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How to resolve a dispute with your movers?

Moving is one of the most stressful events in life for an average person. The emotional weight of such an event can often be overlooked, but it often proves to be the most difficult part of a move. There is also the sheer amount of practical and technical things that you have to deal with in order to the through the move can often be overwhelming. From hiring a reliable moving company and finding the best possible moving date, to getting ready for the packing process and actually going through with it, there are a lot of things to do. The whole packing process in itself can be really tricky. And then if after the move it turns out that you did not hire a proper moving company or they simply messed things up, so you are now not sure how to resolve a dispute with your movers.

Before you go all out on them, you need to make sure that you are actually ready for this. Mentally and practically. What does this mean? Well, if at all possible, you should do your best to prepare beforehand to resolve a dispute with your movers if the events unfold in such a way that such a thing is needed. There are several things that you can and should definitely do. From hiring a quality moving company such as moving companies NJ offers, to making a proper inventory list and using it in the most useful way, you must also stay focused throughout the move in order to help it wrap up flawlessly. Before you is a guide on handling a dispute with movers, as well as a couple of things you can do to deal with it preemptively.

The best way to resolve a dispute with your movers is to prevent it beforehand
One of the surest ways to end any problems before they even appear is to plan properly.

It is easier to resolve a dispute with your movers if they are an honest company

One of the best things that you can do when planning, for instance, a local move is to find a responsible company of local movers NJ offers and hire them as soon as possible. It is important to invest some time in researching whether a moving company is a good one or not. If you get entangled with a shady moving company you may end up in quite a problematic situation. On the other hand, having experienced movers by your side you need not worry. They will be able to deal with any problem that comes their way. Furthermore, they can help you with not just taking things from point A to point B. They may be able to help you with other things such as packing.

Create an inventory list

Having an inventory list by your side during a move is a largely underestimated thing by a lot of people. However, besides being really useful when it comes to organizing the packing, it can also help you resolve a dispute with your movers. Firstly, by creating an inventory list of all of your belongings, you can plan your packing more efficiently. You can see what things you do not need anymore and then throw them away, give them to someone or do something else with them. Then you can mark each of the items on the list as you pack them. For instance, by the side of the item on the list, you can put “K5” for Kitchen box 5. This can then help you with unpacking. Furthermore, if you end up having to resolve a dispute with your movers, the inventory list may end up a very important tool.

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Making an inventory list is one of the smartest things that you can do when planning a move

Try the peaceful approach first

The best way to (try to) resolve a dispute with your movers is to talk to them directly. Complex things such as moving to a new home can often get really complicated. So, whether your belongings got broken or in another way damaged, or the delivery was late or you are in some other way unsatisfied with their service, it is best to contact the company’s representatives directly. File your complaint in their office and talk with them in a calm and friendly way. The worst thing that you could is to rush into their office and start yelling or something like that. If you have hired a respectable moving company, they will be ready to listen and try to solve whatever problem there may be.

Write a review of their company

People tend to underestimate the power of the written word. If you are unsatisfied with the company, and they are rude, unpleasant or indifferent towards you, doing this may just make them listen to you. Having a really bad review is a big deal for any self-respecting company, to do not hesitate to do this. However, bear in mind that it is best to stay true to the facts. Do not exaggerate or make things up. Base them on facts and the other party will have to reply in a constructive way.

Diplomacy and review failed?

If the previous two solutions failed, it is time for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The FMCSA’s mission is to regulate the way moving companies work. If there has been an infringement of your rights and you are not able to find a way to resolve a dispute with your movers, then The FMCSA are the people to talk to. File the claim, and the moving company will have to respond in 30 days.

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When presenting your argument, make sure that you are doing it peacefully and in a friendly manner.

If this does not work either, you should then contact the Better Business Biro. Their representatives will contact the company in 48 hours, and they actually have an outstanding rate of claims getting settled in within one month. In case neither FMCSA nor BBB manages to help you resolve a dispute with your movers, then head to the American Moving and Storage Association office and see what they can do to help. This is the last stop before taking the whole to a small claims court.

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