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Is Hackensack NJ Senior-Friendly?

New Jersey, adorned with 565 places, frequently sees a few standouts – Newark and Jersey City. But sometimes, the least popular places hold the most charm. Hackensack, with its calming aura, often garners praise among locals. Peculiarly, it caters to the nuanced requirements of all the people living there, embedding amenities explicitly designed for them. This plays a crucial role in the locale choice for retirees, as they require special amenities. Consequently, our experts at Ample Moving NJ masterfully assist in the relocation journey for all, irrespective of age. So, if you’re contemplating a shift, ask yourself, is Hackensack NJ senior-friendly? It might be the place that you will call home next!

Is Hackensack NJ Senior-Friendly? The Amenities Will Answer This

Hackensack is a relatively big suburb with a little over 45,000 residents calling it home. It is so populated and independent that many people consider it a separate city. As an extension of New York City, it has an urban vibe that people of all ages enjoy. Most of the population are young professionals who enjoy benefits like low housing costs and a peaceful environment. The median home price here is a little over $300,000, which is extremely affordable compared to NYC which is only 18.7 miles away! Buying a home here can attract anybody, but seniors might want to pay attention, as it has so much more to offer than affordable housing.

  • Accessible healthcare facilities
  • Senior housing options
  • Transportation services catering to seniors
  • Recreational activities
  • Community programs specifically designed for older adults
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Hackensack is conveniently close to NYC

Accessible Healthcare Is Obligatory, and Hackensack Has It

Surprisingly, Hackensack’s charm doesn’t stop at its inviting demeanor. Here, top-notch healthcare facilities rise like anchors of wellness. Take the renowned Hackensack University Medical Center, standing tall on 30 Prospect Avenue. Simplest for seniors? Take the NJ Transit Bus 165, and you’re there. Next, consider Riverside Medical Group at 101 Prospect Avenue. This center, a 5-minute walk from the University Medical Center, offers easy access to top-tier physicians. Intriguingly, as professionals, our team of movers Hackensack boasts do more than move boxes. You could say we’re informal guides ready to direct you to these healthcare powerhouses. Thus, for any senior seeking a blend of comfort and superior healthcare, Hackensack, NJ, stands as a beacon of fulfillment.

Low Cost and Senior Housing Sound Like a Dream Come True

Senior housing comprises residences specifically designed for the elderly, integrating facilities catering to their unique needs, like wide passages and elevators. If you were asking yourself is Hackensack NJ senior-friendly – the answer lies in the various housing options for those in retirement. Here, quality accommodation fits various lifestyles. Regent Care Center presents an appealing option. Offering independent living, it allows seniors to maintain their freedom while enjoying added amenities. Alternatively, CareOne at Wellington at 301 Union Street caters to those seeking assisted living, with a staff committed to support and care. This commitment ensures seniors not only reside but thrive, living their golden years with comfort and dignity.

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The median home value in this suburb is surprisingly low

Getting Around in Hackensack Is Easy, Even for Seniors

With only 4.34 square miles, you can imagine getting around this suburb is fairly easy. Everything is within walking distance, but this is something that most seniors can’t do. This is where senior-friendly transit methods spring to life. For starters, the city’s buses, namely NJ Transit lines 83 and 165, weave through prominent locales, providing simple access to amenities. Equally compelling, the senior shuttle service ensures citywide accessibility, making regular stops at shopping centers and healthcare facilities. Furthermore, dial-a-ride services prove indispensable. For elderly people without personal vehicles, these provide a personal touch, enabling door-to-door transport. However, for moving efficiency that genuinely shines, one might argue none can rival our local movers NJ residents recommend. We offer swift, customizable moving services that fit the needs of both seniors and young adults alike!

Is Hackensack NJ Senior-Friendly in Terms of Recreation?

In this suburb, senior-friendly recreation paints an exciting picture. A must-visit, Johnson Public Library, centrally located on Main Street, curates special events and activities for those living their best years. Its peaceful ambiance offers an ideal haven for book lovers. Moreover, on 1st Street, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Senior Center is a true hit. From yoga classes to art workshops, the center embodies active living for the elderly. For nature enthusiasts, Hackensack River County Park snuggled on Central Ave, opens up a world of green spaces and tranquil walking trails. It’s the perfect spot for a leisurely afternoon. Art admirers should not miss the Riverside Gallery on Hackensack Ave either. The exhibits, often revolving, serve as a feast for the eyes.

Elderly People Even Have Community Programs Crafted for Them

Hackensack’s diverse community programs are crafted with senior citizens in mind. For instance, there are plenty of Senior Activity Centers offering a mosaic of programs. The Hackensack Senior Citizen Advisory Committee adds to this vibrant mix. They host informative seminars on health and safety throughout the year. Similarly, the Bergen County Division of Senior Services provides valuable resources and events, including nutrition workshops.

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Hackensack NJ is senior-friendly

Is Hackensack NJ Senior-Friendly?

Taking everything into consideration, from the senior housing options to community programs, Hackensack has everything that a senior might need. But remember that no two people are the same and that someone might enjoy living here, while someone might not. If you are part of the first, our reliable movers NJ offers stand ready to assist you on your relocation journey. But in general, to answer the question of is Hackensack NJ senior-friendly – we will say definitely yes!



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