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How to pack your patio furniture for storage

Some of us like to drink our morning coffee on the patio, and some like to lounge on a rocking chair and cosy up with a good read. However, winter is approaching and soon it will be time to store your outdoor furniture. Our team of professional movers NJ came up with a couple of tips to help you pack your patio furniture for storage. By following these tips you should be certain that your furniture pieces will stay in perfect condition over the following years.

Properly clean your patio furniture

Spending time on the patio is one of many outdoor activities you can do in New Jersey. Since outdoor furniture easily gets dirty, you must make sure it is properly clean before storing it. First, check for any “uninvited visitors”-spiders, insects and other critters. Even though dishwashing liquid and warm water work well on most patio furniture pieces, it is better to follow these tips for the ideal results:

A man cleaning his patio table
Before you pack your patio furniture for storage, clean it thoroughly.
  • Fabric-wash hammocks and cushion covers in the washing machine.
  • Umbrellas-clean them with a detergent and a rag; leave them open until they are completely dry.
  • Metal furniture-use a brush to scrub it down; thoroughly rinse off the detergent.
  • Wood & wicker furniture-use a weak dish detergent solution; gently wash it with a damp cloth.
  • Plastic resin furniture-wash it with a solution of water and dishwashing soap.

Finally, before you pack up your patio furniture pieces, make certain that everything is completely dry.

Packing your patio furniture for storage

Winters in New Jersey can be just gnarly, with temperatures dropping below 0 degrees. Cold weather and snow can easily damage different furniture pieces. Whether you are moving to New Jersey, or simply getting ready for the winter, is it crucial to prepare properly your patio furniture for storage.

After thoroughly cleaning your outdoor furniture, it is time to pack it up. You must keep it in a dry area and don’t forget to let some air circulate. Cushion stuffing can easily grow mould and freezing can damage different fabrics, hence we recommend wrapping them up before storing them away. If you’re storing patio furniture pieces with removable legs, take them apart. Not only does this make them more compact, but it also makes them easier to wrap.

If you need to save up space, you can always stack different furniture pieces, like chairs and cushions. Just remember not to store your cushions directly on the floor, because they will get mouldy. If you noticed any rust damage on your metal furniture, try to fix it before storing it. 

Packing the patio furniture for storage
How to pack your patio furniture for storage.

You can store your furniture pieces in an outdoor shed, in your basement or in a garage. Although, if there isn’t enough space in your home, pack it in a storage unit.

Follow these tips, and you’ll know how to pack your patio furniture for storage, so next summer they will be as good as new.


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