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Moving From Caldwell to Englewood With Partner?

We all know the reality of relocations – they are stressful and usually a hard hit on your budget. However, moving from Caldwell to Englewood with partner can be an opportunity. Firstly, it can mean you are just moving in with your partner, which means congratulations are in order. Secondly, it means you won’t be going through the move on your own. And having support during stressful times can mean the whole world. So, what is there to know about your relocation, and how can NJ movers help improve your relocation to Englewood? Read to find out the answers to all your questions.

What is living in Englewood like?

If you are moving from Caldwell to Englewood with your partner, then you are probably familiar with this suburb. It’s a short distance away, and you can reach Englewood from Caldwell in around half an hour by car. However, visiting Englewood and living there are two different things. So before you hire movers Englewood NJ, here are a few things you need to know about moving to Englewood.

Cost of living in Englewood

Like many New Jersey suburbs, Englewood is a mix of urban and suburban living. This Bergen County neighborhood is popular among younger families who are moving here from the Upper East and West Side due to the rising cost of living. One of the main advantages of living in Englewood, as opposed to living in Caldwell, is that The Big Apple is an easy commute from Englewood.

A man commuting after moving from Caldwell to Englewood with partner
A lot of people who move from Caldwell to Englewood with partner commute to NYC

When comparing these two cities, the decisive factor for relocations is the cost of living. Firstly, since both cities are in New Jersey, you can expect a similar cost of living. Rents and mortgages are slightly higher in Englewood than in Caldwell. For a three-bedroom home, you can expect the rent to be, on average, $2,439 in Englewood. That is only $200 more than in Caldwell. However, since Englewood is closer to NYC, the job market is much better. The average salaries are higher in NYC, so moving to Englewood can pay for itself. However, you should make a moving budget and living budget before you move by asking for various moving quotes NJ. That way, you can know if moving to Englewood and working in NYC pays off.

Is Englewood better than Caldwell for young couples and families?

Since it is most popular among young families looking to escape high living costs in New York City, what makes this city so popular? Englewood is a treasure in a small 5-mile territory waiting to be discovered. It is one of the main spots people are moving to with the help of Caldwell NJ movers. It has a 150-acre nature preserve, perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon on a nature walk. Englewood can boast a higher homeownership rate than Caldwell, which is important if you hope to own a home someday.


A suburb with white houses
One of the biggest upsides of living in Englewood is that it’s affordable to work in NYC and buy a home.

Englewood has a lower crime rate than the national average and has much great public and private schools. All of this is important for young families, especially those with children. One downside of living in Englewood is the traffic. Compared to Caldwell, Englewood is a city with a higher traffic level, mostly due to many people commuting daily to work in the city. However, for professionals who go on a lot of business trips, it is great that the airports are so close to the city. To sum up, Englewood is generally a better place to live than Caldwell because of living costs and a better job market.

Moving tips for couples

Now that we have gone over some basic facts about living in Englewood, let’s focus on some moving tips when moving with a partner. As we said, moving from Caldwell to Englewood with your partner has both pros and cons. The first tip is to choose the best moving services NJ. Relocation takes a lot of time and effort to plan. Because of that, it’s important that you find services that will make your life easier.

Setting a moving budget

Figuring out what your moving budget is is important because finances are one of the issues couples are more likely to fight about. Because of that, it’s important that when moving from Caldwell to Englewood with your partner. Communication is the key to the entire relationship. If you are a good communicator in general, there is no way your relationship can take a hit during your relocation. The next step is to divide the tasks. This doesn’t mean that each of you has separate tasks. You can share the load, either way, you see fit, but it’s crucial that neither of you feels like they’re doing most of the job. You can either do your own packing or find packing services NJ, so there’s one less thing to worry about during your relocation.

Two people in a relationship packing their home together
Packing with your partner can help manage the stress of a relocation

Couple more tips for moving from Caldwell to Englewood with your partner

When moving as a couple is essential to minimize any risk as much as possible. You can do this by getting different types of liability and protection during relocations. There are many different ways you can ensure your belongings. However, insurance aims to reduce the likelihood of anything getting lost or damaged during transit. Even if moving from Caldwell to Englewood with a partner is a short-distance move, having that protection can mean a lot. After all, it is crucial to reduce stress during relocations as much s you can, and insurance can do that.

Lastly, when moving from Caldwell to Englewood with partner, it’s important to be understanding. You may feel overwhelmed and stressed at times, so it’s important not to overreact or act emotionally. And lastly, but most importantly, remember that this is just another adventure you are taking on with your partner. Having fun along the way can help strengthen the relationship and help overcome any stress and headaches caused by the move.



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