How to pack your jewelry for relocation from NJ to NYC

How to pack your jewelry for relocation from NJ to NYC

Jewelry is an important part of all women’s clothing combinations. Also, most men wear jewelry, so, it’s also part of men’s everyday outfits. Today you can find jewelry of different types, sizes, and materials. Some people are also jewelry collectors, and in their collection, they can have valuable pieces that are several hundred years old. If you are now in the middle of a relocation process from NJ to NYC and want to relocate your jewelry collection with you, check out our few tips on how to pack your jewelry for relocation from NJ to NYC. You have probably already hired one of the affordable movers NJ, and you need to know that your company can help you a lot in this job. Continue reading and learn some new interesting things about jewelry, as well as several ways to package it.

Jewelry – part of an everyday outfit

Jewelry can say a lot. Once upon a time, jewelry represented the estate of royal families, as well as other families, and based on that, a lot was determined. Today, jewelry is an integral part of every outfit. And you can find different pieces of jewelry, different materials, and sizes with different gems, diamonds, zircons, etc. And once jewelry was made from animal bones and wasn’t so diverse.

A girl wearing bracelets on her hands.
Jewelry often represents the culture and customs of a nation.

Today, jewelry is made of white, yellow, rose gold, silver, and surgical steel. Zircons, diamonds, sapphires, jewels, pearls, etc. are used for decoration. Jewelry made of these materials has a very high market price and isn’t so easily accessible to everyone. Also, today you can find a large number of replica jewelry made by famous designers at as much as 80% less than the price of original jewelry.

Jewelry collection

In the average women’s jewelry box you can find bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, etc. Jewelry belongs to the group of valuables when it comes to the relocation of jewelry, and therefore it’s necessary to act carefully. The jewelry box is a mini collection of jewelry for every woman or man. But when we talk about jewelry collection lovers it’s already something else.

Jewelry collectors often visit auctions, where in most cases money is raised for charity. Auction visitors are usually celebrities and millionaires. So, the jewelry collection represents more than 10 very valuable, old, and unique examples of necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. People usually keep their collections in safes or safe rooms in their homes. And when it comes to moving things like this, it’s always best to seek professional help from Hoboken moving companies. Because only professional moving teams will know how to handle your valuables in the right way. Also, they can provide you with secure packing supplies and more.

How to pack your jewelry for relocation from NJ to NYC?

Packing jewelry isn’t as complicated a job when it comes to packing your mini jewelry collection such as a few necklaces, bracelets, and rings. But when it comes to packing the entire collection then it takes a little more time and attention.

plenty of earrings in a box
When you want to pack your jewelry for relocation from Nj to NYC, be very careful and do it right.

Jewelry box packing: 

  • You can use something you already have in the house for packing, such as small zip bags, straws, and medicine boxes.
  • Sort all the jewelry, if necessary clean it with a suitable agent, and slowly start packing.
  • Pack the earrings in medicine boxes, put a little cotton wool in each part, and put in a pair of minds.
  • You can insert the bracelets into straws and glue the openings.
  • While you can wrap the necklaces in a soft film and pack them in zip bags.
  • You can pack all the packed jewelry in plastic boxes that you will carry with you, and you can always rent portable safes in which you will transport your jewelry.

Jewelry collection packing:

  • In agreement with your movers NJ to NYC, make a simple plan for packing a jewelry collection.
  • Get all the necessary packing.
  • After sorting all the jewelry, start packing.
  • Put soft pads or cotton wool in the appropriate boxes. Then put the necklace, then cover it with cotton wool, and close the box.
  • You can pack the rings in the original boxes. If you don’t have them you can improvise the same as with the necklaces.
  • For packing this jewelry, you can use portable safes, handbags with a code, as well as the packaging that is provided for packing jewelry.

Seek professional help for packing jewelry collection for NYC relocation

Packing a jewelry collection requires a lot of attention, but before that, it’s necessary to take all precautionary measures for your precious items. For this reason, we advise you to hire reliable residential movers NJ. They can guarantee the safe moving of your jewelry, whether it’s a small women’s jewelry box or a whole collection of expensive jewelry. Also, they can give you the best packing tips, both for jewelry and all your other things.

A short history of jewelry

The first piece of jewelry was created at the beginning of civilization. Cavemen made jewelry from the bones of animals that were strung on woolen threads. When the formation of various tribes began, each tribe had different jewelry, which was often the symbol of that tribe. Also, today in some distant lands we can still find tribes that have now made such jewelry for centuries. As the world changed, so did jewelry. The first gold ore was discovered by a man while digging in a mine. After that, the evolution of jewelry progressed.

After some time, jewelry appears among the Egyptians and the ancient Greeks who began making jewelry out of gold, adorning it with pearls, gems, and diamonds. At that time, wealth was expressed in jewelry.  Today, a large part of the jewelry of that time can be found in art museums, as well as expensive home jewelry collections.

A member of an African tribe wears traditional jewelry.
Some tribes contained their own distinctive style of jewelry, which is their feature.

Lastly, we advise you to use moving services NJ when you want to pack your jewelry for relocation from NJ to NYC. Aside from having a large monetary value, jewelry also has a significant sentimental value as well. And that is why it’s necessary to carefully pack and move every piece.



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