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How to pack high-value items for moving?

Moving items that have a monetary value will require patience and attention from your side. Moreover, in order to pack high-value items for moving, you will need to acquire materials that will provide enough protection to each item individually. On the other hand, hiring a professional moving company to help you relocate those items is always a safer option than having a DIY approach. High-value items are usually very fragile. If not, they often require to be in mint condition in order to preserve their current value. Therefore, you should pay close attention to how you want to pack those items. If the items suffer any damage during the transportation phase, their value might decrease significantly. So, make sure you have all the adequate equipment and materials to make sure they do not break.

What will you need to pack high-value items for moving?

Packing materials are one of the main resources you will use to protect the items you are moving. Their purpose is not only to protect the surface of the item. Many materials can also absorb shock damage, prevent items from moving around, and even stop items from hitting each other when in transit. If you are new to the relocation process, you can hire Hoboken moving companies to help you with any process you require assistance with. Some of the items you will require in this process are:

a man taping the top of a cardboard box to reinforce it as a way to pack high-value items for moving
Packing valuable items is a task you must do with caution and something you should be adequately prepared for
  • Cardboard boxes or plastic containers
  • Styrofoam or packing peanuts
  • Wrapping paper or bubble wrap
  • Tape to reinforce the boxes and wraps
  • Cushioning materials

How to pack your items for the move

Packing items for relocation, especially those with high-value, will take some time. So make sure you are able to set aside enough time to devote to each item individually. If those items have a high monetary and sentimental value, you will probably have enough will to wrap them individually. However, patience is a virtue and it is always welcome, especially in situations like these. Packing items properly is important because you do not want to have more expenses than the money you set aside for this relocation. Damaging items, especially those of high value, can impose serious financial tolls during the relocation period.

Find a proper container for your items

Depending on the size of your item and the overall material it is made out of, you should seek a proper container to protect it. Namely, some items will do just fine in cardboard boxes, some will be okay in plastic containers. Make sure you realize what the best material for storing them is and acquire it. Most of the items you move can probably be placed inside a cardboard box. For instance, you can use plastic containers to store smaller collectibles and items that do not take a lot of space.

a couple smiling at each other as they pack items inside a cardboard box together
Do the research and see what material is best in providing adequate protection to your items

More importantly, as plastic containers are harder, you want to avoid placing fragile items inside. Moreover, if you are moving something that is a little bit heavier or multiple items inside one box, make sure that the box is sturdy enough to withstand the weight. Of course, you should always use tape to reinforce the boxes.

Wrap individually when you pack high-value items for moving

After you finish acquiring containers for the move, you should focus on protecting the items you are moving. Because you are moving items of higher monetary value, you should pay close attention to how you protect them. Moreover, if you plan on placing more than one item inside a box, you need to take into consideration that you need to protect those items from hitting each other. Devote some time of the day to wrapping each item individually and creating a way to safely store them in their container. After you finish wrapping, start filling the empty spaces in-between those items. That way, you ensure that the items will not hit each other and will not suffer damage along the way.

Reinforce the boxes as you finish packing them

Firstly, you should seek to make sure your items do not damage when moving. To do so, we advise you to place a soft, cushioning material at the bottom of the container. This material can be anything, even something from your wardrobe. The soft materials will prevent items from scratching and losing monetary value. If you want to be safe, you can also add layers of clothes as you pack items inside the box.

a man stretching a tape on top of a cardboard box
Using tape is a simple way of reinforcing the cardboard box to prevent it from opening or tearing

Regardless, to properly pack high-value items for moving you should reinforce the boxes. Use tapes to add another layer of protection and make sure that the box withstands the weight it carries. The tape will hold the cardboard together and make sure it does not break or tear when you carry it.

Try and fixate the boxes in the moving truck and avoid stacking them one on top of the other

Finally, you should make sure that your items survive the trip to your new home. To do so, simply avoid stacking the containers on top of each other. The weight of the boxes might crush the items underneath. Moreover, stacking boxes can easily tumble them while on the road. Find a way to make the boxes static. This way, you ensure that they have minimal movement and thus protect the items inside.

If you need assistance, contact your moving company

If you have any trouble when you pack high-value items for moving, you can always contact your moving company for additional services. On the other hand, getting a moving estimate, such as moving quotes NJ, is a good way to know how much the relocation is going to cost you. Relocation is all about the moving budget and a moving estimate allows you to know how much you will spend. On top of that, this is important as you are moving fragile, valuable items. See how much the move is going to cost you and, if needed, opt for other services to help you preserve the mint condition of your items during the process.


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