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Moving company deposits – What to expect

You may be used to pay a deposit when booking various services in advance. You may think that is also the case with the moving company you wish to hire. The affordable NJ movers may need a guarantee you won’t cancel the move at the last minute and charge moving company deposits. However, sometimes that may not be the case. Take a look at our guide and find out in which situations reputable movers will ask for a security deposit.

Choosing the quality movers for your relocation

Before you start thinking about moving company deposits make sure to find a quality moving company for your relocation. You should make sure to research moving companies in your area. The long distance movers NJ you choose should have experience and offer numerous moving services. After you read up on the moving company’s official reviews you should check their license and the id number at FMCSA. If the company you choose has a license and a good reputation, you should contact the company and ask for the official moving quote.

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An average amount for a deposit is 25 percent of the final price of your move.

The moving quote is the official document that represents the estimated price of your relocation. After you contact the moving company, they usually send a representative to your location. The moving expert will estimate the costs of your move no matter if you are moving your home belongings, your office or items from storage. He will include all the services you may need in the estimate and give you the final moving quote. While you talk to a representative from a moving company, you should ask about moving company deposits the company may ask for. This way you will get familiar with a moving company’s professional approach and their standard practice.

When movers charge moving company deposits?

The common practice is that a moving company may ask for a security deposit to reserve your services for a specific moving date. Moving company deposits are usually small down payments. However, not all movers will charge a deposit. It is up to the moving company. Each moving company should disclose this information in writing when getting a new client. On the other hand, that is very common during the busy moving season when every minute counts for a moving company.

Quality movers may ask for a small amount to hold a moving date during the busiest time of the year when their services are in high demand. When moving companies receive moving company deposits they can plan their time and available resources in advance. If they prepare and organize in advance they will be able to provide the best service to their customers.

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Consider visiting the moving company’s offices in person before you hire them.

Get all the information in advance

It is best if you discuss moving company deposits in detail with the moving company’s representative. It is important you have all the information you need before making a big decision like hiring a moving company for your relocation. You should also get more information about the packing process moving company provides.

Ask your movers if the moving quote you receive includes the price of moving boxes Jersey City and other packing materials you will need for packing. Most of the reliable moving companies in NY will offer a professional packing service. Using professionals to disassemble, secure and pack your belongings is the best option. For this reason, you should have all the information before you decide to put down moving company deposits for their services.

What is the usual moving house deposit?

Asking for moving company deposits is a common practice with movers all around the country. However, paying upfront for any service may come with a risk. Every moving company will set their own terms and conditions regarding this part of the moving process. Depending on the official mover’s policy, the company can set the deposit as they seem fit. The requested amount of the deposit may vary and depend on many factors like:

  • The size of your move – may affect the number of moving company deposits. Your movers may base your deposit depending on the final price of your move
  • Time of your move – in case you are moving during the weekend or during the busy summer months, your down payment will be larger
  • Distance of your move – In case you are moving overseas, expect to pay a higher deposit for the moving services
  • Additional services and agreements you make with your movers – In case you use a moving company for more that one moving service, they may set the deposit based on the percentage of your final moving cost.

The usual moving company deposits should be more than a few hundreds of dollars. Also, you can expect to get your deposit back if you notify the moving company and cancel your services. If you cancel the service at least 5 business days in advance, you will get a full refund. Any amount below 500 dollars is the considerable amount if your movers will transport your belongings to a long distance location. However, any larger down payment may be considered a red flag.

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Fraudulent movers may ask for large down payments for your move. If that happens to find another moving company.

Beware of the moving scam

Keep in mind that quality and regular movers may ask for moving company deposits. That is why you should be careful when dealing with your movers. The only difference between quality moving companies and fraudulent movers is that reliable movers won’t ask for large amounts of money. Quality movers will ask for deposits that don’t exceed 25 percent of the final moving costs. However, fraudulent movers usually ask more than an average amount. To stay safe when dealing with your movers make sure to contact the moving company or visit them in person. You should also verify:

  • The company’s official status at FMCSA
  • Licensing and insurance information
  • Business ratings
  • The company’s complaint history
  • Reviews and references

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