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Moving From Maplewood NJ to New Brunswick NJ – The Ultimate Guide

There are many reasons why moving from Maplewood NJ to New Brunswick NJ is challenging. Moving from one city to another can be daunting, especially for families. However, proper planning and preparation can also be an excellent opportunity for a fresh start in a new place. If you are considering moving from one place to another, this ultimate guide is here to help. You will need help, so hire experienced movers NJ residents love.

Moving from Maplewood NJ to New Brunswick NJ

Maplewood, NJ, is a charming township in Essex County, New Jersey, just 20 miles west of New York City. Its population is around 25,000 residents, and is known for its impressive tree-lined streets, diverse community, and historic homes. Maplewood is also home to many parks and recreational areas, making it an excellent place for families to enjoy outdoor activities. If you still want to leave this city, movers New Brunswick NJ offers will provide all the needed help while moving.

New Jersey skyscrapers one could see after moving from Maplewood NJ to New Brunswick NJ
Moving from Maplewood NJ to New Brunswick NJ will bring about a lot of changes to your life.

Do Not Forget Maplewood

One of the things that moving companies Maplewood NJ residents recommend know is that this township has an excellent school system that attracts new residents. Due to several top-rated public schools, it became a desirable location for families with school-age children. The downtown area is vibrant and bustling, with many restaurants, cafes, and local shops.


Maplewood, NJ, has a humid subtropical climate characterized by hot summers and cool winters. Average temperatures range from around 20°F (-6°C) in the winter to 85°F (29°C) in the summer. The city receives an average of 48 inches of rainfall annually, with the majority occurring during summer. Luckily, professional local movers NJ residents can count on can adjust their service to this problem.


Maplewood is known for its excellent public school system. The district includes six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school, all consistently ranking highly in state and national rankings. The section also offers a range of extracurricular activities, including sports teams, clubs, and community service programs.

Living in Maplewood, NJ

Maplewood is a vibrant and diverse community. It provides a high quality of life for its residents. The downtown area features a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment. It includes a movie theater and a performing arts center. The city has several parks and recreational areas, including the 197-acre South Mountain Reservation. You can find them hiking trails, picnic areas, and fantastic New York City skyline views. Additionally, Maplewood is conveniently located near major highways and public transportation options, making it easy to travel to nearby cities and attractions.

What Is Excellent About New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a vibrant city located in Middlesex County, New Jersey. It has a rich history from the 1600s and is home to a diverse population. The city is also home to Rutgers University, the top public research university in the United States. You can call New Brunswick home with plenty of attractions for families, including theaters, museums, and parks.

Maplewood, NJ vs. New Brunswick, NJ

Maplewood, NJ, and New Brunswick, NJ, are two different cities with unique characteristics. Some key differences between the two include the following:

  • Location: Maplewood is in Essex County in northern New Jersey, while New Brunswick is in Middlesex County in central New Jersey.
  • Size: Maplewood is a smaller town with a population of around 25,000 people, while New Brunswick is a bit city with a population of about 57,000.
  • Housing: Maplewood is known for its beautiful tree-lined streets and historic homes, many of which date back to the early 1900s. The accommodation in New Brunswick is more diverse, with a mix of historic homes, newer developments, and high-rise apartment buildings.
  • Cost of living: The cost of living in Maplewood is generally higher than in New Brunswick, particularly regarding housing costs.
  • Transportation: Maplewood and New Brunswick have access to public transit, with train stations and bus stops throughout the cities. However, New Brunswick is home to a central transportation hub with a large train station and bus terminal, making traveling to other parts of New Jersey and New York City easier.
  • Schools: The city of Maplewood has excellent schools, with the South Orange-Maplewood School District consistently ranking among the top districts in the state. New Brunswick also has good schools, but the community has faced some challenges recently.
  • Culture: Maplewood is a diverse and inclusive community with a robust arts and culture scene, including the annual Maplewoodstock music festival. New Brunswick is also a diverse city, with a vibrant downtown area and a thriving arts community.

Maplewood and New Brunswick are great places to live but offer different lifestyles and amenities. That said, considering housing costs, schools, and transportation is essential when deciding which city best fits your family.

Why Move to New Brunswick

One of the main reasons families choose to move to New Brunswick is the excellent schools in the area. The city belongs to the New Brunswick Public Schools district, which includes several highly rated schools. The city’s downtown area is also vibrant, with shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. The town is also conveniently located, with easy access to major highways and public transportation.

Preparing for the Process

Before you move, it’s essential to prepare for the process. One of the first steps is to declutter your home. It would help if you removed any items you no longer need. This can help you save time and money during the moving process. You should also research and choose a reliable moving company to help you with the move. Finding a new home in New Brunswick that meets your family’s needs and preferences is also essential.

An almost empty street in New Jersey
There are a lot of reasons why is this moving challenging

Plan the Move Thoroughly

Several strategies can help you stay organized and reduce stress when planning the move. One of the most important is to create a packing plan and start packing early. This will help you avoid the last-minute rush and ensure you have adequately protected belongings during the move. If you have pets, it’s essential to plan for their care during the move and ensure they are comfortable during the journey.

Stay Organized and Calm

On the day of the move, staying organized and communicating effectively with the moving company is essential. Ensure that all your belongings are properly labeled and that you have a clear plan for unloading and unpacking at your new home. Take breaks as needed, and stay hydrated and nourished throughout the day.

Take Your Time

Once you have arrived in New Brunswick and settled into your new home, taking time to unpack and organize your belongings is essential. This can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed in your new surroundings. It would help if you also took the time to explore the city along with its many attractions, such as the State Theatre New Jersey, the Zimmerli Art Museum, and the Rutgers Gardens. Joining local groups or clubs can also help you meet new people and make friends in the area.

A boat on the beach
You should prepare for this move properly!

New Brunswick, NJ Awaits!

Moving from Maplewood NJ to New Brunswick NJ can be an exciting and rewarding experience for families. Preparing for the move, planning, and settling in can make the transition as smooth as possible. New Brunswick offers plenty of family opportunities, including excellent schools, a vibrant downtown area, and a convenient location. By following this ultimate guide, you can move from Maplewood, NJ, to New Brunswick, NJ, with confidence and ease.


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