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Moving to New Jersey with a toddler

It does not matter whether you are moving to New Jersey with a toddler or to some smaller place – you and your kid are in for quite a ride. According to psychologists, moving is in the top 10 most stressful processes for an average human being. Now, in modern times moving is not as rare as it might have been a couple of decades or a century ago. People today move more than they ever had throughout history. The world has become a much more connected place than it has ever been before. The lifestyle of our entire society has changed quite a bit and moving several times in your life is not anything out of the ordinary. However, some things never change (at least not by much), so moving is still a generally stressful event, and this is especially so for kids.

Human beings, generally the older they get, have their mental defenses stronger and stronger. Things simply do not phase us the way they did when we were younger. The stress does come to us when we are running around and searching for the best NJ movers possible to help us move to New Jersey. It does come to us when we are doing our best to organize the packing of our belongings with the transition from our old to our new job. The thing is that we have already dealt with complicated things in our lives and going through a move, with a proper mindset, won’t be too hard. However, kids are different. They do not have the experience we have and can take this to close to their hearts. That is why it is really important that we pay special attention to them when these times come. 

people on street near concrete buildings
People move more than ever, however, moving is still very stressful for children

Moving to New Jersey with a toddler? Do not move by yourself

Sometimes, circumstances are such that hiring movers is not an option. The reasons can vary, but the important thing is that they are there. However, it is really important and beneficial in a lot of ways if you can hire them. Having professionals by your side, taking care of your belongings can honestly be priceless for your spirit. As we have already mentioned, moving can be really stressful as there is much to do. For instance, finding reliable moving companies such as moving companies in Bayonne NJ is a task that can take a while. Moving all of your legal documents is another crucial thing that you have to spend your time and will on. Then add packing all of your belongings on top of that and how can a move not be stressful?

Now, if you are moving to New Jersey with a toddler, you will have a ton of things to worry about regarding your child. This is a simple fact of life. That is why hiring movers is an amazingly important thing to do. Just imagine. Your kid is crying as you are taking, one by one, your boxes down to the car. You are on the clock, you have to leave the apartment by 5 pm, and you are just halfway through. How hard is that going to be for you? Now just imagine having a crew of 5 or 6 people going around your apartment, systematically carrying your furniture and your boxes one by one to their truck. You can take care of your baby and enjoy the fact that you are about to be in your new home. So, do yourself a favor and hire some quality movers.

Moving to New Jersey with a toddler? Hire experts to help you
Moving experts are just a phone call away

Hire someone to help you with your child also

Hiring movers to help you is, in general, a smart move when moving. Hiring some to help you with your child is another that is going to make your life a lot easier. Moving to New Jersey with a toddler is going to be stressful for you and them, and that is a fact. However, you can lower that stress significantly by having someone to help take care of your child during the whole process. Ask a trusted friend or a family member to take care of them during the move. If this is not possible for some reason, then you can always hire a babysitter. If you are not going to hire movers to help you out, then at least consider this solution.

How to deal with packing?

So, you are moving your entire home? That takes time, money and strength. It all takes a lot of boxes and other packing material. Being organized when it comes to packing is crucial for a successful move. It is easy sometimes to get lost in all those things, which is why planning is so important, even more so if you have a small child. You must resist the urge to pack all of their belongings as soon as possible. You should pack them among the last things a couple of things before the move. Having to scour through all your packed boxes for your child’s favorite toy is not something you want to spend your time on. Also, you should definitely make an essentials box for them. Making essentials boxes for all the family members is a must in general.

pile of assorted-color toy boxes
Children’s room is your priority during the move

For small children, it is simply a necessity. You should start preparing the list of things that belong in this box weeks before actually packing it. This will give you time to be sure that the list that you have made is totally complete. As a parent, of course, that you know what things your child needs on a daily basis. Still, sometimes, there is a need for something out of the ordinary, so this way you will be ready for such an occurrence. And one last thing. The nursery room is your priority for the moving day. Make sure that all the toddler’s boxes are labeled clearly and let the movers know what exactly you want to do with them. This way moving to New Jersey with a toddler will be a walk in the park for you and your baby.


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