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How to Pack your Family Memorabilia

There are a lot of possible problems when you want to pack your family memorabilia. It is not easy to pack things that your family think of emotionally. You need to sit and choose what to pack and how to do that. It is hard to decide what to get rid of. It is much better to hire movers and packers Jersey City to do that job instead of you. Of course, we have some other useful tips as well. 

To make this job easily, you should sort family memories into categories.

  • Family photos – even in the era of computers and memory cards you need to protect family photos, especially old ones;
  • Papers and documentation are essential for every person, and especially those that provide information about your homes like ownership of the house, mortgage and birth certificate;
  • Old papers – there are a lot of documents that are not your documents, but are vital to you or members of your family, like those from your parents;
  • Every family has personal papers that you should pack as family things like personal letters – you will need a lot of moving boxes Jersey City to properly pack and secure them;
  • You should pack your family memorabilia together with small but emotional items like old tickets or little notes.
Hands hold baby's shoes
There are lot of things that you want to keep after moving

There are a lot of things that you should throw away. Many of the things you consider as your family memorabilia are worthless papers and old rocks. However, it is essential to make a list and categories and make this job more manageable. After all, you will need to throw away things that take space. Consider moving as a fresh start in your life and get rid of the things that you do not need anymore.

Preparation to pack your family memorabilia

It is not that hard as packing of any other box in your home. However, it is emotional, and it will take much more time than you think. The best way to organize this is to gather around the family items and choose what to throw away. It will take the whole night because this brings emotions back. Every photo or document keeps memories of your old life.

Sort out family memorabilia by categories

It is highly essential to sort out all your items before packing. Choose simple types, as we showed above. As interstate movers NJ advise, the more critical is to label them appropriately. In that case, movers will know how to behave with those boxes. However, do this job with the family.

Discard spare things

It is the hardest job, though. Even though you will do with the family, define rules before you start. Although you can hire pool table NJ for this item, maybe it is better to leave it behind. There are always things that you should throw away. On the other hand, it will take much longer than the packing of everyday things. It could be meaningful for your children, though. Through the process of categorizing, you will describe your family to your children.

Packing of family memorabilia is great opportunity to say your kids a little about family

Pack your family memorabilia carefully and slow

Take your time for the packing of those things. They are sensitive, and you could have trouble to pack them. On the other hand, you need to wrap them separately from the other items in the boxes. Again, those things represent emotional baggage to you. Do not hurry.

Choose the right size of boxes

Our first impulse is to make the most significant boxes we can. In that case, we will lose time on packing and finding space in the truck for essential things. Much better is to take different sizes of the boxes and bags for different items. It will also protect your things better.

Pack properly

By adequately packing, we mean good packing material for protection. Remember, family memories are usually fragile and valuable. You will need a little better protection than usual. However, it does not mean that you should pay too much for it. You can use old newspapers, cardboard and old boxes.

Use sturdy boxes

Again, to protect those things, you should use as sturdy and reliable boxes as possible. There is an exclusive dish pack for these items. It is sturdy, made of Styrofoam, but has more weight. The best with these packages is that you do not need additional protection inside. Some of them have a good lid that preserves opening during moving.

Pack photos albums in particular type of package

There is an exclusive Acid-Free Packing Paper for old photos. Professionals use it for paints, but it is great for a way to preserve pictures, too. Thanks to unique materials, it will not damage your photos. You can use it later, after moving, for protection photos in a new home.

How to pack your family memorabilia to protect properly

Not only that, you need to choose which of those things to take with you. You need to protect them adequately. Most of those things are old photos and papers. They could damage during transportation. In most cases, you will be able to continue with the same packing after moving.

Old travelcard
Lot of people save tickets and cards as memories

Put the paper on the bottom of the boxes

The easiest way to protect things during moving is to protect the bottom of the box. We usually forget that part of the box. However, it comes on the moist and cold bottom in the trunk. Workers will not care much about it when carrying and packing. You can use old newspapers for this, though. Also, ensure items in boxes with the paper between pieces.

Label boxes properly

As in any other packing, you need to pack your family memorabilia to preserve safe moving. The most important is to label boxes. It means that you could write on them that you have an old vase or chandelier inside. On the other hand, you can write merely FRAGILE, or THIS SIDE UP. Workers there will know how to behave when carrying. Also, do not forget to separate those boxes from packages with liquid or hazardous materials.


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