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Your piano is your investment, which is why when you’re planning to relocate, you should immediately scout for top piano movers NJ.

Piano moving is a delicate procedure that requires a lot of careful handling and utter professionalism. It may seem that this is something that not many moving companies can provide you with. But – here is where Ample Moving comes in to help you with your piano transportation. Our team of reliable piano movers NJ are very skilled and know how to safely transport your instrument. And this is just one of the reasons why people chose to get our piano moving services!  So don’t hesitate and give us a call and get your free quote today!

piano keys
Our piano movers NJ will handle your piano transportation with ease

How to find experienced piano movers in New Jersey?

The best way to locate reputable Jersey City movers is to start your search well ahead of time. The professional advice we provide to customers is that you should never hire professional piano movers in New Jersey without doing a detailed background check. So here are some tips on how best to do that:

  • Check out all estimates and choose the best one. Before signing any contract with the moving company, make sure you get more than one in-home estimate. Keep in mind that most of the reliable piano movers NJ will offer to do a free estimate or a quote of your move. We advise you to give us a call and see why are our estimates better than others.
  • If you are transporting your piano locally, we recommended that you hire our local NJ movers. With our local moving crew at your hand, you will arrive at your new home in no time at all. We know the streets of New Jersey like the back of our hands and will transport you as fast and efficient we can.
  • Check for references and reviews. Before you hire New Jersey piano movers, it never hurts to ask for company references. They are a great way to find out all you need to know about the company. You can learn about the services they provide, their experience, and their professional conduct. Bear in mind that reputable piano moving companies in New Jersey give references on request or freely display them on their official website. You should take the time to read the company’s reviews. When you do a thorough check of the company you should check online for official reviews. There are government sites like the BBB that review registered moving companies. And there you can see why we are best at what we do.

Piano movers NJ packing the instrument

Learn all you need to know about choosing the best piano movers NJ relies on.

Why should you hire professional piano movers NJ?

Trimming the costs on your NJ move when it comes to moving a piano may not be the best idea. If you have moved before you may think that you can do it all by yourself. But that is not usually the case when it comes to moving big items such are pianos and pool tables. Our piano moving crew is trained to relocate your piano in a professional manner. Even if you have the manpower and enough time, you may also need a few items to help you move your piano. Renting or buying additional items only for moving a piano may be a waste of resources.

Keep in mind that accidents and injuries may happen when unprofessional personnel tries to handle bulky and heavy items like pianos. We can help you avoid damaging your piano while moving it. When using the help of our professional movers NJ you will be able to get your peace of mind. We are here to help you move your piano without delays and with efficiency.

How do Ample moving experts relocate pianos?

Most people believe that moving a piano is simple. You just take off the legs and carry it out the door. Pianos usually weigh from 200 to 1000 lbs. Moving a piano like this can damage it or some of its components. We professionally disassemble the piano before the move. That is the only correct way to safely move your piano without harm or damage.

A piano mover NJ in front of a packed piano
Why risk your friends causing damage to your piano when you can hire professional piano movers?

When movers arrive at the location they will bring all the wrapping materials they need to professionally pack your piano. The first time we will do is to disassemble the top of the table. Next, they carefully remove each section of the slate to your piano. After that, they load each piece onto the moving van. Our moving professionals will take each part of your piano and pack it accordingly using professional packing materials NJ. After our movers find the best location for your piano, we assemble all the pieces together. If you truly want a stress-free relocation, you should turn to professional moving services NJ.

Assembly and configuration of your piano is the next step. Bear in mind that the piano will need tuning after the conundrum of moving it went through. However, you need to give it time to settle into the new space before calling a tuner. So consider that it might take a couple of days for the piano to adjust to the new home. You can then call in an expert to help you tune it into shape. Once all that is done, you’ll be all set to welcome guests and have that home-warming party you planned for.

What separates us from the other piano movers?

Ample Movers always put safety as one of the most important things when moving. It doesn’t matter if you are moving heavy items such as pianos, bunk beds, wardrobe, etc. We strive to hold high safety standards when moving you and your items. This is why it is important to mention that when we move your piano, we use all safety precautions needed. Before we move your piano, we make sure that everything is safely put in its place. Providing your floor and walls with necessary protection while carrying your piano outside. Also, we will pack and protect your piano from any possible damages. All you have to do is watch and see how years of experienced piano moving move your favorite “88” with ease.

image of turnbuckles
To us, safety will always come first when moving a piano

To you, moving a piano in New Jersey can sound really hard and almost impossible. That is where we, your handy Ample Moving crew, come in handy. We turn impossible into a child play. Having professionals at your side when moving a piano is important if you wish to transport it without having any issues. This is why we are proud to say that all you have to do is contact us and see why are we the best piano moving experts you can find at an affordable price. Our moving quotes NJ are free and easy to check out.

Why should you choose Ample piano movers?

What also may interest you is that we offer a lot of good deals on many moving services we provide. From finding residential, long-distance, commercial, and many others. Ample Moving company has a high standard when it comes to our moving services, and we tend to provide our customers with the best services they can get. If you give us a call, you can find out how our piano movers can help you with your piano transportation. Safety standards we provide for both you and your items are what make us better than other moving companies out there. Mixed with the professionalism of our piano moving crew you can rest assured knowing that we can easily transport your piano with care. We know how important your music instrument is to you and that is why we are your best choice when it comes to piano moving.

Moving locally? Not a problem for piano movers

Moving a piano anywhere in Hoboken can be a hard task. Especially if you are trying to do it on your own. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case. With Ample Moving piano moving services everything is easy. And if you are planning to move your piano locally, then we are just the company for you! Our crew of experienced movers and drivers know the streets of Hoboken like the back of our hands. You can rest easy knowing that your belongings will arrive at your home in the fastest and safest way possible. With the team such as ours helping you move locally, all that is left for you is to relax and let us do all the work. Give us a call and see why our Hoboken movers are the best at what they do.

image of Hoboken
We are very familiar with the streets of Hoboken

Piano moving may be a difficult task, but not for our team of professional piano movers NJ. We assure you, we are up to the task and will transport your piano with the utmost care and professionalism. Why not give Ample Moving New Jersey a call and find out how we can help you organize your piano transportation.


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Amazing and efficient workers at a greet price! Well worth the money. Took less than 3 hours to get me completely moved, I would absolutely use them again!

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