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How to pack kids’ toys for an interstate move

Where there are kids, there are lots of toys. Packing a playroom and moving toys is kind of the same as completing a puzzle. With some planning, you are going to be able to pack away all of the toys safely and securely. Follow this guide by Ample Moving to see how to pack kids’ toys for an interstate move.

How to pack kids’ toys for an interstate move

Moving with children isn’t for the faint of heart – and neither is moving their entire playroom. Before you call movers NYC to NJ you should know that organizing and packing entire stuffed animals, mountains of toys, dolls, and other playroom items takes lots of time and effort than most people think. You can ask any parent who’s ever packed a playroom and moved to a new home. Toys are easy to damage during the moving process, and also they’re difficult to sort and organize (think about all of the different pieces that come with a puzzle, broken toys, small toys, action figures, etc.). For those curious about How to pack kids’ toys for an interstate move, continue reading.

Kids toys packing move
It’s not easy to pack kids’ toys for an interstate move, and that’s why you plan it all out.

Donate toys you don’t need anymore

You shouldn’t waste your time packing toys you don’t longer need and probably won’t need again. If your child has outgrown a toy, we suggest you add it to the sell pile or donation. By getting rid of unused toys before the relocation, you are going to end up saving money on your move and moving supplies and, in general, fewer toys equals a less expensive move. To donate gently used children’s toys, we recommend bringing them to The Salvation Army or Goodwill. Also, you can take a look at local hospitals and daycare centers to check if they need any items.

Separate toys you don’t want to keep

There may be toys your child has outgrown and you may want to keep them. If you have a second child or plan to who is going to use the toys one day use we understand why you might want to keep them. Interstate movers NJ recommends carefully packing those types of toys in a separate box for storage. You should make sure the box is clearly labeled with all contents, so you don’t have to go searching for it when the time comes to reuse the toy.

Pack toys by size, type, and fragility

After you have sorted out the toys and made the hard decisions on what to keep, donate, or discard, you should focus on moving toys efficiently. Lots of toys are shaped and sized strangely, so preparing a plan on how to pack toys for moving is crucial. Keep similar toys grouped together like board games, toy trucks and cars, arts & crafts, building blocks, and dress-up clothes. Don’t take up unnecessary box space by storing stuffed animals in clear bags. Store toys with small parts in zip lock bags to avoid lost pieces during the move. You should know that moving boxes can be jostled and sometimes dropped, so don’t skimp when wrapping up fragile items.

Parcels inside a delivery van
Make sure to pack toys by size, type, and fragility.

Create a “toy care package” of must-have items

This is a step that kids can enjoy. While most toys are going to be packed up and loaded onto the moving truck, some toys should definitely stay out of the box. Depending on your kid’s age, ask them to pick a couple of must-have toys (or select them yourself). Make a toy care package using a backpack or a small child-size suitcase. For instance, make sure to add the favorite stuffed animal that your kid goes to bed with every night into their special toy carrier. Think about the toys that can’t be replaced and keep them with you during the move if possible.

Place sturdier toys at the bottom and fill any gaps

When placing the toys into the moving box, long distance movers NJ recommends you place the heavier and sturdier toys at the bottom. This is going to make the boxes easier to carry and also protect the more breakable toys from becoming damaged. If there are any gaps around the sides or at the top of the box use newspaper and bubble wrap to add an extra layer of protection to the toys. Also, it makes the boxes sturdier and quite easier to carry and load.

Disassemble toys

Large toys should be disassembled before the move. These include teepee tents, rocking horses, jumpers, walkers, dollhouses, Cozy Coupes, and other riding toys. You should disassemble delicate wooden toys before being packed up. This is going to prevent items from breaking in transit to the new home and it’s quite important. Just make sure to place all parts in the same box so you don’t lose important bits and pieces you need.

Father assembling a doll house
To prevent larger toys from damaging, make sure to disassemble them.

Packing boxes

Finally, it’s time to pack boxes. After you’ve assembled your moving supplies and figured out what you want to do with the toys, carefully place a layer of protection at the bottom of each box. This can be bubble cushioning, packing paper, packing peanuts, or even a thick towel. After that, pack and wrap toys in bubble cushioning or packing paper and make sure to secure them with packing tape. Place it carefully inside the cardboard box. Fill space with foam peanuts or another loose-fill item so toys don’t shift inside the box. After taping the box shut, make sure to label it with the corresponding room (playroom) and leave a note of what’s inside.

Final thoughts

Now that you know how how to pack kids’ toys for an interstate move, you should start planning your move. Also, make sure you don’t forget that it should all be about the well-being of your children. Involve them in the process of packing as much as you can and try to make it fun and use it as an opportunity to speak to them about this big step.




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