit.

Moving to Newark for colleges and universities

Newark is the home to many institutions of higher education. The colleges and universities have revitalized the area of Newark and are serving more than 60.000 students. These institutions include:

  • Berkeley College campus
  • Essex County College
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Seton Hall University School of Law
  • Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences
  • Rutgers University–Newark

The best neighborhoods in Newark

The city of Newark is full of character and, unfortunately, sometimes it includes a higher crime rate than the rest of the state. And while every city certainly has its good and bad sides, you shouldn’t move to certain areas of Newark. So, to help you find the best and safest place to live, here are the five best Newark neighborhoods to live.

1. Ironbound District

The Ironbound District has recently become one of Newark’s most popular neighborhoods. With a radius of four square miles, this vibrant area is dominated by Spanish and Portuguese residents. It has a vibrant culture and excellent cuisine. The Ironbound is also one of the safest neighborhoods to live in Newark, with many amenities, including close access to Riverbank Park, which can be great if you are moving with a toddler.

2. Forest Hill

When moving to Newark, you can escape the chaos of the city in the suburbs of the Forest Hill area. Forest Hill is in North Ward, alongside the Branch Brook Park, the largest public park in Newark, covering 360 acres. You can walk along the trails and admire the beautiful historical bridges and water features. Furthermore, Forest Hill is home to the massive and amazing Gothic-style Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, which was even visited by Pope John II.

Downtown Newark
If you like living in a smaller community with all the perks of city life, then Downtown Newark is just the one for you

3. Downtown Newark

Downtown is Newark’s business, culture and entertainment center. The city center is very walkable, so you can easily give up your car. Indeed, much of the area is within walking distance of Newark Penn Station, which connects Newark to New York. In addition, you will also have easy access to the Newark Light Rail, which will take you from one side of town to another. Best of all, Downtown Newark is extremely affordable, with an average home price of $129,883, 59% less than in the rest of Newark. For tenants, rents are 27% lower than Newark at just $889.

4. Upper Roseville

Upper Roseville is located in the Roseville community, and like the Ironbound Area, the Roseville is divided into Upper Roseville and Lower Roseville. Crime statistics show that Upper Roseville is a safer area, but crime in the area as a whole has declined by 8%. Upper Roseville is located right outside the Newark light rail station, providing easy access to downtown Newark and other areas of the city. In addition, the area borders the 360 acres of Branch Brook Park, where there are many recreational opportunities.

5. University Heights

With about 32,000 students seeking an advanced degree, the demographic data in the area is definitely younger, with an average age of 30. However, this neighborhood is not just for students. University Heights is undergoing a transformation that is attracting more and more young professionals. It is usually considered one of the most promising neighborhoods for young people. And, mostly because of this neighborhood, Newark is one of the best cities for singles in New Jersey.

Is relocating to Newark really for you?

Are you still having second thoughts about whether to move to Newark or not? We hope we helped you at least a little bit to make your final decision. As you could see, Newark has some great things to offer and it’s a city in progress. If you are definitely moving to Newark after reading this article, make sure you contact the best moving company. Only the best professionals will safely transport all your belongings to your new home. Have fun in Newark!


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