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How to save money when hiring movers NJ

When you are in the process of moving, you are thinking about all the ways to save some much-needed money. Moving can be quite costly and you should definitely find some good ways to try and save. If you want to save money when hiring movers NJ then you should consider a couple of things. Is this something on what you should try and save money? If a moving company is expensive, does it mean it is good? How can you save money when hiring movers NJ? One of the best options you may find is to simply hire movers NJ, in this way you will have good service for a reasonable price. Isn’t that exactly what you are looking for?


The first rule on how to save money when hiring movers NJ is to do some things yourself. Before they arrive at your home, there are a lot of things that you can do in order to save money. Declutter is one of those things. Declutter means that you should get rid of all the things you don’t need anymore, one way or the other. If something is really unusable, then throw it out. If there are things in a good condition but you no longer wear them or use them, then you can arrange a garage sale or even better you can donate those things. Whatever you choose it is a win-win situation. If you decide to arrange a garage sale you will earn some money, and if you decide to donate then you will help someone in need. Whatever you decide to declutter will help save money.

garage sale
Get rid of things you do not need anymore

Save money when hiring movers NJ

Hiring movers on time will help you save money when hiring movers NJ. You need to hire them and make the appointment even a few months before the actual moving day. Any good moving company will have a full schedule, especially during the season. Under season we mean June, July, and August. These are the months in which movers are the busiest. Therefore, if you are planning to move during these months make sure to hire them on time. If you run late, it may cost you, and that is not a way to save money when hiring movers NJ. By following some simple steps, you will be able to hire a good moving company:

  • Check to see how long are they in the business
  • Do they have a license for this line of business?
  • Read their reviews
  • Have an estimate

In these steps, the last one is pretty important in order to save money when hiring movers in NJ. Have an estimate before the move, to know how much money will you really need for this moving process. Having an estimate will help you plan better and eventually save money.

tips on how to save money when hiring movers NJ
Make sure you have a good plan

Pack on your own

Another way to save money when hiring movers in NJ is to simply pack on your own. Do not hire full-service movers, because by common sense it will cost way more than the movers who will come to you and your already packed boxes. So, get some packing material and start packing. Save money on boxes as well. Just go to some store and ask for boxes, they usually throw the boxes away once they deliver the goods. So, this is a great way to save some more money. Once you have obtained all of the necessary packing material, start packing. You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • Boxes
  • Labels or markers
  • Moving blanket (you can rent this)
  • Packing paper

That is it, more or less. By having this material, you will be good to go.

Arrange only the transportation

If you can pack on your own, or even better with your friends you can load your items in a truck as well. Of course, prepare yourself for this endeavor. Stretch and do a warm up. There will be some heavy lifting. You need to avoid hurting yourself. If you are not prepared for this, and none of your friends are prepared for this, then this might not be the best way to save money on movers. On the other side, if you are physically ready, then you are good to go.

woman stretching
Stretch and do a warm up before heavy lifting

Either way, make sure to check out moving companies West New York NJ in order to make the best and informed decision. Maybe you can get full-service movers without having to pay a small fortune. However, being prepared physically means a lot on the day of your move. Rent a moving truck or a van and you will move in no time. It will take more time and strength but you can think of it as an exercise and that day you can skip the gym.

Have a budget

Before anything, you should create a budget for your moving. This means that you should sit down and make a plan. How much for the movers, how much for the packing material, etc. So, you need to have a plan. Create a budget and try to stay in that budget’s boundaries. Also, have some money on the side just in case. Everything will be easier for you if you write everything down. Having a checklist for moving has never been a bad idea.

Moving is stressful, and you have to be ready for that. It can be even more stressful when you are on a budget. Nothing to worry about though, as long as you have a plan, it will go smoothly. Simply start planning your move on time and you will save money.


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