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How to pack documents for an interstate move

When you are moving your entire household, it also means moving your important documents. Usually, everyone would have one place where they would keep their documents. Since you are moving with movers NJ, you need to prepare your documents for the relocation as well. You should be more careful when moving your documents, especially the ones that are not easily replaceable. In addition to this, you need to properly pack your documents in order to protect your personal information. For this reason, here are all the important tips when you need to pack documents for an interstate move. 

Pack documents for an interstate move after you hire a moving company 

Before you do anything, it is important to find and hire interstate movers NJ. Why is it important to have a moving company? Since this is an interstate relocation, it can be quite challenging to transport your items. Usually, everyone has valuable items that are hard or expensive to replace. For this reason, it is better to hire professionals to take care of your items. If you don’t have enough experience, you can easily cause damage to your items. In order to avoid this, it is better to hire professionals. Then, you can be sure that your items are well-protected and safe. This includes your important documents as well. Since you need to transport everything to your new address, it is better to do it with professional help. However, make sure to hire only reliable movers. You won’t do yourself a favor if you go for cheap and unreliable movers. 

two women signing a document
You should find a moving company and sign a contract with them

Should you let movers relocate your documents? 

Even though it is better to hire long distance movers NJ, you should see if you want to have movers relocate your documents or not. It is always better to let movers do everything because they are professionals after all. They have all the relevant experience, skills, and equipment. On the other hand, most people don’t feel comfortable enough to leave their important and personal documents with strangers. Even though those strangers are professionals, some people believe it is better to move the documents personally. The best solution would be to make copies of your important document. You take all the originals if you have enough space and let movers transport all the copies. This way, you can rest assured that you will know the location of your important document all the time during your relocation. In any case, you will need to make additional copies. 

Organize before you pack documents for an interstate move 

When you make your final decision about a moving company, it is time to organize your items, including all the documents. Generally speaking, most people have more documents than they really need.  For this reason, you need to go through your files and see what you need. You can make several piles of documents when decluttering them. First of all, you should throw away all the documents that are not valid for some reason. There is no reason to keep them in your files any longer. Then, you can even categorize all the documents that you plan to move. For example, you can categorize them according to their subject matter. Put all the documents related to your house in one file, your family’s birth records into another file, and so on. 

a stack of papers
You should declutter before packing documents for an interstate move

What documentation you should take with you? 

As mentioned before, some documents you should take with you. This would include the following. 

  • Personal files – IDs, birth, marriage, and death certificates of your family, driving licenses, diplomas, and all other academic certificates.  
  • Work-related documents – contracts, CV’s, letters of recommendation that you might have, various employment documents. 
  • Property documents – all the deeds, rental agreements, mortgage documents, insurance, utility bills, valid warranties of home appliances, etc. 
  • Legal documents  
  • Medical records of your family and pets 
  • Motor vehicle documents  
  • moving-related documents 

In addition to this, when you are organizing your document, you can take this list as your categories. You should take one file for each category. Make sure to write a label on each file so you will know what documents are inside. You can do all of this while searching for moving quotes NJ that almost all professional movers offer. You already have a file ready. 

Make copies before you pack documents for an interstate move 

It is also important to create digital copies of your documents before you pack them. It is quite easy to make copies of your documents. Have one external storage ready. You should first make digitalized copies of your documents in case your paper copies get damaged for any reason. Then you should also make physical copies of your originals. This way, you will have both digital and physical copies of your important documents. After you do this, it is time to pack your document as mentioned, you should prepare separate files and categorize them according to their subject matter. Then, you shouldn’t keep your personal and important documents in a box. Instead, you should take a laptop bag or something similar and keep them there. Depending on how many physical copies you make, you can put those copies in a file and then in a box.  

assorted files
Make copies and organize your documents

Don’t forget to update your personal information after relocation 

As you can see, it is not difficult to pack documents for an interstate move. However, since you are moving to another state, it is important to update your personal information. If you don’t do this within a certain time, you might receive a fine. Usually, this means updating your address of residency on your ID, passport, and driving license. If you visit your local government institutions, they can give you more information. In addition to this, you also need to find a new doctor, a bank, or at least update all the personal information in your bank, and a local post office. Don’t forget to do this after your relocation to avoid paying fines. 



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