How to pack when moving from Cape May to Jersey City

How to pack when moving from Cape May to Jersey City

You have decided to leave the peaceful coasts of Cape May and to venture into the urban jungle of New York metropolitan area? What you should know is that you have a 150 miles long trip in front of you. To make sure your precious belongings will arrive at their final destination in a safe and timely manner you should contact some of the long distance movers NJ has on offer. It is always a safe bet to leave your relocation to the professionals. That being said, moving from Cape May to Jersey City requires a lot of planning and work from your side as well, so we have decided to share some basic tips on how to properly pack and avoid any headaches. So sit back and read carefully.

View of Jersey City skyscrapers from the water
Moving from Cape May to Jersey City requires some serious logistics.

Moving from Cape May to Jersey City is considered a long distance move

In contrast to moving a couple of blocks away, long distance moving requires some serious planning in order for it to be successful. Before you even start packing for the move, it is advisable to have the pre-packing procedure as well.  There are several important points that require your full attention:

  • Insurance comes first. This is a wise decision to make regardless of the distance of the move. What if my piano gets broken? How my golf clubs got lost? To have a stress-free relocation you should always protect your valuables by purchasing some sort of moving insurance. Whether you choose third party insurance or you buy one directly from the moving company, it doesn’t make any difference as long as you are protected.
  • Make a list of all the items you plan on relocating. The only possible way not to forget anything is to make some sort of inventory list. Whether you decide to use an app or simply a pen and a piece of paper, an inventory list is a powerful tool for smart packing. You can track what is already packed, in what order will it be packed, and finally to check if anything is missing when you arrive at your new home.
  • Remove any unnecessary items. The timing to get rid of anything that you actually don’t need couldn’t be better. You are on the onset of a new adventure, and why would you take along all that trash? What’s the point of keeping something that you don’t use on a regular basis? So declutter your house and donate, sell or simply throw away anything that is redundant. Also, you will be surprised to find out just how much money you can make by selling unnecessary items.

Long distance moves call for some top-notch ideas

Lacking ideas? Jersey City movers will no doubt provide you with professional and proven methods of relocation, but some of the preparations for the move you should do on your own. First of all, you need a good plan. Pack items room by room (kitchen, attic, bedroom), and try to pack items that you don’t need first. For example, all those beach towels, swimsuits, and skiing equipment are hardly necessary on your moving day. Well, pack them first. Beware that when moving from Cape May to Jersey City you should expect some change in the weather. So be sure to check the weather forecast and to dress accordingly.

Use cardboard boxes and pay attention with markings

One of the tips is to use cardboard boxes to pack your clothes and other small-scale items like books and toys. Keep in mind that although small in size and fairly light, boxes full of these items tend to become quite heavy. This is why using tape to additionally strengthen these boxes is not a bad idea. For boxes with fragile items use old t-shirts, scarves, and socks to fill out any loose space. Mark them according to the before-mentioned inventory list for easier unpacking.

Cardboard boxes is the best way to pack when moving from Cape May to Jersey City
Pack items from different rooms into separate boxes to keep things organized

Pay attention to the time frame for your belongings to arrive

It will probably take more time for the moving company truck to arrive than it will take you to drive to the destination. This basically means that you will have to take all the important documents with you. You might need to spend the night in the hotel so be sure not to pack all of your clothes in the truck.

Give your best to reduce costs

Saving money is always a welcome idea. So how exactly can you save money when moving from Cape May to Jersey City?

  • Carefully study what your insurance covers, and don’t pay for something you don’t need.
  • Ask your friends to help you with the preparation and with the process of relocation
  • Move during the off-season or during work days
  • Browse Hotel deals

Some items require professional packing

Do you own a pool table? Or maybe you have a piano or some large mirrors or a crystal chandelier. Like we said moving from Cape May to Jersey City is a long road, so these large yet fragile items need professional help to be packed with maximum protection. If you have items of exceptional value like rare paintings or sculptures, you should consider paying separate insurance for them.

Picture of a living room and a piano
Some valuable items need special treatment before transportation

Prepare your furniture for the move

Inspect any garden furniture for woodworms or months, as regulations exist to prevent transporting pests across state borders. You will need to dismantle some of the furniture pieces so try to acquire manuals if you don’t own any. Take some photographs and measure your furniture to help you with their placement in your new home. Why would you transport a couch that can’t fit your new living room?

So there you have it, now you know how to pack and what order of packing to follow. Because moving from Cape May to Jersey City is a big change we have one final piece of advice for you. Do your homework and get a bit acquainted with your new town. Browse about people, job opportunities, what to see and where to go out. Have a safe trip.


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