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Interstate moving guide – edition 2021

Relocation is a stressful process throughout. However, it can be easier or more difficult depending on the relation of our move. For instance, moving on longer distances will require you to pay more attention to details and finish everything in a certain period of time. Because of that, in this article, we will share with you an interstate moving guide which can help you prepare for this relocation. More importantly, we will go through some of the ways you can save or even earn money during the process. If you are, by any chance, new to the relocation process and require a helping hand, consider hiring Ample Moving to provide assistance with your move.

Interstate moving guide – How to prepare for the move

Leaving your state to live in a new one will probably require some adjusting on your part. If you want to focus on that as you arrive, you need to make sure everything during the relocation process goes smoothly. Therefore, you should take the time to prepare for this move and make sure you finish all of the obligations. With this, as with any relocation, you need to have good organization and time management. Because you will be leaving the state, you do not want to forget anything important. Hiring interstate movers NJ is a good way to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. So, how should you prepare for this move?

  1. Start preparing on time
  2. Create a moving budget
  3. Talk to a moving company to set the moving date
  4. Notify everyone about your move
  5. Do not let excess items take up space
a couple putting items in the same room as a part of the interstate moving guide
You should utilize the time you have to finish everything, so you can relax before the move

Relocation is stressful, but it can be even more stressful if you do not finish everything on time.

Start preparing on time

Time management is an important feature in any relocation process. It will determine how fast you have to get ready and how much free time you have. It is natural that we want to spend some time enjoying our final days in our old home instead of rushing to finish everything. Therefore, you should always start planning the move as soon as possible. By knowing how much time you have and how to utilize it in the best possible way you can figure out at what pace you have to work. Luckily, as you consult our interstate moving guide you will be able to spend some time enjoying in your old home. More importantly, having a schedule will help you get everything done in time – which reduces the chance of any unexpecting issues to arise.

Interstate moving guide – Create a moving budget

A moving budget is an insight into your expenses during this process. This is very important, especially if you decide to opt for a DIY relocation. None-the-less, a moving budget is a good thing to rely on in any situation regarding relocations. Firstly, it will tell you what the approximate cost is going to be. Secondly, you will be able to modify or adjust certain aspects to fit the budget. A useful tip regarding the moving budget is to always add a little bit extra just in case something unexpecting happens.

a woman sitting at a desk, counting money above a notepad
Your moving budget plays a big part in how far you can stretch with additional moving services

Unfortunately, we cannot control every aspect of the move and some things happen without our consent (ex. items breaking, poor protective material, etc.). Having a small fee to back up these issues if they arise will save you from additional stress.

Talk to a moving company to set the moving date

The moving date should be your guideline. Contact the moving company you chose, if you chose one, and see what date is suitable for your relocation. After that, organize your schedule according to that date. After doing so, you will have a clear vision of how much time you have to make things happen. More importantly, it will allow you to organize everything without and allow you to avoid certain mistakes. Note that you should always consult with the moving company about the items you relocate, as there are items movers will refuse to move.

Notify everyone about your move

Of course, we assume your friends and family already know about you relocating. However, you should let institutions like banks, utilities, employers, etc. know about your move. Make sure to cancel all the subscriptions, bills or upcoming events on time. This is something that might take a small portion of a day to finish.

a man talking on the phone and writting something down
Make sure you inform everyone about your move and cancel everything on time so it does not come as an issue later on

So, if your time management is good, you should be able to pull it off with ease. More importantly, you can finish some of these notifications on the go, as you pack and prepare.

Do not let excess items take up space

In every relocation, it is important that you utilize the moving truck space as much as you can. This can be done by simply downsizing or decluttering your inventory. Especially if you are moving to a smaller apartment or house. Go through your items and separate the ones you are not sure you want to take with you. After you went through all of your items, devote some time to the items you do not want. Depending on their condition you can either sell, donate or throw them away. Selling some items is a good way to infuse more money into your budget.

Last but not least – de-stress after the preparation

As you come closer to the final obligation regarding the move you will probably feel worn out. This is a perfect opportunity for you to simply devote some time for yourself until you move. There will be a lot of stressful situations in this process and you should make sure you relax after them. Especially when you have such a long road ahead of you. We hope our interstate moving guide made this process at least a bit easier for you.


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