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Moving from Bloomfield to Montclair with kids

Every relocation is quite unique, but still, some things are the same. This is commonly a stressful event, especially if you are moving with a family. Luckily, there is a way to try to avoid anxiety, even if you are moving from Bloomfield to Montclair with kids. And we are here to help you with some ideas on that matter. To start, it is smart to partner up with some of the best moving companies NJ has. Try to find an experienced professional to help you experience moving with ease.

Moving from Bloomfield to Montclair with kids can be joyful

We want you to have the best moving experience possible. In order to ensure you get one, great preparation is the key. That way, you can have a seamless move from Bloomfield to Montclair. But you have to organize it first. So, just after you find the best local movers NJ based, take some time to sit down and list the things you have to do. Learning facts about Montclair will help you prepare, and we will give you some useful information, as well.

A family labeling boxes for a move together and proving that moving from Bloomfield to Montclair with kids can be easy.
Moving from Bloomfield to Montclair with kids can be a fun experience if you plan it all well.

Montclair is a great place for families

Montclair is a town in Essex County in the state of New Jersey. It is a wealthy and diverse place close to New York. Moving companies Montclair NJ has have a lot to do all year long because this is a place that offers a vibrant urban core combined with suburban life. The number of residents is around 40,000 and the town is just half an hour away from the famous NYC borough of Manhattan. That means you can find a higher-paying job in New York City and still have a quiet family life when you come back home. Montclair is about an hour away from the Jersey shore. This makes it an ideal place to go on summer trips to the beach.

Upper Montclair can be just the best choice for your family

From elementary schools to Montclair State University, Upper Montclair is just the perfect choice for families with children. That’s why it is no surprise that many people who decide to move to Montclaire choose this neighborhood. This area is well connected with the rest of New Jersey and New York. Parents can commute to work easily. And these are all the reasons why people decide to hire movers Bloomfield NJ residents rely on and relocate there.

Upper Montclair can fulfill the needs of all the family members. There are plenty of shopping options as well. Also, you will find many outdoor spaces and parks. Kids can play there while adults can work out and enjoy the time in nature. Furthermore, the Mountainside Public pool is another great place to spend quality time as a family.

Education in Montclair

People who are moving with kids or plan to start a family should learn about the education system before they relocate. Those of you who plan to move to Montclair can sigh in relief. When it comes to the school system, this will be a great choice. Students in Montclair have great access to some outstanding schools. Not only that, but the place offers a magnet school system that is highly rated. In this system, parents are able to choose a school with a program that matches the best interests of their kids. In addition to this, there is a great number of private schools, so there is plenty of choices for everything you could wish for.

books, apple, pencils, glasses and a clock
Since education is such an important part of your decision, you will be pleased with the school system in Montclair.

Learn about the costs of living

Costs of living are important information to know before you make the final decision on moving. Regarding Montclair, the average cost of living is $1,982, which places it in the top 6% of the most expensive cities in the world. The place is ranked 552nd out of 9294 on a global list. It is in the 447th place in the United States out of 2022 cities and in the 24th place out of 111 towns in New Jersey.

Another thing you must be aware of prior to moving is housing prices. You should know that the housing market is pretty competitive in Montclair. The average sale price for a home in Montclair is $576K. That is actually an increase of 7.8% compared to last year. On average, the sale price per square foot is $423, which is actually 11.6% higher than last year. Now that you know all this, you understand that you have to have a well-paying job if you want to live comfortably in Montclair.

Job market

Remote and hybrid jobs have gained in popularity during the pandemic. This is true for residents of Montclair, as well, but if your carrier doesn’t support this lifestyle, don’t worry. The vicinity of Manhattan is a great advantage. That’s why many people can look for a high-paying job and commute to it with ease and still have a chance to spend some quality time after it with their families. Among the best companies you can work for in Montclair, there are Metro Nissan and Veritas Health Services Inc.

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The vicinity of New York gives a lot of job opportunities.

Now you know if moving from Bloomfield to Montclair with kids is a good idea

We named many pros and cons of living in Montclair, NJ. Check if your salary supports the lifestyle in this town, and if it does so, we don’t see many reasons that should stop you from relocating there. Of course, every move is unique, and you are the only one who knows the specific situation you are in and if this would be the best choice for your family. Take some time, sit down, and list the pros and cons of moving from Bloomfield to Montclair with kids to determine whether it is a good idea for you and your loved ones. However, we do hope that we have helped you make the best choice.


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