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How to move plants long distance

No move is simple, because it involves a lot of planning and preparation. When you add long distance moving it only complicates things even further. This is why moving plants long distances becomes a daunting task. Add on top of that most moving companies outright refuse to move plants. While moving your plants by yourself is always a reliable method you probably came here to find a good moving company, and Ample Moving is exactly what you need. In this article, we will be going over some tips on how to move plants long distance.

How to move plants long distance

As mentioned above moving requires a lot of preparation and planning. But to move living things it becomes way more difficult to get everything ready for the move.

Check state laws to see what plants they allow across the border

Before even starting to worry about how to move your plants you need to do research into what plants are allowed across the border. Because depending on the state rules and regulations can weary greatly. If your move is across multiple states the situation gets even more complicated. This is why most moving companies won’t even accept moving plants, to begin with. Luckily there are some long distance movers NJ that have plant moving services.

Scrabble Tiles on a table dicribing rules to move plants long distance
To be able to move plants long distances, you will need to know the lavs and legislations of the state you are moving into.

Pick your vehicle

If you are still determined to take your plants whit you on your next move. The next step is to pick what type of vehicle will be more suited for the transport. This will be determined by how many plants you want to move and the type of plants. Because plants can’t survive the trip whit out water, sunlight, and temperature control. So the best way to transport plants is on the seats of cars. If it gets too much of a hassle you can always ask movers to do it for you. It is worth a shot to ask some reliable movers NJ if they can move your plants for you.

Preparation to move plants long distance

Once you have picked your vehicle of choice the next step is to prepare the plants themselves for the move. And you can do this by moving your plants from their native soil into pots. It is recommended that you do this a couple of weeks in advance to give your plants enough time to acclimate to their new environment. Make sure that your plants are extra healthy before the move. This means that they are clean of insects and parasites and are planted in extra nutritious soil. So they can survive the journey. If you are lacking the appropriate pots or cant find them on the market remember that you can search for some online as well.

Brown stack of Ceramic Pots
Ceramic pots are better for the health of your plants but they are also more prone to breaking during transportation.

Potting Plants

To move plants long distances you need to put them in pots that won’t break during the transport. To simplify and speed up the process separate all your plants into two categories small plants and big plants.

  • For smaller plants, you can put them in moving boxes in their original containers. Use packing paper or bubble wrap to ensure the pots don’t hit one another. Vine moving boxes are excellent for this. Just make sure to leave the top open so they get enough air and sunlight.
  • For larger plants it is best to put them into bigger plastic pots and give them enough room to breathe during the move. It is a good idea to cover the top of your pot with cardboard or a bag to avoid soil from spiling during the move. But remember to leave the top open.

We hope that you have found some useful tips in this guide. And we hope that all your green friends will arrive at their locations unharmed.



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