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How to stay within budget when relocating to Jersey City

If you’re thinking about relocating to JC, this article is for you. Jersey City has a wide range of interesting stuff for its residents to do, at all times. Another plus is that Jersey City is only a stone’s throw away from the Big Apple. That means you are allowed to relish a plethora of stuff the town is known for. And you also get to save some money you wouldn’t if you lived in NYC. JC is a place for everyone. If you’re wondering how to stay within budget when relocating to Jersey City, comparing moving quotes Jersey City movers provide is a great place to start. In this article, we will cover all the things about JC that piqued your interest, ranging from the best boroughs to live in, to stuff to try yourself in your free time.

Is it safe and what are the costs of living in Jersey City?

Like with any important decision, you want to do some background checking before you make it. You are eager to find out if it’s affordable to live In Jersey City. The last thing you want to see is making the mistake of choosing a neighborhood for your new home in a place where a flat is the same price as a high-end penthouse in a different borough. Luckily, JC is both safe and affordable. However, the affordability depends on the part of town you’re in. With Jersey City movers at your disposal, you can see how much the moving will cost you.

The cost of living in Jersey City tends to rank higher than in other cities. Thankfully, you can see on the Numbeo website how much it costs to live in Jersey City compared to where you live now.

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Saving on public transport is a great way to stay within budget when relocating to Jersey City

Finding the best neighborhood – how to stay within budget when relocating to Jersey City

We get it. You’re at the crossroad in your life. You don’t know what borough to choose. We recommended starting with boroughs like Journal Square and City Waterfront. The moment you have a list, you can give them an additional check to see which one fits your budget the best. You will also be able to see whether you belong there or not. An additional plus is if you can save some money on moving boxes Jersey City has to offer.

Cost of food

According to MIT Living Wage Calculator, an adult with no family needs a living wage of $33,696 before paying taxes. The food expenses account for $33,696 from this annual income. This amount of money means no luxuries to the residents.

Price of housing

While on the one hand, Jersey City is a true haven for young professionals, the price of housing is sky-high in comparison to other neighborhoods. You are able to purchase a home only if you match certain requirements issued by the authorities.

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Consulting a moving company for quotes is a must before moving

Cost of utilities

The housing costs are high no matter if you’re renting or buying a house. According to a report from March 22 issued by Save on Energy Electric Bill Report, New Jersey requires an average of 683 kWh monthly. An average monthly bill people have to pay amounts to $109.28 which is $13.51 lower than the U.S. average of $122.79. These are indispensable facts when calculating the costs of living in New Jersey on a monthly basis.

Other ways you can save money in Jersey City

  • It is advisable to do your own research and find better parking rates since space is a luxury in Manhattan.
  • You can save money when it comes to a bridge or a tunnel toll since many facilities in New York are turning to Cashless Tolling.
  • Another way to save money is taking a ferry ride instead of going with other boat companies offering the same experience for a much higher price.

It takes a lot of effort and knowledge to stay within budget when relocating to Jersey City. However, with this in mind, you’re free to consult movers NJ for moving quotes and start the relocation process right now!




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