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How to pack your antiques like a pro

Packing and moving, in general, is stressful. But packing up your irreplaceable antiques can be nerve-wracking. Just imagine moving collectibles by truck, on a bumpy road. It is inevitable that damage is bound to happen. Most moving accidents happen exactly due to improper packing. Antiques are amongst the hardest items to move from one to another home. That’s why help from moving company Kearny NJ would be precious. But, you can also take some steps and measures to safely pack up your antiques for transport. With the right plan and techniques, we’ll show you clever ways how to pack your antiques like a pro.

Start with creating an inventory. That’s a first step to pack your antiques like a pro.

When you decide that it’s time to move and you have many antique items to pack and relocate, create an inventory. First things first. Put the largest and most fragile items first on the list. For example, dining tables or armoires. Also, measure each item several times. You have to make sure your antiques can fit through the doorways. Otherwise, you risk damaging your belongings for nothing. On the other hand, when it comes to smaller antiques, we suggest a different idea. Make a polaroid of each item, for example, jewelry, and make notes of any imperfections, if there are any. You can also pack them in suitable moving boxes Jersey City and take them with you without any problem.

Pack your antiques like a pro.
Start with making an inventory. List all your antiques.

Things you are going to need before you start packing

Before you start packing, you have to gather all the supplies you’ll need to pack your antiques like a pro. Here is a list of things you’ll need:

  •  Packing paper
  •  Packing tape
  •  Microfiber cloth
  •  Air-filled plastic wrap
  •  Corner protectors for mirrors and paintings
  •  Moving boxes
  •  Furniture pads.

Since every one of your antiques is valuable, you should make an extra effort to wrap them properly. So, you should wrap and pack every item individually. First, use bubble wrap, then use wrapping paper. In the case of heavier items, instead of wrapping paper, use some non-abrasive cloth. Also, it is important you have solid boxes in order to transport collectibles safely.

Pack your antiques in suitcases or boxes.
Learn how to pack your antique belongings like a professional.

Get the appraisals from professionals

Logically, it is important to know the worth of your items. If you don’t have an idea how much your antiques are worth, ask agencies which are licensed to give you appraisal. That will get you on the right path to eventually pack your antiques like a pro.

Check for moving insurance

Before going into this adventure called relocating antiques, inquire about the insurance. When it comes to moving, the usual insurance is 60 cents per pound. That’s not quite valuable if you’re moving antiques or collectibles. Ask about different kinds of insurance and don’t hesitate to ask at several places.

One of the tips on how to pack your antiques like a pro. Label everything.

Make it easier on yourself whilst moving. Label every single box so you would know the content of them. Not only you’ll be relieved when you have to unpack them, but the persons carrying them will know what’s in them. They will know how to handle the boxes which contain fragile items. In addition, mark fragile or heavy boxes with noticeable color, for example, red, so they know to pay special attention.

Three steps to do it like a true professional

When it comes to packing antiques, there are several rules you have to follow in order to do it right. The main goal is that your antiques arrive at your new home undamaged. If you want a detailed plan for packing unique antiques, we present you with tips to safeguard your antique furniture. So, here are three steps to pack antiques like an expert.

Step number one: Get a protective wrap

In case you’re packing wood or glass, use foam wrap or stretch wrap. Make sure that the wrap extends around edges and corners. The object of this first layer is to keep the item clean and safe.

Step number two: Vibration and shock protection

This layer’s purpose is to absorb small impacts that happen during transport. We recommend using foam or bubble wraps, or blankets. Make sure you attach them securely.

Step number three: Protective shell

The last layer is the most important. It protects your antiques from the sudden effects of the relocation. We recommend using a wooden crate as a protective shell.


Learn how to pack your antiques properly.
You have to be extremely careful when it comes to packing antique dishes.

Extra tip to pack your antiques like a pro

When it comes to packing antique artwork, we also have additional advice on this matter. So, we give you a guideline to pack your artwork safely.

The importance of properly loading your antiques into the truck

If you hire professional movers to load your items into a truck, then you don’t have anything to worry about. But, if you decide to do it on your own, pay attention. The first thing you should know is that you should pack fragile items last. That’ s because you have to place them so that there are no risks of them falling and breaking. Don’t put anything on them, as vibrations of the moving truck can cause damage. Be extremely careful when you pack antique dishes or any other fragile item.

What to do after the move- useful tips

After the movers arrive at your new home, of course, there are some rules on unloading items. They should unload your antiques and collectibles first, as they were the last ones that got loaded. Immediately check for any damages. In case there are some damages, take pictures so you can use them if it comes to some legal actions. Afterward, inform the moving company and explain the damages you suffered. Explain that you have all the necessary documentation and photos.

We hope we gave you useful tips on how to pack your antiques like a pro. Don’t worry, by following our guidelines, you are one step closer to your new home, filled with your precious antiques. Enjoy.


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