Moving to Montclair with kids - which neighborhood to pick

Moving to Montclair with kids – which neighborhood to choose

Relocation requires careful planning, even if it’s only you that’s moving away. However, when you have kids, thinking about where to relocate means taking plenty of factors into account. For example, the quality of schools in the area, and ideal neighborhoods. Luckily, because of its educational options and variety of recreational opportunities, Montclair is a fantastic city to raise a family. This list will help you choose a neighborhood after moving to Montclair with kids. Meanwhile, moving companies NJ will help you with the physical part of your relocation!  

Settling down in Montclair with a family will be a good idea

With almost 40.000 residents, Montclair has the ideal blend of a vibrant urban core and pleasant suburban living. On top of that, this lively township is just half an hour away from the famous NYC borough of Manhattan! That means you can even look for a higher-paying job in New York City, while still leading a quiet family life. Montclair is also only about an hour from the Jersey shore, which is ideal for summer trips to the beach. 

A group of children in school
One of the advantages of living in Montclair is the access to a great educational system

Moving to Montclair with kids will also be a great decision when it comes to educational opportunities. Students in this city have access to some outstanding schools, with a top-rated magnet school system in place. Under this system, parents can choose a school with a theme program that most closely matches their children’s interests. In addition to the public institutions, there are numerous private schools in Montclair to choose from as well. 

Living in Upper Montclair might be the first choice for family

Upper Montclair is home to many of the district’s educational institutions, from elementary schools to Montclair State University. Therefore, it’s not a surprise many people who are moving to Montclair with kids are willing to settle here. The neighborhood also has a good connection with the rest of New Jersey and New York, so parents can easily commute to work. 

There are several outlet malls in Upper Montclair that can satisfy the shopping needs of all family members. At the same time, there are plenty of parks and outdoor facilities you can take the kids to. Moreover, families who are looking to stay active will enjoy spending time at the Mountainside Public pool. If your dream home happens to be in this area, find reliable movers NJ before it sells out! 

Have Frog Hollow’s community in mind when moving to Montclair with kids

Located in the heart of the city, the neighborhood of Frog Hollow is famous for its tight-knit community. In fact, many people in this part of Montclair treat their neighbors as part of their family. Parents frequently let their kids play unsupervised because they trust the other parents to watch out for them. 

Gathering in the neighbourhood.
Having friendly neighbors is something you can look forward to once you move to Frog Hollow.

This charming neighborhood also has a long history, with the first families coming here back in the 1800s. Still, from moving companies Montclair NJ clients’ experience, the real estate market in Frog Hollows tends to be cheaper. Not only your kids will love living and making friends here, but you’ll also pay less for a beautiful home! 

Yantacaw is also one of the kid-friendly neighborhoods in Montclair

If you’re looking for a home in Yantacaw, you can find some lovely split-level houses and ranches from the 1950s. There are some more modern housing options as well, however, you should know they can get quite expensive. Still, good schools and lots of green spaces in this neighborhood are worth contacting local movers NJ for. 

A two-storey homes in Montclair
After moving to Montclair with kids, you could find a house like this one in Yantacaw.

Your kids will love living in Yantacaw because there are plenty of things to see and do here. They will enjoy spending time in Brookdale Park, which has numerous sports fields and plays areas, among other things. The park is quite scenic as well, with a small stream running through. All in all, it’s a great place to spend the day with your family, admiring nature or strolling along the path walk.

When moving to Montclair with kids, consider the district of PaNaMa as well

The area between the streets of Patton, Nassau, and Macopin is also a nice neighborhood to raise your kids in. It’s predominantly a residential area, with small colonial-style homes and bungalows. Still, PaNaMa is more affordable than some other parts of Montclair like the city center or Upper Montclair. On top of that, here you’ll find plenty of friendly neighbors to socialize with! They frequently organize block parties and get-togethers with food, so both you and your kids can quickly make new friends. 

Give your family some sense of luxury by moving to Marlboro Park

Almost 130 years ago, the upscale neighborhood of Marlboro Park started out as an affordable district for newcomers. Many things have changed since then, with plenty of houses in the neighborhood now costing more than a million dollars. Still, if you can afford it, Marlboro Park is a fantastic place to live. Besides, Watchung Plaza and Shopping and train station are nearby, making Marlboro Park convenient for shopping and traveling. 

No matter where you choose to live in Montclair, you’ll have quick access to everything the city has to offer. There are many things to like here, from peaceful, secure streets to beautiful homes. However, the strong sense of community is probably the biggest reason why moving to Montclair with kids will be the right choice. In any case, we are sure you’ll quickly get used to calling Montclair your home!



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