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How to save valuables during the move

Everybody is feeling stressful during the move. You have to prepare and do everything and it is extra stressful to think about your valuables. See how you can save valuables during the move.

Make an inventory list

First and the most important thing is to exactly determine what your valuables are. When you are preparing your belongings for a moving day, make sure that you do this first. When you have a list of things that you want to be extra careful with, it will be easier to do so. You are probably thinking about how you don’t need a list because you know all your valuables. Bear in mind, when you are moving and packing starts it can be hectic and stressful, you won’t have time to think about everything that has to be properly saved.  Make sure that you do this in order to save valuables during the move.

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Take a photo and document every valuable you have.

Make an inventory for both small and large valuables. It is useful to take photos as well. This way you will have everything documented in case you need it. Just in case if something went wrong with valuables during the move. This step is especially important if you have insurance for some of your valuables.

Expensive and sentimental valuables

Not everybody has the same notion about what exactly valuables are. This can differ from person to person. Sometimes people appreciate more and save more sentimental items, that couldn’t be replaced, than the expensive ones. Valuables can be anything you own that it is important and irreplaceable to you.

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Think about purchasing insurance for your valuables.

If you need to save expensive valuables during the move than you better make sure that you have some warranty, deed, receipt or some kind of certificate.  If that item isn’t insured already, you have to do that before moving day. You will see with the insurance company what it takes to get them insured. Ask what coverage of the insurance is. It is important that they are covered during the transport, especially the larger items. You can take with yourself smaller valuables. That is if you can carry them around. However, do not pack them and leave them in a car, even for a little while. You don’t need that risk.

Properly pack valuables during the move

Pack them properly when you decide whether you will take them with you or transport it with your other belongings. Make sure that you get the right kind of packing supplies so you save valuables during the move, from damage.

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Prepare the right kind of packing essentials in order to save valuables during the move.

Make sure that you have:

  • The right size-moving box – size is important because you valuables should fit leaving the smallest possible void. This will ensure that it doesn’t move around during the transport. Add some packing peanut or blanket, towel to prevent it from damage.
  • Bubble wrap – wrap with the bubble wrap all the breakable items and the fragile ones. If you are not sure whether to wrap something or not, do it anyway just in case. It can hurt them. Make sure that you have enough of the wrap so you do not have to use your towels or sheets.
  • Tape and wrapping paper – items that can’t fit in a box you can wrap it. Only if they can’t be damaged during the transport. The tape will be useful in many ways.
  • Basic tool set –  this includes scissors, pocketknife, hammer, screwdriver

When you are hiring a moving company, you will get expertise and knowledge. This is important when it comes to packing your expensive and large items. Mover usually knows how exactly to do this. Not every way is the right way. Also, you have to make sure that you are hiring a reliable moving company.

Take your time to do the research of companies and ask them for quotes. In the end, if you want to be sure that they do their job right, you have to plan moving day with them.

Just make sure that you give them specific instruction so you won’t have a misunderstanding during moving day.

Get some help for the bulky valuables

When you are doing the relocation by yourself ask your friend or a family member to help you. To be sure that they will have free time on a moving day you need to plan it with them. Be extra careful when you carry your large valuables during the move. You should transport it and load it with someone even if it is not heavy. Most damages come from transport and loading, during the move.

Label every box and do it properly. It takes some time, but it pays off in the end. Make sure that you are also minding those labels when you are picking up boxes.

Paintings demand special care

Valuables can be bulky and hard to pack for the move. Paintings are one of those items that need special care. As a precaution, make an X on the glass of the picture or a mirror with a tape. This helps to prevent them to break during transport. After that, wrap it in soft material or a bubble wrap. When you are wrapping your framed art, always lay it on the ground. Don’t try to do this while you are holding it up

If you have smaller framed paintings or artwork you can place them in a box. But do not over pack them because it will be easier to damage them during loading and unloading. Always place a bubble wrap or a towel between them, just in case. Never place them horizontally in the box, always pack it vertically. Label that box with the fragile sign and an arrow so the movers know how to transport it safely.

The smartest way to save your valuables during the move is to hire professionals to do the packing, unpacking, and transport. Not only will that save you a lot of time, but you will also know that these tasks will be done in the best possible way.


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