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Moving during a rainstorm – simple guide

We know that moving can be stressful even when everything is perfect. But there may be some rain, snow or other insidious weather, and this can be a recipe for disaster. Everything is slippery, your furniture can get wet, and, above all, you can get pretty nervous about all that. And when people are nervous, there is a much higher chance of making mistakes. The good news is that we did the research for you and narrowed down the top ten tips for moving during a rainstorm.

It’s all in the preparatory work

You checked the weather forecast every day for ten days prior to moving with a moving company Kearny NJ. As it gets closer every day, the likelihood of rainstorm increases. As much as you can try to plan around favorable weather, sometimes there is no way to get around Mother Nature. But, what you can do is to prepare yourself for the bad weather.

Rainstorm with lightning
With these tips, moving during a rainstorm should not be that much of a problem.

1. Invest in high-quality furniture covers

Furniture is often the most vulnerable when it comes to moving in humid, cold temperatures. Invest in good furniture covers to protect items such as couches, beds, bedding, furniture, and other items that may be exposed to water. The minimum cost of furniture covers is much lower than the cost of expensive or significant furniture being damaged. Believe us, you will want a sofa, so trust your move with one of the moving companies NJ.

2. Protect your electronics while moving during a rainstorm

Your electronics cost more than just a penny – you wouldn’t want to take a chance, would you? Wrap appliances and electronics in large bags or tarps and try to transport them when there is no rain. Keep all cords safe and make sure everything is dry before connecting it to a power source.

3. Line your boxes

Although cardboard boxes usually withstand light rain, special care must be taken when transporting them. A good idea is to line the inside of the boxes – trash bags are inexpensive and perfect for this. In this way, you can ensure that everything stays dry, and this even facilitates the unpacking process.

Muddy shoe
Be extra cautious when stepping in the mud.

4. Reinforce weak boxes

Weak boxes are one thing, and weak boxes that get wet are another. Reinforce your boxes with plenty of packing tape, securing all sides, and especially the corners.

5. Identify vulnerable items

Make it easy for yourself and those who help you by labeling your boxes. For example, if you have a box with objects that can be completely affected by moisture — like photos — mark the box as “Keep Dry”. Like Fragile, this will warn the mover of the need to take extra precautions when transporting the box.

It’s all about comfort when moving during a rainstorm

In addition to the preparatory work, you need to start thinking about the day of your move and make sure that you and other people feel as comfortable as possible.

6. Have hot drinks on hand

Well, this is not necessary, but it is quite high there. What is the best way to keep warm between loads? Hot drink of course! Coffee, hot chocolate or tea are all delicious drinks that you can have on the go. Insulated cups are ideal for this occasion – we recommend them.

7. Dress accordingly

It is important to wear the right shoes – you do not run the risk of slipping or falling while carrying objects. And, of course, if the weather is cold and humid, a raincoat will come in handy. If it is really slippery, you might even consider putting on a pair of shoes that provide traction when walking.

Relocation day

The day has come. You are prepared for the weather, you have the right mindset, and you got the right equipment. Now what? There are a few more things you need to do to moving during a rainstorm easier.

8. Clear the path

If there are some objects on the ground, the first thing you need to do is clear the path from both destinations where you will move. Make sure you have a shovel and brooms to help clear the way before you start carrying boxes.

9. Protect floors

Protect the floors of both your current space and the new. Moving in wet weather can damage the floor. Place tarps or cloths along the most common paths to prevent dirt or water from getting inside.

10. Have a backup plan

Perhaps the most important tip we can offer you is to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. Hire local movers if necessary. Delay a day if you can afford the time. Be flexible with plans.

Drive carefully when moving during a rainstorm

Driving a moving truck is already difficult. Even worse when moving during a rainstorm. For safe driving of a moving truck, take special precautions when handling turns and heavy traffic. Drive slowly and consciously. Allow maximum stopping distance, as the weight of the truck and wet ground will make it difficult to stop shortly.

Moving insurance
Insurance will not bring your precious items back, but at least you will get enough money to buy new ones

Consider moving insurance

If you know that it will rain soon, it would be nice to buy moving insurance that protects your property during the move. Rain will increase the risk of damage to your belongings. Driving is more dangerous; handling things is more difficult; and the rain itself can damage your things. Moving insurance will protect you from these risks and make driving in the rain less stressful.

No matter the weather, have fun!

Regardless of your circumstances, make the most of moving in unwanted weather. Know that there is an end that is full of new opportunities and adventures. Moving during a rainstorm can be easy if you prepare in advance. And with our tips, you can be completely ready for that task. Have fun and good luck!


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