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Making an inventory list 101

When you are in the process of moving, there are so many things that you need to keep in mind. It is practically impossible to remember everything you have packed, what is where, and what else you need to do. That is why you should make an inventory list. A lot of people are thinking that they will memorize everything and that there is no need for them to create a to-do list, a checklist or call it whatever you want.

All of these lists are very good to have, they come very handily. However, there is one list that is a must. You have guessed it, it is the inventory list. It will make your life during the move way easier then it would be without one. Once you it, all you need to do is to check movers Hackensack for any other question you may have. By using their service, you are making your moving process a lot less stressful.

Example of a checklist
Making lists is a great way to keep everything in order

How to make a list that will actually help you

As we mentioned already, there are a lot of lists that you can create when you are moving. However, if you do so, you may lose yourself in all those lists and end up with doing nothing from the assignments you have made for yourself. That is why you ought to know your priorities. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with anything, and the same rule applies to do lists. That is why you should have only two lists. One is a checklist, and the other one is an inventory list. First, let’s just talk a bit about the checklist, before we go to the other one. When it comes to moving, your checklist should look something like this:

  • Get the packing material
  • Find reliable movers’ company
  • Label the boxes
  • Declutter

This is only an example of what you should put in your checklist. Of course, it is up to you to add or remove things you need to do when move. What is important is to sit down for an hour, or two, with a paper and pen. Think about what is crucial for your moving process, and what you cannot afford to forget.

Checklist and a pen
Having a checklist is important as having an inventory list

How to make a good inventory list

Making the list is not hard. You just need to follow some steps in order to do it right. Here, we will try and help you with those steps. As with the checklist, the list of property exists so that you can be aware of what you have, what you have packed, or what you have removed from your belongings. For example, if you give something to charity, and sometime later you are looking for it, forgetting that you gave it away, just take a glimpse at your list and everything will be clear.

That is only one of the ways in which you can find this list very useful. There are more ways to come. An inventory list is all about helping you. Having one means that you will always have written down all of your belongings. For example, your list should also contain all the major appliances you may have, and the condition they are in.

Have fun with making this list

While you are making this list there are so many ways to make the most out of it. Making this list can be fun, you should still take it seriously since this is an important action to make, in a moving process, but being serious doesn’t necessarily means it should be boring. For instance, take photos of every item you have and make kind of a book with those pictures. Having something like this is easier and more fun than having a simple inventory list. Having pictures of the items you are packing will make you sure that everything is as it was from the moment you packed it. Simply make a comparison in order to see if that huge mirror you have wasn’t scratched during the transportation.

Hiring Movers

By hiring a moving company, you may get the inventory list that they have made for you while they were doing the transportation. This is a great service, such as moving quotes NJ have. However, you should make your own evidence item, by item, and box by box.

Their list can be very helpful, but it is a must to create your own. Movers will probably make the inventory list that contains label boxes, but you should have one that contains everything in them as well. Also, once the van with the movers arrives at its destination you ought to be there to check every box from your previously made list. To make sure that no box is missing. That is why inventory lists are a great invention. Hiring a good mover’s company doesn’t mean that they should do absolutely everything. If you want everything to go in order and to be finished in a timely manner you should help with your move.

Going back to the start

Before anything, before the packing, hiring the movers, and all that hectic time that is about to happen, there is one thing that you will notice. That thing is that you have a lot of stuff you didn’t even know you have. Once you start packing you will find some things you thought you have lost forever. Also, when making an inventory list you will calculate an average amount of money you will need to spend on this move. Having a lot of stuff that you don’t even use anymore, and that will cost you, because the more things you have the more expensive the move will be, just won’t do. Therefore, you need to declutter. This is simple, make a yard sale, or better yet, give those things to charity if they are in a good condition.

Make an inventory list and you will make sure that you keep in track with all of your items
Keeping the record of items means a bit less stress while moving

Having an inventory list is a great way to always have close the list of things you own. Having it all in one place makes a difference. It will save you time and nerves. That is why give yourself a couple of hours and dedicate it to making this list that will help you in so many ways.


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