How to move your piano long distance with ease

How to move your piano long distance with ease

Music is a divine expression of emotions through harmonic frequencies. It enriches our lives through many musical instruments, such as guitar, piano, violin. When it comes to piano, it is one of the most beautiful instruments, but also the heaviest ones. So, when it comes to moving, relocating a piano is such a difficult task. They are heavy and bulky, no matter which type of piano you own. They can also make serious damage to your floors, walls, but also to your health. Not to mention that moving it by yourself can make some damage to the piano itself. Hiring reliable piano movers NJ will extenuate all the burden, especially when you’re moving long distance. That’s why we made some research about how to move your piano long distance with ease. Here are some useful tips on this matter.

Let’s begin with some initial tips when you plan to move your piano long distance

Before you start planning the relocation of your piano, you have to know the basics. So, let us start with the types of piano, their weight, and size.

Move your piano long distance with ease
You have to know the essence of the piano if you want to move your piano long distance with ease.

Types of piano

Everyone knows that pianos are very heavy, especially grand pianos. But, no matter which type of piano you own, their substantial weight comes from its internal components. Every piano has an iron construction inside which holds all the strings together. There are a few types of a piano which have different weight, such as:

·         Grand pianos: This type of piano is the hardest to move. They weigh up to 1000 lbs and they are so bulky.

·         Large upright pianos: Their weight is between 500 and 800 lbs, depending on the model.

·         Spinet pianos: In spite of the fact this type of pianos is the smallest, they reach a weight of up to 400 lbs.

Move your piano long distance with ease. Get acquainted with the inside of your piano

Pianos are very delicate instruments. You must have this fact on your mind before, during and after the transportation. Some models of a piano have around 7000 finely tuned moving parts. Also, you have to bear in mind that every moving of the piano requires tuning a piano afterward. That is because pianos are sophisticated musical instruments. There are many reasons why you have to be careful when you’re planning to move your piano.

Professional piano movers
Professional movers have experience in moving pianos safely.

Piano moving hazards

If you’re thinking about moving your piano by yourself, there are some risks involved. First of all, there is a big chance your piano will end up damaged forever. On the other hand, you can easily get an injury if you don’t to it properly. Also, you should really think about the walls, wooden floors or other furniture which might get ruined. But, there are ways to avoid common moving injuries if you decide to do it yourself. Yet, if you are not prepared for this big challenge, think twice before deciding you can do it on your own.

Check for other people experiences before deciding

There is no better way to determine the reliability and accessibility of a moving company than looking for reviews and comments. Previous customers can help you make a choice and hire the best NJ movers. Search the web for similar experiences and recommendations that will eventually help you decide which moving company is the best choice. Your piano truly deserves the best treatment possible.

The most important advice on how to move your piano long distance with ease

You have surely concluded that moving a piano is such a difficult challenge in so many ways. If you want to be peaceful about your precious piano, we recommend hiring reliable and capable piano movers. It is important to hire professionals who have specialized training and know how to handle your piano with precision and care. The professional moving company also has the right tools, for example, a moving dolly, furniture straps, and blankets. That kind of organization will definitely help you to move your piano long distance with ease.

How much does transporting your piano long distance cost?

After you decide to get help for moving a piano, the moving cost question is raised. First of all, piano movers will have to access your piano. The price of moving your piano will surely depend on the weight, size, and type of the piano. The movers will look at the path where the piano has to go through, any stairs or difficult doorways or turns your house might have. All of that will surely increase the price of transportation. Also, the distance between your current and future location of the piano will affect the moving cost. When movers get all the information, they determine the number of people required and the final price.

Piano covered with blanket
Secure your piano in order to move it safely.

Prepare your piano for a safe move before the moving day comes

Okay, so you hired professionals to move your piano long distance with ease. But there are some steps you can take to prepare your piano for moving and also help your movers. This will not take you much time, but it will help to get your piano moved without any damages. So, here are some tips about preparing your piano for safe transportation.

  • The first thing you have to do is to protect your piano That means you should close the piano lid to protect the keys and to prevent it from opening. You can use stretch tape to ensure the piano lid if there isn’t a lock on it.
  • Use furniture blankets as protective covers of the piano. Cover tightly the entire piano. Use tape or a rope to fix the blankets in place.
  • Finally, there is a big chance the metal caster at the bottom of the piano will bother you. You should consider removing them because they can be used to move your piano just a few inches.


Moving a piano is never simple. That is why you need to make a good piano moving strategy. If you don’t do so, it can lead to serious complications. Use all the help from the movers you can get, but first, do your homework. Check and organize the whole process. In the end, you will be at your new home, playing your precious piano without stress and fatigue. We hope we managed to help you to move your piano long distance with ease.


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