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How to pack fragile items for an interstate move?

Moving is usually a long process that requires a lot of preparation and dedication. The hardest part of moving preparation got to be packing. Rarely does anyone likes to pack even just for a trip. You never know what should you pack and how. Now you imagine how hard is going to be to pack your whole home for relocation. Not all items are hard to pack. Items such as your clothes or books are relatively easy to pack. Basically, you only need to put them in moving boxes. However, fragile items are not so easy to pack. Packing these types of items requires a certain skill that only Ample Moving professionals have. Also, you will need proper packing supplies. For this reason, here are a few tips to pack fragile items for an interstate move.  

What do you need to pack fragile items for an interstate move? 

Fragile items are not just items made of glass. For this reason, before you start packing your fragile items for the move, you should first know what this term actually means. Fragile items are items that can be easily crushed, broken, or damaged in any way if not handled with care. Almost every household has items made of glass, porcelain, crystal, and ceramic. Additionally, the artwork also falls into the category of fragile items. As you can see, it’s not easy to know which items are fragile and which are not. For this reason, you should consider hiring interstate movers NJ for your relocation. Professional movers will know which items require special care during packing. When packing fragile items for moving, you should do the following: 

  • Make a plan 
  • Get packing supplies 
  • Use a lot of cushioning 
  • Don’t overpack 
  • Label moving boxes 
a couple want to pack fragile items for an interstate move
Packing is not hard if you know how to do it

Always plan in advance 

Moving is not something to be done without proper planning. There are too many things to organize and do. For this reason, you should never try to prepare for relocation without making a plan first. The first thing that you should do is to find a good moving company. There are a couple of ways to find reliable professional movers. If you don’t have a specific moving company in mind, you can search for them online. Markdown moving companies with the best reviews and ask for moving quotes NJ. A moving company that offers you the best moving quote should be the one you hire. After you found your moving company, it’s time to prepare your items for relocation. You should set aside fragile items from every room in one place. This way, you won’t mix them up with other items that could potentially damage them.  

What packing supplies you will need for packing fragile items? 

Packing supplies for packing fragile items are not different than for the rest of your items. Only you will need a lot of cushioning materials such as bubble wrapping, packing paper, etc. Also, if you don’t want to spend money on bubble wrapping, you can use blankets or newspapers. But the better option is to use proper packing supplies and have long distance moving companies NJ pack your items for you. Also, you shouldn’t over-pack one box. Choose middle-sized boxes instead huge ones. If you pack many items into one cardboard box, there is a chance that the box will break when you pick it up. The bottom of the box will break under the weight and all your fragile items will break. For this reason, you should use smaller boxes, so that you can’t overpack them.  

man is marking moving boxes
You don’t need special packing supplies to pack fragile items for an interstate move

How to properly pack your fragile items for relocation? 

Now, when you have all the necessary supplies for packing fragile items, it’s time to actually put them in the box. First, make sure that your moving box is undamaged and sturdy. Next, build a cushion base. You can do that by layering bubble wrapping or some other protective material such as blankets. Before you put fragile items inside, you should first wrap them with the same or different materials. When putting them in a box make sure that you leave some space between items. In those free spaces, you should put extra bubble wrapping for more protection. Additionally, put the heaviest items on the bottom and the lightest on the top of them. Items such as plates, you should pack vertically. You can even get special design boxes for them. Also, it would be a smart step to clean your fragile items before packing them.  

You must label your boxes 

If you don’t label your moving boxes in the end, all your prior work will be for nothing. Even if you wrapped your fragile items and packed them properly, you still must carry the boxes with care. You can throw them around or put them under other heavy items. When you seal the boxes, they all look the same. You can’t possibly remember which box has fragile items and which does not. For this reason, you must label them. You will only have a black marker for this part. Write,, Fragile,, with big letters, so that it is easily seen. Also, you can write on the boxes the room they belong to. This way, you will unpack faster as you will know which box has which items. However, the most important thing is to mark moving boxes as fragile.  

woman is writing fragile on a box
Labeling moving boxes is a very important step during packing

What is the conclusion? 

The most important step when you want to pack fragile items for an interstate move is to use a lot of bubble wrapping and other packing supplies. Aside from this, it’s the same packing process as for other items. But it can be tricky if you try to do it alone. For this reason, you should find a good moving company with great reviews and plenty of experience. Professional movers are not just useful for packing fragile items, but also for every other aspect of the relocation. For this reason, find a good moving company and have nice relocation to your new home.  



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