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Moving to Elizabeth in one week


Elizabeth is the largest city and the county seat of Union County, in New Jersey. No matter which neighborhood you are relocating to, you need to know how to do it fast when the situation requires it. Moving to Elizabeth in one week is possible, but you will need professional movers on your side. Ample Moving is a professional moving company that can offer a variety of moving services to solve all your moving problems. If you want a problem-free relocation, then contact us today.

Moving to Elizabeth in one week – Tips

Any short time move requires a good plan, a lot of energy, practical steps, and good organization. Usually, you can spend months planning out your move in detail. You will need days or weeks to properly go through all your items, and or sell them. Then, there is paperwork to tackle and logistics to plan.

moving to Elizabeth can cause stress
Relocating in a short time to Elizabeth can be very hard and stressful.

However, when you need to move in a week, then things can change. You will need to expedite the process, or shorthand some of the things that you will need to do. Even though we can never encourage you to look for shortcuts during a move, this might be the time when you have to do so. Still, that doesn’t mean you should not sit down and come up with a clear moving plan. Having a plan means bringing some structure and order to all the chaos of the move. This will help you prioritize tasks better and get a clear control of the moving process. What’s more, it will help you organize your week well – and you will not forget about anything as long as you put it on paper.

Therefore, having a plan – no matter how short – is essential. Keep reading to find out what you will want to find on your plan.

Book a mover

Finding and hiring residential movers NJ is the first step in your fast Elizabeth relocation. Because you do not have a lot of time for your relocation, the easiest way to pack and move your things is to hire movers. When you are short on time but not so much in money it is the best decision you can make. So, your short time moving will not be so much stressful like it is when you are DIY.

There are a lot of benefits that come from working with a professional moving company. First, we have a huge array of moving services that you can utilize. With them, we will be able to solve all your moving problems – before they even arise. We also have a lot of experience in the moving industry, so we can do every task much faster than you. This is what makes a professional moving company the best choice – but there is a downside, too.

Hiring a mover usually requires that you call at least two weeks before moving day, but in the off-season, you should be able to find a mover in the one week. Keep in mind that in a short time it is easier to hire local movers NJ than searching for a long-distance moving company NJ. However, ensure your company understands exactly what your moving needs are – and what you need them to do.

Think how much stuff you need to move to Elizabeth

If you have already found your next home in Elizabeth, you need to get measurements of the rooms and windows of your new home. In this way, you will know what you will bring with you from your old place. It can be quite awkward – let alone very stressful – to find out your couch cannot even enter your new home after you transported it to Elizabeth. Therefore, you need to know what things and furniture will fit into your new apartment or house before even thinking about packing them.

The next thing you will want to figure out is just how much you will want to bring with you. Usually, the movers will either charge by how long they spend moving you – or the total weight of your items. Therefore, lowering the number of things you will transport will help with your overall moving budget. You will spend less on packing supplies, and you will struggle less too. What’s more, your unpacking process will be much easier as well.

a garage sale
Make sure to sort the things you will not use – and get rid of them before moving to Elizabeth.

Therefore, you will want to go over your things before your Elizabeth move and decide what you will do with them. First, decide whether you will keep an item or not. Thinking about the last time you used it can help. Less than six months ago means you will take it to Elizabeth. More than six months ago means it can’t come with you. Then, separate the “can’t go” group into three parts – the things you will sell, donate, or toss away. This way, you will “purge” your home from unessential items and have a much easier relocation.

Notify people you are moving to Elizabeth

When you are relocating to Elizabeth in a short time, don’t forget to contact everyone you should before you relocate to your new home. In case that you are paying utilities – hydro, electric, water, garbage, recyclables, etc, you need to notify them about your new address so the service could be transferred to your new place. Also, notify everyone else about your address change like your bank, post office, friends, the boss at work, etc.

You will also want to talk to your friends too. Moving in a week means you might not have the time to properly say goodbye to everyone, so explore some alternate options, too. If you are moving locally, you might want to toss a housewarming party after coming to Elizabeth. Alternatively, you might want to hold a “goodbye gathering” if you are leaving your home city, so everyone gets a chance for their goodbye. This can be emotional, but remember that they are not that far away. Technology can easily help you stay in touch nowadays.

Buy packing supplies and moving boxes

Moving to Elizabeth in one week requires moving boxes and packing supplies. There are many places to find Elizabeth moving boxes, so you can buy them or get them free. You can find them at your local grocery stores if you want to find used boxes for free or you can buy them in stores with packing supplies. You will also need packing tape, bubble wrap, marker, etc. Just remember, you need big boxes for lighter stuff but smaller boxes you can use for heavy things.

bubble pack
Buy packing materials before you start packing for Elizabeth relocation.

Consider other packing options for fast moving

If you want to save money, there are other packing options you can consider. You can use garbage bags -but be careful not to split them. They are perfect for clothing, towels, and other bulky things. Also, you can use towels and clothes to wrap and protect your fragile items. So you will avoid possible damages during the move.

In case that you don’t know how to properly pack your things when moving to Elizabeth, you should consider hiring NJ packing services. Our team will significantly reduce the time of packing and removal and will also save you energy, time, and reduce your stress levels.

Bring necessary items in essential box

When you are moving to Elizabeth in one week it is really important to pack all the necessary items in one box. This essential box should include all the things you will need for the first day and night in your new home. You can even pack it up for the first few days, in case your items are late for the delivery for some reason. When you have all that you need in one box, you don’t need to spend time and energy finding the things you want to throw all the boxes.

So, in the essential box you should pack: toiletries, cleaning supplies, canned food, towels, a toolkit for reassembling furniture, dish towels, dish rags, paper plates and forks, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. Just think of it as packing for a stay in a motel for a few days. What are the items you cannot live without? Include those in the box.

How to pack your place in few hours before Elizabeth relocation?

If you need to pack your home in a few hours before you move to Elizabeth, consider a few tips. Remember these simple rules if you want to pack and move fast.

  • Don’t watch TV during packing
  • Call your friends and family to help you pack
  • Consider hiring pros for packing
  • Clean while you are packing
  • Sort and purge before packing
  • Have a break between packing different rooms
  • Don’t leave the room until you pack all from it
  • Learn as much as you can about the city of Elizabeth, New Jersey

Of course, always have a plan for moving to Elizabeth. Try to stick with it as much as you can. If it all seems too stressful, don’t be shy. Pick up your phone and contact us today.


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