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Moving Tips For Cat-Owners

People with a cat should learn moving tips for cat-owners before relocation. Even though most of them already know it, you should not relocate them without preparation. There are a lot of companies that organize pet moving. However, you cannot rely on them in every circumstance. Movers Hackensack will surely help in each step of your relocation. However, your pet is only yours and you should prepare it for relocation the best you can.

Owners of pets know how animals behave in all situations. Animals also have feelings and moods that only owners understand. It is much better to prepare your pet for relocation alone before the company is included. There are important steps that you should move on to if want to avoid stress and unnormal behavior. Also, you should prepare for the period after relocation when your cat needs time to adapt.

Cats afraid of moving
Cats will not accept change and relocation easily

Prepare for relocation thanks to our moving tips for cat-owners

Like in any other relocation preparation is crucial. You should inform me about your cat, how she will adapt to the transportation, and what to pack first. Not only that you will need to include her toys and equipment. You need to prepare a carrier. Although many cat owners feel it like a box where the cat feels uncomfortable, it is not so bad. Most important, you will need to ask the veterinarian for a few pieces of advice.

  • Protect cat from injuries, cold and any other problem that may happen – like you will do in every traveling and trip;
  • Speaking about the health, you should visit your vet before starting with packing – and take medical record and pieces of advice about this period;
  • There are documents that you will need to prepare, especially if the move to a new country – movers NJ will kindly help in this job;
  • You will start a new life in a new country so behave by that – change whatever is needed and start with adaptation before you start with packing;
  • One of the most important moving tips for cat-owners is that you need to take all your cat love and used on – like toys and favorite pillow.

Visit vet

It should be the first you will need before relocation. Your vet knows much more about this process than you. Even if you have prepared a cat for a trip, there is important information you should know. Also, maybe you will need to give vaccines to the cat or take a medical record. After you have chosen moving services NJ you can prepare details like food for the trip or toys.


Maybe your cat is calm and great when you are at home. However, you cannot be sure if she will be so great when traveling for many hours in one position. Even for you moving to NJ could be difficult and you may feel anxious. Some vets recommend giving sleeping or relaxing pills to your cat.

Keep the same routine

It is crucial to not change anything you do not need to change in the normal life of your cat. We know that cats are calm and relaxed only when they are in known situations. It is for sure that they will not easily accept changes and long trips. For that reason, you should keep the routine whenever you can, like feeding at the same time.

You can use boxes for fun

While you packing your stuff, the cat will be in the same room, making a mess. On the other hand, you can turn that mess into a creative playground. Cats love to hide in boxes and you can make this even more attractive to them. Put their toys in boxes or make a house for them.

Happy cat
There are lot of ways to entertain your cat

Moving tips for cat-owners for a time during transportation

The hardest part of your relocation with the cat will be traveling. If you have traveled with your cat, you surely know that it is very hard. Your furry friend does not like that stress and narrowness. It would be even harder when putting she is a carrier, especially if she has not used that. However, you should not worry about that if organize traveling well.


If you need to organize moving as a cat-owner, you should purchase a carrier. There is no excuse. Even though you feel that your cat will be calm and you have planned to travel in the car. Cats cannot stay calm long and you cannot control their temper when drive. However, it is important to adapt the cat to the carrier before traveling.

Small meals

No matter how daily routine for your cat looks like you should not give them too much food. They will feel nausea or even become nervous. However, do not forget to give the cat only meals that she likes.

Stay calm

If you are a cat owner, you know that your cat feels emotions. It is crucial to stay calm when organizing relocation. She will feel nervous and start to feel the same. It will make a circle of bad emotions and reactions.

There are important moving tips for cat-owners for a period after moving

Even for the people relocation is not over after you have unpacked the boxes. The new period of life starts right now. You will need that time for adaptation and accepting the change that happened. For cats, it is even worse. They are not prepared for stressful changes in their lives and surely do not like it. You will need to pay special attention to them during this time.

Make new space as soon as possible

Cats like to have their space for playing, sleeping, and eating. Like any other pet, she needs to have space where she will spend the whole day. When you come to the new place, you need to create a corner where she will feel comfortable. Do it firstly after moving.

A happy cat
You should make a space for your cat as soon as possible

Allow her to explore

Many people do not believe in the myth about cats’ curiosity, but it is true. They love to explore new spaces. You should allow them to do it. As one of the great moving tips for cat-owners experts recommends to leave her alone for a while. She will feel comfortable and adapt to a new home sooner.


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