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How to reduce expenses of your long distance move

Moving a long distance is not only stressful and time-consuming, but it may also be expensive. However, you don’t need to spend a little fortune on your long-distance relocation. Wonder how’s that possible? Well, quite simple. You only need to make an effective moving plan, not only in terms of packing but also in terms of your moving budget. Yes, it may be hard to predict all the moving expenses since many unpredictable things may happen during the relocation process. However, there are some ways how to reduce expenses of your long distance move to a manageable price. And you don’t have to think of ways to cut down your moving costs. Ample Moving is here to help you. Use this article as a guide and have a smooth and affordable long-distance relocation.

Factors that influence moving expenses

Every household is different. Thus, every relocation is different as well. There are many factors that influence the overall price of the relocation, especially if it is a long-distance one. The main factors that influence long-distance moves are the distance of the relocation, the size of a household, the quantity and the type of belongings you are going to move, and the size of the moving vehicles you are going to use. However, that’s not all. What can also impact the final price of your relocation is the amount of work required for performing the relocation and the moving supplies you are going to use. Also, the time of the year can affect your moving expenses. Additional moving expenses are packing services, storage, and other similar services.

A calculator , paper, and a laptop
Plan your moving budget

Ways to reduce expenses of your long distance move

How to reduce moving expenses? This is one of the most common questions when moving long distances. According to the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), the average interstate moving cost is about $5, 000 so it’s no wonder why people try to cut moving expenses. However, long-distance relocation doesn’t have to be so much expensive. Luckily, there are many different methods to reduce the expenses of your long-distance move. Here are some of them:

  1. Plan your moving budget: this is the first step to make. Plan your moving budget accordingly and then search for companies that offer similar moving costs as your budget.
  2. Get moving quotes: contact different moving companies and get various moving estimates.
  3. Hire affordable moving professionals: do the research and find long distance moving companies NJ that offer long-distance relocation at an affordable price.
  4. Ask for discounts: check whether a company offers discounts for using multiple moving services.
  5. Declutter your belongings: purge as you pack. This way, you’ll save space in the moving truck and pay less.
  6. Pack some of the things yourself: besides using professional packing services, pack your belongings in suitcases and bags. Also, use the dead space of your drawers and dressers.
  7. Do some DIY: pack your belongings in a Babushka system, but pay attention to secure them from damage.
  8. Choose a cheaper moving date: believe it or not, choosing a moving date can affect your expenses. Try moving out of the moving season.
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Calculate your moving expenses in advance

Pack some of the things yourself

One of the best ways to cut moving costs is to pack your belongings yourself. But, not all of them. Pack only the ones that cannot easily get damaged during transportation, such as clothes, books, and similar things. Use packings you already have in your house. You can utilize your suitcases to pack your clothes. Also, if you have original boxes of your belongings, use them. This way, you won’t have to purchase boxes. And, as already stated, use the space in your drawers. Take them out of the dressers, pack your belongings, and wrap the drawers in plastic wrap. However, let your movers pack up your furniture and fragile items.

Reduce the expenses of your long distance move by hiring professional movers

The best way to reduce your expenses is to hire an affordable moving company. DIY relocation shouldn’t be an option since your belongings may get damaged. By getting a quote from reliable movers NJ, you’ll be able to plan your budget accordingly. This way you’ll know how much money you’re going to spend on each type of service. What’s more, you won’t have to plan your packing supplies and worry whether you are going to use them or not or whether you’ve purchased the right one. Your movers will know exactly what kind of equipment your belongings require. Also, you won’t have to pay for the equipment such as moving dollies. Your movers will provide you with them. Besides, by hiring professional movers, you won’t worry whether your possessions will get damaged in the moving truck during the transportation. And if they get damaged, the insurance will cover the expenses.

Bonus tips:

Here are some of the additional tips and tricks on how to reduce expenses of your long-distance relocation:

  • Read the moving contract: carefully proofread your moving contract before signing it. Consider your insurance policy and liability options. Make sure there are no extra fees.
  • Check the type of estimate: choose between binding, non-binding, and binding-not-to-exceed estimates. Decide which one you are going to agree upon based on your relocation needs.
  • Cancel utility services: make sure you inform your providers that you’re going to move so you don’t get any bills after moving.
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Reduce expenses of your long distance move by hiring affordable movers

Have an affordable relocation with Ample Moving

As you already know, the best way to reduce the expenses of your long distance mover is to hire a reliable moving company. Choose a company that will offer you an affordable moving estimate and discounts for using various moving services. By hiring professional movers such as Jersey City movers, you’ll save a lot of time, energy, and nerves. And most importantly, you’ll save money and reduce your moving expenses. So, if you want to and have a safe and affordable relocation, contact Ample Moving, get your quote, and move without stress. Have a safe move.



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