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Moving safety tips everyone should know

If you are reading this, you have probably decided to move. Moving as you know can be a really stressful thing to do, therefore you should keep in mind that you have to relax and just go with the flow. Except for one very important thing. That is safety. You have probably heard a bunch of times that safety comes first. There is a reason why people are saying that you know. Because it is true. Nothing is more important than safety, especially on the day of your move. Here you will find some moving safety tips that can help you to go through your move without a scratch. It is important to follow these pieces of advice so that you don’t have to worry for a second there what can happen. If after reading this you are still not sure how would you handle it, packing services NJ can also help you out.

Moving safety tips that everyone should follow

One of the most important tips that you can get when you are about to move and take that box filled with the heavy box is to bend your knees and not your back! People usually when trying to reach out for something, bend their backs and in that way, they lift up the heavy item. If you want the worst way to do that, this is it. Pulling out your back is very painful and it takes days if not weeks to get better. In the meantime, you can forget about the move. So, when you want to pick up something heavy, what you should do is a squat. Back right as an arrow, knees bend and that is it. There is no way that you will pull out your back if you listen to this advice. Also, when packing major appliances always get help, never try to do this on your own, injury is only waiting to happen.

Moving safety tips include you not carrying boxes that are too heavy
Be careful when lifting heavy boxes!

Pack smart not a lot!

When you are packing, you shouldn’t overpack. This means that if you have a giant box it doesn’t mean that you should fill it in, to the top. Especially if you are packing some heavy items in it. Do not worry though, the big box you have won’t go to waste. What is a better solution, is to have smaller boxes where you can pack the heavy items and big boxes you can use for sheets that you are using during the winter, for example. Those sheets take a lot of places but they are not heavy whatsoever. So, those big boxes really come in handy for the things that are big, but not heavy. So, the point is, do not overpack your boxes, because if the box is extremely heavy, you can get hurt or your box will break.

Be careful

It is all about the safety at the end of the day. You have to take all necessary actions to protect yourself, your movers and your family from getting injured while moving. When you are packing items from your kitchen you just cannot be enough careful. This is something that takes a lot of attention. When you are packing knives and other sharp objects, the first thing to do is to wrap them around some kind of cloth. It has to be a cloth and not a paper for obvious reasons.

Sharp objects and paper do not go well together. Once you wrapped them in a cloth make sure to pack them and mark that box, as you would mark a box that says fragile, you should do the same with the box that contains sharp objects and mark it as sharp. In this way, even though your sharp objects are safely packed you will still be extra careful with that box when unpacking. One of the most important moving safety tips would be to be safe, simple as that.

Think about clothes. Yes, clothes.

It is important, believe it or not, what will you be wearing on the day of your move. Moving safety tips include that as well, for a good reason. Imagine this: you are packing, there is a beautiful, warm weather outside, and you are thinking about how it would be great to wear flip-flops. That would be such a bad decision. There are so many different injuries that you can sustain, by just wearing the wrong shoes. You can cut your toe, break a toe, or even break a leg. Therefore, sneakers would be the best choice. When it comes to clothes, you should dress the comfiest clothes you got. This doesn’t mean that your clothes should be wide because if your clothes are too wide you can get hooked to something or trip. Therefore, chose something comfy, according to the weather conditions outside.

Clothes on a hanger
It is important what will you wear on the day of your move

Stand clear!

If you have children, or pets, or both, make sure that on the day of the move they are not around. You have to put them somewhere safe, for their good and everyone else’s. Someone can trip over your dog while carrying something really heavy. That can create a huge problem. Your pet, kid, or you can get seriously injured. Make sure to put them somewhere safe, some room or simply ask a friend to take care of them while you finish with the move. Speaking of being careful when transferring heavy items, piano movers NJ are the people for you, so at least, in this case, you won’t have to worry if your toe will get broken by a piano while you are bringing it down from the 5th floor with your friend.

A kid with his dog
Make sure that your children and pets are somewhere safe on a moving day

When moving, the best moving safety tips are to try your best and follow the instructions in the best way possible. Meaning that you have to understand that safety is definitely the most important thing ever. If you get injured, your move will prolong and that is the last thing you need. Finding a good movers company can be of a huge help as well. Professionals are there to make your moving day easy. These are the best moving safety tips you can get!


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