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Most popular places to move to New Jersey in 2022

There are plenty of popular places to move to in New Jersey in 2022. Choosing a new city you want to live in takes time and careful consideration. New Jersey has some surprisingly unique places to choose from. It’s a fact  New Jersey is becoming a diverse state that offers quality living no matter if you are moving for business, family, or pleasure. So to help you decide, we at Ample Moving made a simple guide to the most popular places to move to New Jersey in 2022 and how and why you should move there.

Why you should look for places to move to New Jersey in 2022

If you never lived in New Jersey, you probably haven’t heard of all the reasons you should move there. If you are moving to New Jersey with your family and have kids, you should know that NJ is the best state for families. It has the best education, and children in New Jersey are the most educated in the USA.  For outdoorsy folks, the nature in New Jersey is stunning, so you will surely enjoy your time there. Another reason you should move to New Jersey’s most popular places in 2022 is fantastic healthcare. Specifically, this state has one of the highest doctor-to-patient ratios, and it can boast with good hospitals.

1. Montclair, NJ

Montclair, NJ, is located at the center of Essex County, and it combines city living with a suburban vibe. It is all around a great place to move to and raise your family in due to having lots of parks and green open space and most importantly, a great education system. Montclair has a so-called magnet system that envisioned a more racially balanced school system with parents having a voice in where their children go to school. For this reason, precisely, Montclair is becoming one of the most popular places to move to in NJ lately.

A family looking around an appartment in one of the popular places to move to NJ
Many families look for places to move to New Jersey in 2022, primarily because of good education and safety.

If you have already made a choice to move to Montclair, you certainly won’t regret it. To start your new life in this fantastic city with an excellent school system, you should be looking for moving companies Montclair NJ, because you should always hire reliable and local moving companies. It would help if you were looking to hire quality and efficient movers to save yourself from unnecessary moving-related stress.

2. Hoboken

Hoboken, NJ is situated just across New York, over the river Hudson. This small city is increasing in popularity because it’s a great place to live in. Even though moving to Hoboken is fantastic for people who want to live close to New York but don’t like real estate prices, it has a lot more to it. It’s a great place to move to if you want everything within walking distance and are a dog fan.

A black and white dog enjoying the nature
Hoboken is one of the most popular places to move for people with dogs as pets.

Hoboken is such a pet-friendly place. It even has its own dog association for dog parents to help them navigate their new life in Hoboken. When moving to Hoboken, you can find many resources to help you adjust to the new place. The first thing you should do is search for Hoboken moving companies that can help you move your items as soon as possible to your new New Jersey place.

3. Newark, New Jersey

Newark might not have had a good reputation in regards to safety – but that is no longer the case. There are political efforts to rebuild the city, make it safer, and achieve a better quality of life. One of the main aspects of this is fast urbanization, raising the quality of life, and improving economic growth.

Students walking towards their college
Rutgers University-Newark is home to the majority of the 60 thousand students in Newark, NJ.

This city is also home to over 60 000 students that are enrolled in one of the many colleges there. Moving as a student into a new city is scary. There’s a high chance you don’t know the city well enough; everything seems new to you, so you might feel lost at first. When moving, with our parent’s help or not, you should consider exploring moving companies in Newark NJ. This will allow you to make the stress-free transition you deserve without any hassle.

Newark also has an endless list of things to see and places to visit, the first being the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, which is a national historic landmark. There are many more landmarks you should see, and to just name a few:

  • Jewish Museum of New Jersey, which is housed in a synagogue
  • The Newark Museum – the largest museum in NJ and home to a diverse collection of contemporary art, Asian and African art
  • Around 15 different parks great for afternoon walks or picnics
  • Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Something that can make your move and living easier is being close to the airport. Newark Liberty International Airport is an international airport – an added benefit to living there.

Other popular places to move to New Jersey in 2022

Having highlighted a few popular cities to move to in New Jersey, here are a few honorable mentions.

New Jersey city

Like all New Jersey cities, this one also offers excellent art and cuisine, affordable living (compared to NY rent prices), and many open green spaces. If you are gearing towards a move here and are looking for a more quiet life than NY while still having access to it, look no further.


With a small population of 31 thousand people, it is a great place to live and work. It is quintessentially a college town with excellent work opportunities. Not to mention that it’s a family-friendly town with lots of activities for children.

Mountain Lakes

Not an obvious choice, but this community in Morris County is one of the places to move to in 2022 if you want good housing and excellent public schools. A high median household income makes this a popular place to live in. It boasts a sense of community you can hardly find somewhere else.

Since you are looking for famous places to move to New Jersey in 2022, hopefully, our summary has helped. It is in no way the only guide you should use, but a way to navigate around many factors when it comes to deciding on relocation.



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