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How to pack cosmetics for moving

So, your local movers NJ are currently moving your belongings and you are wondering whether you have done a good job packing and protecting your items? It is not rare that people do not have time for less important items and they do not pack them properly. For example, cosmetics are not something you would spend a lot of time packing and that is a big mistake. We will further explain why. Because this tends to happen, we will give you the info on how to pack cosmetics for moving properly.

Is it important to pack cosmetics for moving properly?

When you hire Ample moving, you will be concerned with preparing and packing your furniture, clothes, and other important things. Still, you will have to pack even the less important stuff. Even though cosmetics do not require the same amount of attention as packing a china cabinet or your plates, you cannot just put them in a box. Technically, you can, but they will probably break, spill, get damaged, or something else. If that happens, then why did you pack them at all?

Compact powder
To prevent your compact powder from cracking and other products from getting damaged, it is important to pack cosmetics for moving properly.

Because of this, it is important to pack your cosmetics properly just like everything else you own. What we want to emphasize are the possible disasters that can occur if you do not pack your cosmetics for moving properly.

  1. Breakage
  2. Damage
  3. Explosion
  4. High or low temperatures can make your products go bad without you noticing and you can poison yourself or have a severe reaction in the least.
  5. If you do nor pack cosmetics for moving properly, you can lose some products during the move. More or less important ones.
  6. And the most important of all, if a creamy product does break or explode, it will probably ruin all other products in the box.

How should you pack cosmetics for moving?

Cosmetics are products that you use to care for your entire body. Creams, makeup, shampoo, body lotions, and much more. How you should pack those items, depends on the packaging of the product itself. Some products can be in glass bottles, plastic tubes, and other various materials and you do not protect glass and plastic the same way. When it comes to packing, there are always packing services. Yet, do not expect someone to pack your lipstick and eye cream. Those are the things you should be packing yourself. People use these services for furniture, bigger, more problematic items, not shampoo. Let us start with the basics of packing cosmetics for moving.

Close and seal

This is important either way but especially if you are moving long-distance and you need your cosmetic products to stay closed the entire move. You will do this no matter what, you certainly will not pack an open cream without a lid. Still, that is not what we mean by close and seal. The thing is, it will not be enough just to put the lid on. All products that make a clicking sound when opened and closed need to be sealed. You can use sticky tape to make sure it does not open under any circumstances. Now, you see, a glass jar is not likely to open on its own. On the other hand, a plastic tube full of lotion is very likely to explode under pressure. Still, if you do not put it under pressure, rest assured, it will not explode. Although, there is a solution to that possible problem too. You can always put some products in plastic bags or kits just in case, which brings us to the topic of protection.

There are various ways to protect and pack your cosmetic products.

Protect from damage and breakage

Just closing and sealing the product is not enough. It is if you want to prevent it from opening but that is not the worst-case scenario that can happen. Since we have mentioned that the packaging of the cosmetic product can be made out of plastic, glass, and other materials, you will, according to that, further pack the product. Creams in small glass jars will logically be protected more than body lotions in plastic tubes. Now, when protecting those glass jars, you will protect them from breaking. Unlike those plastic tubes which you will protect from exploding. Anything fragile, as glass is, you should wrap in soft fabrics or separate with bubbe wrap inside of the box. Other bottles and packaging made from plastic and similar can just be put into a kit of some sort and closed shut. Only after that can it be put inside of a box with the other protected products.

The temperature

Another thing that is important when you pack your cosmetics for transfer is the temperature they are going to endure. Of course, you will not buy special temperature regulated boxes but you can do other things that can prevent your cosmetics from getting damaged due to high or low temperature. Since you will close them, seal them, and protect them from any other damage with plastic wrapping or some soft fabrics, you will have very little left to do. By this, we mean that the box containing your cosmetic products should not only be sealed perfectly shut like all other boxes but also put above all other boxes and away from sunlight, logically. You should treat your cosmetics somewhat like you would treat food during transport. Overall, you need smaller boxes, kits, plastic wrapping, and tape to make it all work.

The temperature can have an effect on your cosmetic products. Try to keep them away from sunlight.

You can now pack cosmetics for moving

As you see, to pack cosmetics for moving, you do not need science. What you do need are time and some materials. We hope that this was helpful in one way or another. If not, you can just put all of your products in one box without separating them or protecting them. If you do this, we cannot guarantee that your products will survive to serve you another day. Whatever you do, we hope you do it properly and we wish you good luck!


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