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Most popular NJ neighborhoods among millennials

Millennials are no longer children, but grown people in their thirties and forties. When looking for a new city, millennials also look for the same things as other people such as job opportunities, affordable housing, etc. New Jersey is often overlooked by NYC by younger people. But as you grow older, you soon realize that the NYCs lifestyle doesn’t suit you anymore. Also, raising children in a huge city is not exactly easy or simple. If you have a great job in NYC but want to move to somewhere else without giving up on your job, New Jersey is an ideal place for you. The move won’t be hard to prepare for as you won’t have to travel far away and you can find great movers such as movers NJ to NYC. Additionally, here are the most popular NJ neighborhoods among millennials. 

What are the most popular NJ neighborhoods among millennials? 

A certain city can be considered a good place for living if that place meets a few requirements or factors. The most important factors are job opportunities, affordable living costs, housing prices, education, safety, entertainment, etc. A popular place for a living usually meets more than one of these requirements. Unfortunately, a popular place doesn’t necessarily have to be a good place for living. However, the best cities for a living are usually the most popular ones in most cases and it’s the same story for New Jersey. Therefore, when you are moving with reliable movers NJ, you should choose the place that excels in these already mentioned requirements. If you don’t have a specific city or neighborhood in mind, you should consider the following cities in New Jersey: 

  • Jersey City 
  • Hudson County 
  • Highland Park 
  • Woodbridge 
  • Hoboken 
  • Weehawken Township 
the picture of a city
There are many popular cities in New Jersey for millennials

Why is Jersey City popular among millennials? 

This list should start with a city with a similar name to the state itself, Jersey City. The city is the second-biggest city in New Jersey with a population of around 250 000. Living in Jersey City comes with many advantages. The first advantage would be a diverse population. Diversity is an important factor as you will have a chance to meet many new people from different cultures and backgrounds. This will help you to advance in life and your career. The not-so-good side of moving to Jersey City with moving companies Jersey City is the living costs. Unfortunately, Jersey City is not the most affordable city in the state, but it’s still more affordable than NYC. The most expensive part of living in this city is the housing costs just like in any other city.  

You should check out Hudson County 

Hudson County is not exactly a city in New Jersey, but rather a county as the name says. It’s the smallest and most densely populated county in New Jersey with over 700 000 residents. The popularity of this county can be seen through the numbers. The population of Hudson County has increased by 14% in the last ten years. Many of these people moved here with movers Hudson County NJ and so you should too. The county is located in the lower parts of the Hudson River which means it’s the perfect place if you are working in NYC. The commute time is around 20 min which is nothing. There are 12 municipalities and the most popular ones are Jersey City, Hoboken, North Bergen, West New York, etc. All of these places have similar pros and cons. 

Hudson Country is one of the Most popular NJ neighborhoods among millennials
Hudson County has many benefits and advantages

Hoboken is often listed as one of the best places for living in New Jersey 

Life in Hoboken can be described as relaxed, walkable, and clean. The city has around 60 000 residents which is not too small or too big. It’s an ideal number for young families looking for a good place to raise their kids. One of the benefits of living in Hoboken is its proximity to NYC. Additionally, there is a direct train line that goes every 15 min and departs from 14 St and arrives at 86 St. The train operates every day and the journey is 13 min long. Hoboken might be close to NYC, but the living costs are not even close. The housing costs in Hoboken are around 43% less expensive than in NYC, while overall costs are about 30% less expensive. Also, entertainment options are almost the same as in NYC. For this reason, you should move here with professional movers NJ.

What is Weehawken Township known for? 

Located in Hudson County, the township of Weehawken is a relatively small place with almost 20 000 residents and only four neighborhoods. The fact that makes Weehawken Township interesting is many pre-World War II architecture that makes this place one of the oldest in New Jersey. The cost of living is higher than the rest of the New Jersey, but Weehawken Township’s income is higher than the rest of New Jersey. The township is mostly popular among the young educated population. The most popular occupations here are management, business, finance, and office and administrative support. But don’t mistake this place as boring or strictly business-like. Weehawken Township is also popular among artists which gives this place a special feeling. Most of the residents work in surrounding cities or NYC.  

Two young people walking
Weehawken Township is one of the most popular NJ neighborhoods among millennials

Where should you live in New Jersey? 

As you can see, there are many popular NJ neighborhoods among millennials which is not very surprising. The most popular ones are located in Hudson County. For this reason, if you don’t have a specific place in mind, you should focus your search on Hudson County. Also, you should find a city that suits your needs and wants. Luckily, there are many good options in New Jersey and you won’t have a problem finding your ideal home. Just don’t waste all your energy on finding your new home as you also have a relocation to prepare for. Preparing for a move is maybe easier than finding a city for living in as you can hire professional movers to help you. Your relocation to New Jersey is just around the corner.  



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