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How to pack a large mirror for moving

When the time comes for your relocation, you must consider what are you going to pack first. You should always start from the largest and heaviest things. One of the things which can be on your list is a large mirror. In this article, we are going to present to you how to pack a large mirror for moving.

Prepare for your moving

The first step is to prepare for your moving. Start on time and be sure to make a list of things you need to have for your relocation. When you finish this, you should contact a moving company you are going to hire. The good solution for you is to call moving services NJ. Define with them everything you need to know about your relocation. On the other hand, you can ask them to help you to pack a large mirror for moving or at least to give you an advice on how to do it.

Contact your moving company
Prepare for your moving

Find packing services

In order to pack a large mirror for moving you should look for packing services. In this way, you will know what to do and how to pack all the larger items you have, including the mirror. Again, you should contact a service who is from NJ. We are talking about packing services NJ. In this way, you are going to get help from them and you will what type of materials you are going to need for this item.

Getting extra packing materials

However, you should always try to get extra packing materials. There also other items you need to relocate with you. For example, you should try to find free boxes. Doing it like this, you are going to save money and you can be sure that free materials can be useful. Still, you should be focused on how to pack a large mirror for moving.

Pack a large mirror for moving- Tips how to do it

Packing time can be chaotic. Especially, when you have this kind of a situation, when you need to pack a large item. However, there is a list of tips which can be useful in this situation:

  • Make a list of all your items-
  • Pack the light items first- In this way, you will have more time to be focused to pack a large mirror for moving.
  • Prepare packing materials for a mirror
  • Use other materials to secure a mirror- You can use your old clothes or blankets
  • Have packing tapes
  • Have a marker to write down what is inside in every box

These are some basic tips for the first part of the packing a large mirror for moving. When you finish these steps, you can be now focused on other things for your mirror. If you have a good preparation, you will avoid moving mistakes. Keep in mind that you need to have a safe relocation.

Large mirror with chairs in front of it.
You need to know how to pack a large mirror for moving to avoid damage and/or injury.

Prepare packing box

Like we mentioned, in order to pack a large mirror for moving you need to use packing boxes. This material is the only secured one. But, you can always secure it more. First, you need to be sure if the packing box can handle a large mirror. When you check that, now it is the time to prepare it. Keep in mind that you need to pack heavy items. Also, be sure if the box is not damaged at some place. The next step is to secure your box even more. Now it is the time to use other packing materials, blankets or old clothes to fill the box from the inside. In this way, you can be sure that your mirror is not going to be damaged during the relocation.

Mark the box with X

To make your box which contains mirror safer, you should mark the box with X. Doing it like this, you are going to help your movers when the transportation time comes. They will know that the box contains a mirror and they are going to relocate it slowly and carefully. In this way, you are avoiding any kind of a damage. Also, when they know what is in the box, they will know how to load it inside a moving truck. In most cases, heavy items go first and then the light ones. But, we are talking here about a large mirror. So, you need to choose a place in a moving truck carefully and you need to have space inside a truck for it.

Mark the boxes with X
Mark the boxes

Protect your mirror

It is not enough if you are just putting a large mirror inside the box. Before you do that, you need to protect it well. Again, you should use all the packing materials you have. For example, you can use bubble wrap. To be sure, you can also use old clothes or blankets as we mentioned. The important thing is to protect it strong. On the other hand, keep in mind that you will need to unpack it. So, think about how are you going to pack it and protect it.

Transfer the mirror in the box

Now, it is the time to transfer the mirror in the box. In this case, you need to be very careful. Protecting it well is not the only thing. You should use some help from your family or friends. Keep in mind that it is a large mirror and it is heavy. So, do not try to transfer it alone. It is the best for you to avoid any kind of a damage. Once you put it inside the box, secure the top of the box with packing tapes. This is one of the ways to be sure that your box is secured well.

You are ready to transfer it

In the end, when you have finished with all the preparation, you are ready to transfer your mirror. During transportation, you also need to be careful. Pay attention to all the things and be sure that the mirror is at the place where it will not be damaged. When you are unloading a moving truck, clear the space, so you can unload a mirror.

To conclude, when you need to pack a large mirror for moving, you just need to have a good organization for it. Just stick to your plan and protect your mirror well.


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