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How to move your business long distance with ease

If that is even possible, moving business is harder than moving a household. Therefore, it is more stressful and difficult. In case your plan is to move a business long distance, that requires help from professionals. Anyhow, you have to be ready for such a major task. Every detail has to be taken care of in order to make this experience successful. That’s why you need help from moving companies. They have such an important role in packing and moving your business long distance with ease due to a great experience. The most important, moving companies will help you move your office space without long business interruptions. Beside from hiring professional movers, there are several things you have to do prior to moving your office space. We bring you tips on how to move your business long distance with ease.

In the beginning, notify your employees

One of the most important steps of your office long distance relocation is informing your employees about moving. It would be great if you give them all the information in advance, at least one month before relocating. You have to give them time to pack their items and to adjust to new circumstances. In the end, you want your employees to be satisfied in order to conduct a relocation with ease. Also, moving a business often brings fear to employees, as they starting thinking about cutbacks. That’s why it is crucial to give them information regularly and properly and to involve them in the process. Don’t forget to communicate.

Communication with coworkers
Good communication with your colleagues can ease the process of relocating a business.

Clients are important. Notify them, too.

Beside from notifying your employees, you have to notify your clients, too. You have to inform them about moving your business ahead of the move. Because of the inevitable change of address, you should change it on your business cards, flyers, and social media announcements. Also, your old clients would appreciate your customer service contacting and informing them about your business relocation. That will bring you more satisfied clients and therefore better business.

Notifying your clients will help you to move your business long distance with ease
Make sure you notified your clients about the relocation ahead of the move.

Make a moving checklist. That will help you to move your business long distance with ease.

The key to successful long distance office relocation is a good organization. That’s why it’s very important to create a to-do list which should include all the steps of your business relocation. A moving checklist will help you to move your business long distance with ease. You can also include your employees and give them also some tasks to complete. There are several tasks your moving checklist should definitely include, such as:

  • Relocation budget– Start with creating a moving budget. Try sticking to it during the way. Think about the steps in advance in order to manage your finances.
  • Getting packing supplies– There’s no need in buying all the cardboard boxes you’re going to need. You can reuse some of the old boxes you have in storage or get them in supermarkets for free. This is also a great way to save some money.
  • Hiring moving company– Make a schedule with professional movers in NJ a few months in advance. Make special arrangements for moving hardware and electronic equipment.
  • Change address on your company’s visit cards and website – You should inform all the previous and future clients about your new location.
  • Find IT professionals who will help you to move servers and all the appliances – In this task, you should consider including your IT professionals who will help pack all the computer equipment.
  • Inform the bank and the post office about your office address change- You have to update your banking and postal information in order to prevent any errors in payments or deliveries. Also, you should turn on the new location on your internet service and test it in advance. Everything has to work properly before the relocation.

    Checklist represents good organization of relocation
    Making a checklist will help you to move your business long distance with ease.

Preparations before the moving day

Through many years of working in the same office space, it must be filled with documents, desks, computers, and furniture. So, you have to be careful when organizing and packing all of the items for long distance relocation. You don’t want them to end up broken or damaged in your new offices. That will ultimately lead you to money loss, which you definitely don’t want. Here we give you a few tips on preparing your items for moving.

Packing documents

Try to sort all the documents in boxes or drawers in some order, whether by year or by a client. Then you label the boxes and make a list of files you prepared for transportation. There are some creative ways to label the boxes before moving.

Packing furniture

When it comes to furniture moving, you have to begin with protecting it. Especially if you have fragile or valuable one. In case you have any doubts about preparing furniture for relocation, don’t worry. There are many useful tips on packing furniture which will help you move your business long distance with ease.

Packing electronics

Start with removing all the cables of electronic devices. Then you have to label them to the computer so it would be easier to assemble them.

Have professionals carry your boxes and help you move your business long distance with ease
Sometimes doing it by yourself isn’t the best option for moving your office long distance.

EXTRA TIP- move your business long distance with ease

However, if all of these tips sound too complicated, we suggest something else. Hire affordable movers in New Jersey who are skilled to perform these kinds of tasks. They know how to handle heavy furniture or expensive ones. It is often better to leave it to professionals.

Corporate relocation requires a lot of planning. But it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. That’s if you do it properly. We hope our advice helped you construct a good office relocation plan. We assure you it will help you to move your business long distance with ease. Good planning is half of a successful relocation. In the end, your business can be efficiently moved and up and running again with no stress or interruptions.


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