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How to Pack a Bed Frame and Mattress

Before thinking about how to pack bed frame and mattress consider leaving them in your old home. Although NJ movers have a special way to pack your bed and mattress, you may want to avoid this job. It is especially important for the old beds and mattress that you want to change anyway. Do not forget that bedding is very large and even if you declutter it, you will have troubles with packing. On the other hand, bed – and especially mattress – could be of great help while moving. You can use it to protect the bottom of the truck when transporting things. 

Here are some basis:

  • You should know how to declutter the bed and frame – there are different types of beds and their parts and in some situations, you will not be able to simply resolve that problem;
  • Do not forget that there are numerous of bed types and sizes, so every one of them demands a special approach;
  • Make sure that you have protected everything in moving truck when moving and also protect the bed itself – do not forget on that when to decide to pack a bed frame and mattress;
  • The mattress is a very important part of the bed and you should pay attention to it – if it is new, do not throw it away, if it is not, consider of buying a new one – it should protect the other items in the moving truck;
  • Have you measured the new apartment and bedroom before packing a bed – maybe your old bed cannot fit in the new bedroom?
A large bed that shows how hard is to pack bed frame and mattress
Large beds are very hard for packing

When all the above is resolved, you should start packing. You should have a special tool for it, and space so decluttering could start. However, you always can ask professionals for advice and help.

Prepare the tools and yourself to pack a bed and mattress

When picking a bed, things are a little different than in packing other pieces of furniture. You have a frame that is made of wood and the mattress. However, you can face with large troubles when decluttering the frame, since some of them are made of one piece of wood. Also, some beds have frames made of heavy and thick wood. All of these take in mind when preparing for decluttering.

Measure everything before packing

It is very important to measure doors and walls before moving the bed. Because in most cases bed cannot go through the door. You might be forced to throw the mattress through the window. Even though this is not the solution that professional moving company Union City NJ will apply, there are many people who have done it… And no, their mattress is not in the best shape.

Take as many people you can

When large items are about you will need the help of as many people you have. Be careful with heavy items. In many cases, people ended with pain back or even worse injuries. If you have chosen to move your stuff on your own, you will surely have helpers. You do not need to use professionals for that, though. Simply ask neighbors, friends or even coworkers to help you.

Use dolls and wheels

Professionals will use tools and helpers for these purposes. However, you do not need to hire professionals, but you can rent wheels for large pieces of furniture. One of the most useful are dolls that you can use at least for pieces of the frame.

Decluttering is the first step if you want to pack a bed frame and mattress

Like in every other moving, you should declutter large pieces of furniture on small pieces for easy transporting. However, beds could be tricky. On one hand, you will remove all large pieces, on the other, they still could be very large. Make sure that you know how to do it and remember the steps that you have made when decluttering.

A bed with lamp
There are parts of the bed that are heavy.

Remove drawers

Sounds obvious, but people sometimes forget on that. If you have a bed with drawers on the bottom, you should start from that part when picking a bed frame and mattress. Drawers are complicated for decluttering, sometimes even made of heavy wood. Of course, remove things from the drawers, too, since those are usually large, like pillows and blankets.

Disassemble the frame

After you have removed all from the bed and below it, you can start with disassembling of the frame. Like in any other packing, you should write, describe or photograph every step. Small pieces, like nails and screws put in a plastic bag and label it. All of them put on a safe place, so resembling will be easier.

Protect other items in the room and truck when packing a bed frame and mattress

You know that bed takes space and it continues even after packing in the truck. So, make sure that you have protected all items in the truck. In some cases, you should wrap parts of the frame in special paper. Even though the mattress is soft and great for protecting everything in the truck, there are mattresses that you cannot use for those purposes.

A bed and pillow
You can use mattress to protect other stuff when moving

Use cardboard for headboard

Some beds have high and heavy headboards made of one piece of wood. In that case, you should protect it during transport. You can use the tricks that gun save movers use. The easiest and most useful way is to put it in the middle of two pieces of cardboard and taped with duct tape. On that way, you will protect as the corners, as well the wood itself.

Put the mattress on the bottom

There are two ways to place a mattress when moving. Most of the mattresses are soft and you can put them flat on the bottom of the truck. However, mattresses made of memory foam are special. You must put them on the side and protect it with plastic foil. Unfortunately, these mattresses cannot help you in the protection of the other items in the truck. That’s why it’s best to simply call local movers NJ to help you with your move. Good luck!


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