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Most popular places for renters in New Jersey

Finding a good apartment to rent has become a real challenge. There are a couple of reasons behind this statement. Real estate prices generally have skyrocketed in recent years, including rent. The demand has never been this high and renting options are not enough to keep up with a growing trend. For this reason, the consequences of these two factors and many others are extremely high renting prices in many major cities in the US. So, you are now probably wondering how you are ever going to find a good but affordable home to rent. Well, you should start your search in cities that are known to be good for renters. Also, you will need to find moving companies NJ, and prepare for your relocation. Until that, here are some of the most popular places for renters in New Jersey.  

What are the most popular places for renters in New Jersey?  

Finding a place to live and preparing for relocation at the same time might be the hardest things you need to do in your life. Moving can be much easier if you find a good and reliable moving company. To do that, you should ask for moving quotes NJ from a couple of different companies and choose the best one. As you will be moving to one of the cities in New Jersey, you should learn a couple of information about the state first. New Jersey has a population of almost 10 000 000. New Jersey’s economy is strong and steady. However, the state also has one of the highest taxes in the U.S. and expensive living costs. So, if you want to find affordable renting options, you should consider the following places:  

  • Randolph  
  • North Plainfield  
  • Edison  
  • Montclair  
  • Trenton  
  • Oaklyn  
  • South River  
a sign that says Houses for rent
New Jersey has a lot of suitable places where you can find your new home

Why should you consider Montclair for your new home?  

Montclair is a charming middle-sized city that is a perfect choice for people who like urban lifestyles but hate big places such as Manhattan. The city has almost 40 000 residents and has four distinct city centers: Montclair Center, Walnut, Watchung, and Upper Montclair. The climate in Montclair is a typical humid continental climate with hot and humid summers and cold winters. The renting scene in Montclair could be described as very expensive. The average renting price for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,200, and for two-bedroom ones is $2,850. The renting prices have increased from 4% to 10% compared to last year. However, there are many benefits of moving here with moving companies Montclair NJ such as great public schools, low crime rate, etc. Therefore, you should definitely keep an eye on renting a scene in Montclair.  

Is Bloomfield a good place for renters?  

Bloomfield might be the best place for living in New Jersey. The city offers an urban-suburban mix style of living and has almost 50 000 residents. Bloomfield is an attractive place for young professionals and offers many forms of entertainment such as coffee shops, parks, restaurants, etc. So, you might want to schedule movers Bloomfield NJ right now as you will certainly fall in love with the many charms of this city. The median rent is not much higher than the national one as its $1,380 compared to the $1,060 one. About 50% of residents rent their homes. Of course, the renting options are very diverse and you can find really affordable ones for an average price of $800 a month. The location and the size of the apartment play huge roles in rent prices.  

Bloomfield is one of theMost popular places for renters in New Jersey
Don’t forget Bloomfield as one of the most popular places for renters in New Jersey

You can find your new home to rent in Edison  

The next place on this list is Edison. Edison is widely known as one of the best cities in New Jersey for living. According to the survey from the last year, Edison ranked the highest in overall lifestyle and excels in public schools, diversity, housing, etc. Edison is the biggest city so far on this list as it has over 100 000 residents. The lifestyle in Edison is a dense suburban one and little over half of the population owns their home. The median rent is about $1550 which is slightly higher than the national one of $1,060. The price for a one-bedroom apartment ranges from $1,450 to $1,900. Finding the perfect apartment is possible in Edison and you shouldn’t give up your search after a few failures. Also, you can find a good apartment for a reasonable price if you extend your search further away from downtown.  

You can find good renting options in the capital of New Jersey  

This list can’t be complete without the capital city of New Jersey. Trenton is one of the most affordable capitals in the US. The city has a little over 80 000 residents and an urban lifestyle. The good side of living in Trenton is mostly affordable living costs. The median rent is $1,020 which is lower than the national one. Also, more than 60% of the population rents their home, so you won’t have a problem finding your home too. If you are looking for affordable apartments to rent, you should focus your search on neighborhoods such as Hiltonia, West End, North 25, Mill Hill, Cadwalader and Hillcrest, Central West, etc. These are the cheapest neighborhoods for renters in Trenton. Of course, you can find affordable apartments in other parts of Trenton as well.   

aerial picture of houses
Trenton also has good renting options worth checking out

Is New Jersey a good state for renters?  

As you can see, there are more than enough places to find your new home to rent. However, the most popular places for renters in New Jersey are listed here and you should first start your search in one of these cities. A good piece of advice is not to give up and maybe start your search during less popular months for moving. The better offers are usually during winter as people tend to move less during this time because of bad weather. For this reason, you can find some really good offers for less money than during summer. But, you can always find what you are looking for, you only need to keep searching. 



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